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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lifestyle in Quebec

Time difference

 When it is 18h in France it is 12 in Quebec (so - 6 am).


As the United States: 110 volts and 60 periods (in France: 220 volts, 50 cycles).
The North American electrical plugs are two flat pins. You will need an adapter. Make sure your devices accept either the 110 or 220 volts. If this is not the case, do not forget to bring a converter.

You can get an adapter at the airport, the reception of most hotels, or in an electronics store, but it's harder for converters.


Since 1977, French is the only official language in Quebec. Quebecers, who have been fighting for their language, translate systematically all Anglicisms such as "stop" (stop), "park" (parking lot), "Weekend" (weekend ), "mail" (email), "drive-in" (drive-thru), "rocking chair" (rocking chair) ...
This sometimes literal translation that we do not always grasp at first, for example, the typical "welcome" instead of English "you are welcome" ("please").

And then there's these expressions and English words that have been Anglicized "cancel" (cancel), "apply" (apply), "is committed" (that is busy), "falling in love" (" fall in love ") ...

Also note: the trades combine feminine. We speak of a writer, a writer, a Mayor. Small point of structure, to finish: you will often hear questions being repeated use of the pronoun. Examples: "You do you want? "" You think you? ". The you is sometimes affixed to other sentences: "It may do you? "

Do not try to use these words by imitating the accent (Quebecers hate).

Note that the French Acadians have their own, different from Quebec by his accent, for some aspects of its vocabulary and often polluted by English.

Do not be surprised if a conservator, a trader or some other complete stranger you familiar terms: in Quebec, the tu is king, but wait to be intimate terms before doing it yourself ...


In large cities of Quebec, positions are often eccentric, but there are outlets in major drugstores, convenience stores, etc.. These "minipostes" offer all the services, so no need to look elsewhere. Postage for Europe at $ 1.75 for a card or letter of maximum 30 g.

Every item is at the post office (General Delivery) must be claimed by the addressee himself within 15 days at the latest, otherwise it can be returned to sender. In large cities, though no specific post office is indicated, go to the main post office. One can also send mail to his American Express agencies.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke in public buildings and even within a radius of 3 m around doors and windows! This also applies to transportation, restaurants, bars, nightclubs ... except of course the terrace.

Telephone and telecommunications


Long-distance calls

- From France to Canada: 00 (tone) + 1 + area code + number to 7 digits.
-  From Canada to France: 011 + 33 + number (without the leading 0).

- Prepaid telephone cards (calling card): there are a range of call for very low rates, some in Canada, for other countries. Special dial indicated, then the code previously scraped and the subscriber number. For cars, first insert a 25-cent coin, which will be returned at the end of communciation. At the beginning of each call, a voicemail tells you the available balance in minutes.

Before choosing your card specialist, check the communication time available for the chosen destination, but also the existence of any connection charges (connection fees). When they exist, they will penalize those with a little call frequently. The best deals on the international offer up 1000 minutes (almost 17h) for $ 5!

Bell cards are more expensive but are easier to use.

-          In many devices, you can also use their payment card but it is very expensive. Also avoid calling your hotel.

Local calls

Local calls in Quebec are very simple: all you need is two 25-cent coins, and you are entitled to a communication of unlimited duration. You can also use prepaid phone cards worth $ 5, $ 20 or 10 found in convenience stores; careful though: there are still some cabins that are not equipped to receive them.

- For local calls within the same regions, dial the full 10-digit number, ie the area code followed by 7-digit number, even if we call in the same village. In contrast, the 911 emergency number remains the same regardless of the locality. For consistency, the numbers are presented in the text with dialing codes.

- The toll free numbers within the country begin with 1-800, 1-855, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888.

You can access the Internet in the specialty coffee ("cyber" prices around $ 5 / h) and in the libraries of the cities (where it is often free, but not always). WiFi is now available almost everywhere: AJ, hotels, lodges, everyone is put. It is also often available even in the chalets in the forest and self-service in cafes and some central areas!

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