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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Skiing in the Tatra Mountains

If anyone needed a complete change of holiday destination with a different experience, Jasna Slovakia is the right winter ski centre to spend quality time with your family and friends. No matter whether they are beginners or experts in skiing, they will fall in love with the various facilities and steepness of slopes which can also be witnessed from the ski lifts. For those who like to relax and spend time in sightseeing.

This place is good. It is Slovakia’s largest ski area and is situated in the Low Tatras mountain range. Tatras are very beautiful mountains with thickly forested slopes. It is 40 minutes’ drive from the nearest airport, PopradTatry. Heavy investment in the life system and on the slope facilities has seen Jasna rise to be one of the best resorts in Central Europe over the past few years.

There are some few places where one can visit that is JASNA NIZKE TATRY located in the Liptov region, close to Liptovsky Mikulas in Demanovska Dolina on the northern slope of the low Tatras. It has got longest ski slopes in Slovakia in 5 areas that is Zahradky, Jasna, Otupne, Srdiecko and Kosodrevina.

There is 36 km of slopes and many free ride zones. You can Ski in the evening on the illuminates slope at Biela Put. The winter starts from December to the end of April. The resort Jasna Nizke Tatry offers fresh clean air, relaxation and the opportunity to get plight several ways in the summer. It is a unique place with modern sports possibilities for everyone.

There are few option at the base of the mountains most of the other sport are practised I in the nearby town of Liptovsky Mikulas where they have bowling alley, a cinema and a go karting track. One can also enjoy playing an ice hockey match or lounging in the Tatral and iaaquapark.

The region of Chopok Mountain is linked with valley Demanovska Dolina by two regions of Slovakia: Liptov and Horehronie. Both belong to the most important tourist regions of Slovakia, with their natural beauties and a rich history. Chopok is the highest peak of the low Tatra Mountains, not only for skiing but also in summer you can enjoy. It is really worth making a short trip to the peak via cabin lifts or as a trekking challenge.

This place is a home to state of the art artificial snow making systems which guarantee continuous snow cover for at least 5 months of the year.

In summer there are many other sports activities like Maxi land Summer Park, Alpine Skiing, Dragon Demain Treasure, Hiking Mountain Karts from Mt Chopok, Boating in Jasna, Bungee Trampoline, Nordic Walking, Vrbicke pleso, bike world and the vonroll chairlift museum.

StanisovskaJaskyna cave is not so well known as Demanovska caves but the guide will bring interesting parts to your attention. Some parts of the caves are in darkness so you have to put your torch light on. Demanovska ice cave is a very interesting cave. It takes 45 minutes to visit the cave .Clothing should be proper because it is very cold especially in winter.

The only problem this place faces occasional high winds where the lifts are closed. Then there are changes in the timings of the tour visit.

There are plenty restaurant quite reasonable. There are many hotels where people can relax during the vacation specially the River side apartments situated directly at the entry to the Demanovska Ice cave surrounded by Tatra nature, located on the banks of the Demanovska River.

If you are a lover of skiing this would be the ideal place to enjoy.

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