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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Accommodation in Chile

There are a range of accommodation in Chile, camping at the hotel 5 stars. In high season (from mid-December to mid March), prices rise and, in most tourist areas, it is useful (if not necessary) to book in advance. Finally, note that the AJ, hospedajes, residenciales Hostels and, in short, addresses the cheapest, are often not heated during the austral winter (July-August).

The campsite

For those who crave the great outdoors and nature is the ideal way and also the most economical to visit Chile. It is easy enough to camp in national parks: most have a simple camping area, often with toilet and showers (not always very clean), and in an environment, of course, very friendly. Some are generally open in summer. Similarly, it is often possible to pitch a tent in the backyard of a hospedaje. You can buy or rent the right equipment for camping in most Chilean cities. Otherwise, in some parks, you will find a shelter run by the Conaf, often quite rudimentary.


There are a dozen hostels association members Hostelling International in Chile. They are fairly well distributed throughout the country. There's even one on Easter Island.
Those who do not have the membership card can stay an extra charge, which varies between 500 and Ch $ 2 500 depending on whether a dorm bed or private room. Otherwise, it is possible to buy the membership card in any hostel, either once, or by stamp for each night a box "Yes" from the card after 6 nights, the card is completed and you is a member.

There is no age limit to stay in AJ.

Of course, there are also a lot of private hostels which do not require membership. No age limit, there either, and rates roughly equivalent to those of AJ "official".
Essentially dormitory housing, often with double, not much more expensive for couples. Most have a communal kitchen and an Internet connection (free).

The hospedajes

The hospedajes, widespread in Chile, are private houses renting rooms at modest prices. The quality of the welcome, cleanliness, comfort and charm of course vary from one house to another but also from one city to another. Most include breakfast. There is often a service Roofed (laundry) room with a TV, a station with Internet access and increasingly wifi ...

The residenciales

Structure halfway between the hotel and hospedaje, these are family homes with 4 or 5 bedrooms, possibly ten. They are supposed to be a little more chic than hospedajes, but this is not always the case.

The Hostels

In principle, a hostel type of accommodation is simpler than the hotel, often akin to a small pension. In practice, however, things get complicated as we have seen number of hostels that resembled furiously to residenciales or hotels ... when they were not identical in all respects to a hospedaje! In short, these various names are, in fact, fairly similar. Especially since the owners are often in order to look more "classy".


Again, we must be careful with that word because some residenciales (or Hostels) call themselves hotel ... and vice versa. However, beyond a certain class, institutions shall appoint all hotels, have a receipt and provide constant attention to customers.

Important point: more and more hotels align themselves with the agreement that allows nonresident aliens to be exempt from the IVA (19%), if payment is made in cash, in euros or dollars, or by credit card. Generally, the tax has already been removed when prices are displayed in dollars ... and in principle, it will be added if you pay in pesos! Do well to specify the host.

The Bed & Breakfast

A developing trend in Chile, mainly in Valparaíso. These are private homes, often old and charming, with rooms for rent, including breakfast. There are several levels of comfort, reasonable prices and a very warm welcome.

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