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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Barbados Accommodation


There is no official camping in Barbados. The few campers are usually part of groups (academic or professional) and settled on a unique private site run by Higher Heights, in the parish of St Joseph, on the east coast. But we came across more as business seminars surfers!

Information from Higher Heights Outdoor Adventures Barbados.

Guest House

No hostel in Barbados, for cons there is a wide selection of guest houses, especially on south and west coasts. Most have 2 or 3 bedrooms or studios in the family home, sometimes up to ten. Their rates vary naturally depending on the comfort, but also services (daily maid service or just once a week, for example). Those who are not too demanding will lodge at a good price by sharing a bathroom. The fan is standard, but air conditioning is often charge extra (5 to 10 USD per day).

It generally has access to a kitchen, a lounge and a balcony to meet his neighbors, the wifi is usually available. Attention, in high season (December-April), the best places are often full to bursting. Some apply a minimum stay of 3 to 7 days. We normally pay in cash.

A good choice, among others: Dover Guesthouse in St Lawrence Gap, on the south coast, held by the welcoming Brigitte (which offers tours of the island). At the heart of the action then, but in a quiet area, within 200 meters from the beach.


Those who stay longer in Barbados usually choose this option. There are a good choice of studios and apartments with one or two rooms at reasonable prices. As for guest houses, they are often located in the house of proprios or in an outbuilding. Other sets are part of larger, more standardized, with more equipment but often less personality. Again, demand is high from December to April, it is best to go about it in advance to a better choice.

A good place, the Bajan Flamingo House, on the south coast, held by Germans. We choose between a studio (55 USD in summer, $ 65 in winter) and two larger apartments. Free wifi, but extra AC (10 USD per day).

Hotels and beach resorts

You'll find everything at all prices (except "cheap"!), From the small family hotel in the Gaza town of St Lawrence Gap in the ultra-luxury resort on the west coast living in isolation, surrounded by a immense tropical garden. Most institutions, even small, have a pool and are close to the beach. The air conditioning and TV are included, with rare exceptions. All hotels or almost have a restaurant that serves breakfast (included).

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