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Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Plan Road Trip across Countries

Before you jump in the car and hit the road, you’ll need to do a little planning and preparation first, especially a road trip planner with stops.

To do so; first thing you have to decide what is important the distance, destination or budget. Then you can begin researching and building out the rest of your plans. Make a list of your travel companions. Decide how you both will share the expenses, who will take over driving, how often you will stop and what sights interest you. Choose your travel partner wisely.

Make sure your route is broken down into double driving segments both to and from your final destinations. List out places of attraction you want to see along the way. The more you have on the list the better, be prepare to skip a few. Be always flexible.

Here are few guidelines for a wonderful road trip: 


Once you know where you are going you’ll need to decide where to stay. Cross country trips are tiring and you’ll be waiting to hit the bed every night. So don’t forget to make a lodging reservation well before you leave home. Hotels, motels and even campgrounds fill up fast in popular tourist areas, especially during vacation season and the areas get booked much well in advance. so before you leave home , call each place where you’ll be staying to confirm your reservation .


On your road trip you’re going to see some breath-taking sights and make some incredible memories, so documentation will be a key. If you’re into visuals snapping pics on your phone is a must.

With your route set, select the stopovers .Stop at every state and at least see a famous attraction or eat at a popular restaurants offering local cuisine.

Make sure you have a budget for your road trip. Don’t ruin your trip by stressing over money or running out of it. Try to work on your budget by knowing how much the lodging cost as well as admission fees for attractions you plan to see. Calculate the driving distance by going through the internet mapping site so that you can come to an exact figure of your gas bill. Also don’t forget to include the cost of any toll ways you know you’ll pass through.

Food costs can be a little trickier to figure. Decide ahead of time which meals you’ll be eating in restaurants, then set a price limits or give yourself a total daily food budget.

Keep a little extra money for emergency and souvenirs.

When travelling by car why break your head for packing. In fact you don’t need a lot of clothes because you will be on the road travelling half the time. Wash and wear your clothes once you reach in a hotel, so therefore make reservations where they have Laundromat facilities.

A cooler is essential travel gear for any road trip. Stop at grocery stores to replenish your snacks. STACK the cooler.

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