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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Health and Safety Barbados


Recent years have seen a fairly sharp increase in dengue cases in the Caribbean. This mosquito-borne disease has symptoms similar to those of a large (fever above 40 ° C) before degenerating nausea, vomiting, dehydration, rash or ... Nice, especially since it is a potentially fatal hemorrhagic form - but fortunately rare. To the extent that there is no vaccine or treatment (we treat only the symptoms), it is important to protect against bites. There are now bio repellents effective, less harmful than those containing DEET. If in doubt about symptoms, do not use aspirin.

Take out insurance covering medical repatriation on the spot: they are expensive and payment is required immediately.

In everyday life, protect yourself from the sun, especially in mid-day, beware of centipedes (centipedes), whose sting can be very painful and swollen, and sea urchins and jellyfish in your swimming. Better not touch the coral: it's bad for him and for you - the wounds, however small, made by rubbing it, heal poorly.

Do not swim on the east coast: the currents are violent and dangerous. Include also annoy no see 'ums ("invisible"), these tiny biting insects that thrive on the beaches in the wet season, especially at night. Above all, do not start scratching, the risk to prompt you want to tear the skin!

On another level, do not take shelter under a manchineel when it rains: the sap of this shrub is so toxic that the only water flowing on its branches can cause severe burns similar to those that would hydrochloric acid! It is said that the smoke of a fire with leaves can cause blindness ... It grows near the beach and looks a bit like a pear, with rounded leaves and small round fruits and green smelling of lemon. Tap water is potable.

Emergency Numbers

- Medical:
- Fire:
- Police:
211 (430-71-00 if not an emergency).


- Queen Elizabeth Hospital:
- FMH Clinic:

Dangers and annoy

Barbados is a relatively safe destination. Are still some precautions to take. If you rent a car, do not leave valuables. Do not walk around with flashy jewels in poor neighborhoods and avoid beaches at night.

You will meet regularly, on the south coast, the Rastas offering to sell you marijuana. Apart from the risk inherent in the thing, you could get robbed or you end up in jail quickly.

Avoid also preferably secluded beaches of Long Beach, Christ Church and Maycock, in the parish of St. Lucy, just north of the island of attacks have been reported.

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