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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How 2 Cruise Fanatics Cut Costs and Save Time

Florida- the sunshine state! And home of the cruise ports located at palm beach, Jacksonville, Miami, port Canaveral, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. So it is no secret that most cruise fanatics and lovers choose Florida as their base destination when they wish to relax! And since there are so many ports lying here and there the money to ferry your belongings decrease if only even by a bit. Which makes Florida even more popular!

Now there are some cruise lines that are already way too expensive and their beauty lies in how ridiculously overpriced they are! But in case some of you might be looking to cut costs then you might want to be a bit careful every time you plan out your cruise vacation. For example, once you book your room or rooms in the cruise then they give you a cruise packet, which gives you an avid idea about the shoreline and the various offered excursions and their prices. If you are of the adventure type, then you could obviously book for itineraries. Now a great tip whether you are a novice or a cruise connoisseur you should always compare prices. Because that alone can only ensure that you get the best value for your money!

Another useful tip might be to consider renting a car instead of travelling with a bunch of co passengers all huddled up together in a cramped bus. And sometimes miraculously the car rentals prove to be cheaper than the bus ride after all.

See, the primary focus of these cruise lines is to offer ample relaxation to its patrons, and for a good reason! They offer you a scenic view of the ocean, even though for the most part it is just dark blue water and you are meant to relax! Plus, most cruises have the all you can eat buffet so that is definitely an added bonus. But if you are the person who gets sea-sick and you never knew that?

Why find out about it the hard way? Instead just take a few tablets with you and truly relax without the fear of throwing up on someone’s shoes! And the most important part about people on board a cruise ship is that they have smoking bars and ample casinos if you like that bit!

There is a clear distinction between cruise time and shore time. So when the cruise is lined up, chances are everyone is going to be pretty busy with touristy things. Now of course there is nothing wrong with doing touristy things however if you are a tad on the side of the adventurer then you might consider doing things that are not so touristy after all!
Like finding a secluded spot and spending an afternoon of avid relaxation! Because believe me, those create better memories. Now if you like your alcohol, pray, be aware no cruise allows you to bring your own and you have to pay ridiculous amounts for it! So ahoy sailor!

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