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Monday, February 6, 2017

Travel Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

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Travelling is done for a variety of purposes; it is a major stress buster. But how many of us are insured when we travel? For infrequent travelers, travel insurance is an alien word. But a lot of seasoned travelers definitely insure themselves ahead of a trip. So naturally there are some questions that you are bound to end up asking in the first place:

What is travel insurance? 

It is a safety measure that you take while travelling to ensure that no matter what the mischance is, you and your belongings are safe from being harassed by the aftermath of such events. Mishap doesn’t arrive after a prior appointment, so in case you find yourself stuck in a tough situation in another city or country travel insurance can work wonders. Insurance agencies will definitely spring into action as soon as the petition to reimburse the damage costs is issued.

 In certain cases, the government co-operates with the agencies to help out the travelers and mitigate them. Say you are holidaying in Japan and suddenly halfway through the holiday, you find yourself stranded and stuck in an earthquake, devoid of all your luggage and travel essentials and papers. It would be very assuring to fall back on travel insurance.

Why would you need to have a travel insurance even if you visit anywhere within your country? 

I grant its feels secure to travel without a lot of issues and guidelines in mind while travelling in your own country. But it may so happen that your transportation costs needs to be mitigated in the event that your plane or rail ticket gets cancelled or maybe your rented car breaks down. The travel insurance takes into consideration all such misfortunate scenarios and provides immunity.

How the ways travel insurance is can cover me up? 

  •  Medical issues: Nobody wishes to find themselves stuck in a medical emergency, but if you do there is no going back. Instead of facing the crisis by shelling money out of your pocket, sometimes which can cost a hefty lump, it’s better to be insured and let the agencies tackle the problem. 
  •  Transportation break down: In case you find stranded with a cancelled railway or plane ticket or a flat tire at a roadside accident and the rented car is in shreds, you can rely on the insurance to cover you up. 
  •  Luggage loss: If you have lost a valuable item or two, say a camera or a laptop and given that it’s insured beforehand, you can leave it all to the agency to take care.
Is it worth spending your money on the probability that something may or may not happen? 

Out of a hundred trips only one needs to go wrong. The chances are enormously slim, yes. But it’s safe to be insured just in case as one hefty mishap is enough to cause havoc in your future financial plans.

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