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Friday, November 22, 2013

Islands Of Bulgaria

St. Anastasia island
Bulgaria – a beautiful country in the region of Balkans. It is one of the exotic country of Europe because of its sublime beaches, stunning churches and many more. There are many islands too which comes under Bulgaria. These islands are the major attraction for tourists. Though they are not popular as other but if you want to experience some unnoticed place then Bulgaria is the perfect destination.

St. Anastasia island of BULGARIA

St. Anastasia island of Bulgaria is the largest island and is located only 6.5 Km from the Bourgoas. This island seems to be the result of volcanic eruption. St Anastasia Island is located between the capes of St Anastasia and Atia. Humans started living on this island long back in 5th and 4th centuries AD. Long time back this island also served as a prison and various political prisoners were detained there. The name of this island was changed to Bolshevik island because the political prisoner escaped from the prison. This island is admired by its natural and archaeological beauty. This island has the tendency to be a tourist destination. You can reach St Anastasia Islandby a boat or ship and these are organized by Sozopol, Pomorie, Nessebar, Bourgas. Now, there is a lighthouse as well as pub and many restaurants for the tourists.

St. Cyricus island of BULGARIA

This island is also known as St. Cyril Island or St. Quiricus and JuliettaIsland. These are the Bulgarian island situated in the black sea. This island has road connections to the continent. The infrastructure of this island is set unlike other Bulgarian islands. Long time back a school was opened here for the fisherman and sailors but only sailors were allowed to study. After ten years, this school was converted intothe Bulgarian Naval Academy where Bulgarian naval ships were anchored only. Now this island has become an international maritime tourism spot.

St. Ivan Island of BULGARIA

Ivan island is located just one Km away from Sozopol. For guiding the vessels to the Burgas Bay, there is a lighthouse on the island. Ancient Thracians built their sanctuary there that is why this place is used as a sacred place for the Thracians. Apart from the rich history of this island, it is now a national reserve. Around 72 species of birds including endangered species find their new and safe home on this island. Tourist can reach here through boats from Sozopol Bay. St John Prodrom church was also built on this island with is the centre of attraction.

St. Thomas Island of BULGARIA

St. Thomas Island is also known as the Snake Island. The way to reach this island is via Bourgas Airport steering to Russia, UK, Central and Eastern Europe. At the time of booking hotels, you can ask for the cabs. Bus and taxi service is also available from the airport. This island is named after the chapel committed to St Thomas. The reason behind calling this island as the Snake Island is due to the inhabitant of grey water snakes that feeds on fishes. This is the only place in Bulgaria where wild cacti grow. The most of the island is covered from Cactus now.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Balearic Islands of Spain

Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of Spain which is in the west of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is near to the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. There are many islands which collectively known as the Balearic Islands. The largest islands of Balearic are Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The capital of the Balearic Island is Palma. Spanish and Catalan are the co-official languages in the Balearic Island.

The Balearic Islands is well connected through flights and ships. The airports in the Balearic Islands are Palma de Majorca, Ibiza and Mahon. The journey from nearby popular cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia takes less than an hour to reach Balearic Islands. You can reach the Balearic Island by sea in eight hours from the nearest port.

The most popular city of the Balearic Islands is its capital – Palma de Mallorca. This beautiful city offers the scenic view of sunrise and sunset, large number of bars and restaurant. This city is being a historical center. Whenever you heard about the Balearic Islands, beautiful beaches, sandy wonders are the one whose pictures comes first in the mind. Every year, millions of visitors come to the Balearic Islands and spend their vacation and for partying.

As earlier mentioned, Majorca or Mallorca is one of the largest island of the Balearic Island. This island is converted into a commercial hub. It is mostly covered with hotels, restaurants, bars and holiday resorts. The capital city of Balearic Island is also located on this Island only. Despite covered with lots of entertainment buildings, there are mountains too and caves. The best way to explore the Balearic Island is by foot or you can hire a car or bicycle.

Another large Island of Balearic is Ibiza. If you are a party-loving person, then Ibiza is the right Island for you. It is also famous among gay tourist because of its friendly environment and behavior towards them. You will find stunning resort, bars and discos which easily attract the club-going European people. The morning is spent on the beaches and night in the bars. A perfect entertainment and relaxation destination. You can explore Ibiza more by visiting the old towns and by enjoying some Balearic food and culture.

Formentera is considered as the ideal paradise. This island of Balearic is only 30 square miles in area. It is the least developed island and due to this it is known as “Forgotten Balearic” for some period. You will find stunning beaches here which is considered as one of the best beaches in Europe. If you are looking for a destination where you want peace then Formentera is the ideal location. The construction is also not much as there is a limitation on the number of hotels.

The Balearic Islands are also famous for the local food which is exotic and exquisite. Sobrasada – a type of red pork pate is the official foodstuff. Ensaimada is the official cake which contains pumpkin jam. The two famous beverages of the Balearic Islands are Palo and Hierbas. These are the local liquors. Palo liquor is made from carob tree’s fruit.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The fascinating island of Azores

The nine islands of the archipelago of Azores which is located in the middle of the Atlantic are just about four hours from Boston and two hours from Lisbon by plane. It is an interesting location for nature lovers and one can have an enjoyable holiday at this peaceful island. Each of these islands has their own distinctive characteristics to provide one of the top attractions for tourist both internationally as well as nationally with its stunning and natural environment.

The archipelago, the western border of the European Economic Community occupies an area of around 2,333 kms and due to the dispersion of the islands covers an Exclusive Economic zone of around 940,000 kms and the residential population of the nine islands is approximately 237,000. The diverse coastline have sheltered bays which serve as safe refuge for maritime navigators as well as recreational swimming spots while the steep cliffs and rocks help to guard as well as decorate the island.

There are several islets within the archipelago which enhances the scenery and also provides a sanctuary for bird colonies. The islands are divided into three parts due to the geographical location based on their relative proximity namely the Eastern group which consist of Santa Maria and Sao Miguel. The Central part includes Terceira, Graciosa, Pico, Sao Jorge and Faial while the Western part consists of Flores and Corvo and the minimum distance between the two islands of Pico and Faial is 6 kms and the maximum distance around 600 kms dividing Santa Maria and Corvo.

The population is scattered throughout the island of the Azores with the majority of 53% of the people in Sao Miguel followed by Terceira of 23.5%, Pico with 6.4%, Faial with 6.3%, Sao Jorge with 4.3%, Santa Maria with 2.5%, Graciosa – 2.2%, Flores around 1.8% and Corvo with 0.2%. One will find a variety of dishes in the traditional Azorean cuisine with assorted menu to tickle the taste buds which could probably be due to the geographical dispersion of these islands together with the richness of the ocean as well as the production of quality meat, cheese and other horticultural products which permit the use of a variety of ingredients in their cuisine..

The clear blue water which surrounds the island is calm and mild in temperature and is very tempting for nautical sports like surfing, yachting, rowing, sailing, windsurfing as well as swimming. One will also find a rich variety of fish from amateur fishermen after their catch. The Azorean waters also offer tourist opportunity of sub aquatic life in deep multi colored ocean which is rich is sea life and vegetation as well as many natural pools and beaches for socializing and resting during swimming seasons.

The festive celebration and the religious nature of the Azorean people are the religious holidays and in the number of emigrants from all over the world who come on these special occasions, to participate in the festivals and in alms giving. Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, festival of Christ of Miracles is the largest religious feast celebrated in Azores, in the city of Ponta Delgada, which takes place on the 5th Sunday after Easter joined by many pilgrims who unite in faith on a three hour procession behind the image of Christ along flower decorated streets of Ponta Delgada.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Beauty of Mauritius

It is advisable and also essential to take a break once in a while from one’s hectic schedules of life and go on a vacation to a serene atmosphere which can do wonders both physically and mentally to a person along with family and friends. This also provides an opportunity to explore a new destination and get to know a lot more on its culture and way of living. Mauritius for instance is a remarkable holiday destination. The island though a volcanic origin, spreads over an area of 720 square miles with coral reefs covering the entire coast except the south area.

Its average day time temperature is 25 degree Centigrade and at night it is rarely less than 13 degrees Centigrade. People with EEC or American passport do not need visa to visit the country. The language spoken here is English which the majority of the people can understand as well as speak though the main language of this country is Creole, based on French. Besides this language, different groups also speak Chinese and Hindi.

Driving to Mauritius can be pretty expensive due to the high import tax on new vehicles and its spare parts. Super grade leaded petrol is available in Mauritius since most of the cars use it and it cost much less than in other countries like Europe, They adopt the British driving system of driving on the left. Sailing through the coast of this awesome destination is pure delight and one can indulge in an unforgettable experience of cruising through a luxury 42 feet catamaran which sails through serene and calm waters lagoons. The catamaran has four double cabins with two baths and one of the most beautiful living rooms at sea.

The Beauty of Mauritius
It has two yanmar of 20 hp engines and is well equipped with weather and wind speed instruments. Besides this, the 32 feet long Trimaran is also another dream boat to cruise along the coast of Mauritius which has two singles and one double bed and is also equipped with weather and wind speed instruments. The currency used here is the Mauritian rupee and its currency rate is 1 Euro equivalent to 37.50 rupees and the exchange rate for traveler’s cheques is better than cash.

 Mauritian rupees are not circulated outside this country and one can only change money on the island and US $ traveler’s cheques, Euro or GBP and cash can be changed in the banks. Most of the cruises are conducted everyday including Sundays depending upon the weather though the skipper has the right to make any changes in the itinerary based on the weather conditions and the customers have the benefit of a complete refund should the trip be cancelled due to bad weather.

 Mauritius medical standard is far advanced and their hospitals are free of cost which is applicable even for visitors. Besides this there are also private clinics on the island which offer a wider attractive environment along with the latest medical equipment though they are not free. Overall, it’s an awesome destination to unwind and enjoy the cool breeze in a serene atmosphere.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eleuthera in the blue!

Eleuthera is the name of one of the 700 islands that make up the archipelago of the Bahamas. Eleuthera, as a feeling of freedom even if this island is often reduced to the almost obligatory stop function to access its glamorous little satellite, Harbour Island. If Harbour Island is lovely beyond description since all features of pretty little houses with colorful wooden carefully maintained but especially sumptuous pink sand beaches that stretch for miles, it is primarily an island essentially chic tourist vocation. We are not talking about mass tourism, far from it! But a tourist who enjoys the atmosphere of beautiful villas of stars who took refuge here out of sight, a tourist who walks on foot or by golf carts and who enjoys fishing or outputs sea, and quality restaurants in the evening.

 Do not get me wrong, I'll gladly attractions in Harbour Island, and I spent a few days to just enjoy the place, eyes fixed on the ocean blue sapphire, thinking: "I do not move, I anchor here ... ". So far from me the desire to turn from Harbour Island! Being incapable of sinking voluptuously in contemplation over a period of more than twenty-four hours, I confess a slight preference for having its big sister, the less talked about and yet... Eleuthera offers more opportunities to the curious traveler, over different ranges, more varied landscapes. Agricultural was done successfully in the past (Queen Pineapple export across the Atlantic Ocean), Eleuthera still maintains some scented plantations in season; pineapple sweet fragrant small grocery stores that sell homemade pies. Let them who has never tasted one of these versions caramelized pineapple pastries cast the first stone ... Eleuthera you rent a small car to navigate the single "big" road that crosses the island from north to south along the 180km long that form a hook between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. In its widest point the island does not exceed 2km, what you offer some beautiful walks.

 I've already shown its extreme south of beauty, which has the merit of hosting what I believe to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, at the foot of Lighthouse. On this road to the north, you will necessarily stop over Glass Window Bridge, ill-named. It is not a bridge of glass or a transparent bridge, but a bridge thrown between two purely functional pieces of cliff to connect the north and south of Eleuthera. The bridge itself is of no interest and should even be renovated in the coming years, but I know that you like me to stop, taking care to park your car a hundred meters after the bridge. Stay on the bridge will not allow you to have the most beautiful view, so do not resist the urge to climb the cliff side to overlook the Atlantic Ocean in less than ten meters and have the rare privilege on earth to admire a glance two complementary colors as ultramarine lens of the Atlantic and the milky turquoise Caribbean Sea, separated by rock. Gorgeous! Be careful anyway, and windy day refrain from climbing on the cliff. I suggested that waves sometimes overwhelm the bridge, others have already reached the top of the cliff to the surprise of simpletons who failed to leave more than a camera ...

 Do not worry these conditions storm are rare in the Bahamas, little chance for you to be present that day. So enjoy the view, then back down the side of the hotel Cocodimama for a drink or swim in a shallow lagoon and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches Bahamas. Eleuthera, is one of my favorite islands in the Bahamas. For colors, to perfumes, to the tranquility; and is also reflected in conversations with Bahamians here who is leading their life rocked by the music of the waves on the white sand.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Live like a German style Germany Travel

Vacation is a time to take a break from the hectic schedules of life, with family and friend and take the opportunity to serenade the mind, relax the body and enjoy their life with comfort and ease, leaving all the cares and worries behind. Germany is one awesome destination and has beautiful vacation rentals for tourist. Travelers can search and book quality Germany Vacation Rentals and apartments of their choice with various package options available at the site. Users could tour and browse through all the detailed information with regards to interesting places to be seen and explored, their package tours, guidance with all travel tips, providing the tourist with a meaningful and an enjoyable stay at this amazing destination.

Tourist can avail tips and guidance from global travel site founded in 2007 helping tourist with 30 to 40 percent on cost when compared to staying in hotels. These rentals and apartments provide the tourist with an opportunity to immerse and experience the Germany culture and their way of living. The site also offers detailed and comprehensive travel resources which could be helpful to the tourist in exploring places of interest with proper planning with various vacation ideas and packages suitable for the tourist and have an awesome vacation at this wonderful destination.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Cambodia is located directly on the Gulf of Thailand between the countries Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. One of the major attractions is the world famous temple Angkor Wat, which is nominated by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mighty Mekong River, which is one of the ten longest rivers in the world, crosses the country in the east. Further Tonle Sap is the largest inland freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The Cambodian countryside is dominated by a central level, nestled in the majestic mountains in part.

The country's capital, Phnom Penh is subjected to a rapid increase in population, which is due to an increasing rural exodus. Because most streets run parallel to each other, the orientation in the city is very easy. Phnom Penh develops inexorably to the typical Asian capital cities, where they could keep up but now its provincial charm. Particularly fascinating are the countless markets where you can buy typical food. Anyone who dares to try, once deep fried crickets, spiders or beetles and larvae.

Angkor Wat is definitely the most important tourist haven in Cambodia. It is the largest temple of a temple area, which has been built between 850 and 1200. In addition, the temple is the world's largest religious building, consisting of a pyramid with five towers. The temple was built by the Khmern in honor of the deity Vishnu. Cambodia is dominated by a tropical monsoonal climate. The rainy season is between May and October and brings sometimes very large amount of running water. During this time, up to 80 percent of the annual precipitation falls from the sky. The maximum temperatures are, meanwhile, rarely exceed 30 degrees.

In the months of December and January, the humidity and the temperatures are relatively low. In addition, be expected at this time with little rain, so that this time offers to travel. In early February, the temperatures start to rise again in April and reached its peak at about 40 degrees. During the months of May and June, the monsoon brings with it a lot of rain and the humidity reached almost unbearable proportions, which can be a real ordeal for tourists from Europe.

During the rainy season, the forest is in full bloom, but should the roads in the north-eastern regions are shunned because they are flooded due to the heavy rain. Cambodia is worth visiting!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

About Chile

- Population: 16.9 million. The urban population is about 89%. Mestizos (Europeans and Indians) account for 66% of the total Chilean population, Europeans 26%, Indians 6%, other 2%.

- Area: 756,102 sq km (and more than 6,300 km of coastline).

- Capital: Santiago (about 6 million inhabitants).

- Languages: Spanish is the official language.

- Religion: Catholic (70%), evangelicals (15.1%).

- Life expectancy: 74.5 years for men, 81 for women.

- Currency: Chilean peso.

- Government: presidential democracy.

- Head of State: Sebastián Piñera, the first right-wing president since the fall of Pinochet, and billionaire businessman dubbed the "Chilean Berlusconi" (since March 2010).

- Resources: copper (first world producer) and mining (gold, silver, iron), agriculture and agribusiness, fishing (3rd in the world, second to the salmon), and also wood and cellulose.

- Unemployment rate: around 7.3%.

- Growth rate: 4%.

- Heritage Sites UNESCO World: Park Rapa Nui (1995) on Easter Island, the churches of Chiloe Island (2000), the historic port city of Valparaíso (2003) the Saltpeter Works Humberstone and Santa Laura (2005) near Iquique, and the mining town of Sewell (2006).


For twenty years, the Chilean economy shows high performance results. In the 1990s, its annual growth hovered around 8%. From 2000, she began to oscillate between 2 and 6% per year, reaching nearly 5% in 2010. The trade balance surplus.

The causes of this "exception Chilean" back in part to the coup of 1973, when the country embarked on a policy of ultra-liberalism, privatization and opening the country to international competition.

Chile, the first world producer of copper, has also benefited from very favorable conditions, with the sharp increase in world demand for minerals and soaring prices. Meanwhile, the country has developed a policy of "all-out trade agreement" (free trade agreements). It now takes a quarter of its GDP from exports.

Over 20 billion dollars has been placed in an SWF in which it was possible to draw to face the global economic crisis: the stimulus Chile was able to be one of the largest in the world.
The Chilean economy is very sensitive to demand conditions and international.

Strong economic growth, if it has reduced unemployment, was not accompanied by any reduction of social inequalities. Quite the opposite: the rate of income distribution in Chile is among the worst in emerging countries. A potentially explosive situation. The pillars of the economy are mining, agriculture and agro-industry, fisheries, wood and cellulose.

Human rights

Died December 10, 2006, Augusto Pinochet has not been imprisoned for crimes he committed during his dictatorship. The lengthy court proceedings, which resulted in the lifting of his immunity shortly before his death, however, will help Chile to overcome the vestiges of the political system inherited from the military dictatorship. Certainly the issues of reparations and the judgment of the torturers and contractors are still tough.

Contemporary Chile is also confronted with discrimination against Native American peoples, like the Mapuche. Victims of expropriation on the part of landowners and businesses, they face a constant legal harassment and repression of the police during their demonstrations.

Friday, February 3, 2012

General Information about Canada

- Area: 9,984,670 sq km (nearly 20 times that of France).
- Population: 33.5 million.
- Density: 3.4 inh. / Km ².
- Capital: Ottawa (Ontario).
- Official Languages: English and French.
- Currency: Canadian dollar.
- Government: parliamentary democracy.
- Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor General David Lloyd Johnston.
- Head of government: Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, Conservative Party). After the overthrow of his government by a vote of no confidence in March 2011, he was reappointed to his post in May 2011.
- Type of State: Federation (10 provinces and 3 territories).
- World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: the Old City (1985; the old Lunenburg (1995), Nova Scotia; Miguasha National Park (1999), in the Gaspé, the Joggins Fossil Cliffs (2008) , Nova Scotia; the precipice Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump (1981) Rocky Mountain (Canadian Rockies, 1984 and extended in 1990), Waterton Lake National Park (1995), Dinosaur Provincial Park (1979); the Rideau Canal, which stretches north from Ottawa to Kingston Harbour on Lake Ontario to the south (2007).


Canada is now the ninth largest in the world economy, with GDP per capita of around 40 000 USD. Mining, electrical, Atlantic lobster, tourists, cars, immigrants, lumber and pulp, oil sands, telecommunications, Alberta beef ... all all contribute to Canada's prosperity. Canada receives more immigrants per capita than any other country. It does so partly for humanitarian reasons and to reunite families of immigrants, but it also benefits a lot of this immigration. Immigration in Canada provides capital, expertise, as well as labor cheap.

Canada is a country of natural resources. The deposits of Canada are the new oil emirate, after Saudi Arabia, but the black gold challenges the green future of the country, especially since the widespread availability of energy has made Canada the first consumer in the world in this area.
The Canadian government has succeeded in eliminating one of the worst recurring deficits in industrialized countries, with the help of good economic growth and by reducing its expenditures.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holidays in San Sebastian

It is summer and high time to finally get out. For example, back to the Basque Country, the Spanish port city of San Sebastian. With its baroque old building, beautiful beaches, which are particularly suitable for surfing and nearly bursting diary full of interesting and cultural events, it is a perfect holiday destination.

Lufthansa and Air Berlin offer fly to Bilbao, which is 100 km from San Sebastian. Ryan Air offers cheaper tickets for the flight from Frankfurt / Hahn-Biarritz. From there it is only 50 km from San Sebastian. From both cities you can travel by bus to the center of San Sebastian. There are also a few guest houses, where you can stay.

In no case it is worth the major international fast-food chains to visit. For in San Sebastian you can in the middle is the stronghold of Basque cuisine, which is the largest star-density cooking show worldwide! Nowhere is there more than top executives in the Basque capital. Three courses with wine and water are already available for 10 to 15 €. In addition, San Sebastian is a film-crazy city: One of the most outstanding events is the annual film festival to take place.

Beautiful old buildings for a first glance, it's really nice to look at the morning sunrise, the three steel sculptures "Peine de los Vientos" at the port and then to walk barefoot along the beach in peace. From here there is a good view of the island located near Santa Clara. To conclude with a cool iced coffee - "cortado con hielo" - drink on the terrace of the Cafe de la Concha, or one of the many cafes that are located in the center of the bay.

Gota Canal – A Perfect River Cruise

To discover the beauty of Sweden, there are endless possibilities. A bike ride along the seemingly endless roads of the country, a bus trip with various stops, canoeing, river cruises on the waterways are only a small selection of what are the options available to visitors.

One of the most beautiful waterways in the world of the Gota Canal, which takes travelers through the middle of Sweden in Stockholm and Gothenburg in the west and east of the country's links with each other. The desire to connect the North and Baltic Sea, left the country once take a superhuman effort. Initiator of the development was the architect Baltzar Graf von Platen (1766-1829), who pushed through by his stubbornness, the construction of the canal. His opening he could not even see the end, but he created the basis for a unique journey through Sweden. Even if the motivation of Graf von Platen-economic nature Baltzar remembers, was the pioneer of many travelers.

The most fascinating kind on the Gota Canal is by using one of the historic cruise ships. The "MS Juno" (1874), the "MS Wilhelm Tham" (1912) and the "MS Diana" (1931) have been restored and now sail regularly on the waterway. Although almost every modern luxury cruise ship goes missing, the travelers enjoy every minute on the ship. If then it should again prevail due to the weather dysphoria, a meal is enough response, prepared by chefs in a magical way to get back to spread a good mood.

Only the stations that can happen during a trip on the Gota Canal, are also highly recommended. The two large lakes, Vattern and Varnernsee, cities like Tatorp, Linkoping, Norrkoping and Karlsborg are waiting for the visitors. Even trips to some remote Vimmerby, the home of Pippi Longstocking, are definitely worthwhile.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Discover the Beauties of Nauru

The tiny island nation located in the western Pacific near Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands. Along the beach you can walk around the Democratic Republic comfortably in one day on foot. The average annual temperature is 27.5 °, and the best Nauru run around in shorts and colorful shirts. As they grow themselves hardly anything to the food supply is composed of the available and canned fish.

The mainland of Nauru is actually the summit of some ancient, extinct volcano. Dinosaurs, giant birds and seagulls were flying over it, usually without pay tribute to the idyllic atoll of a look. Instead, they emptied their bowels over millions of years. The manure stored away, layer by layer, and went through a number of exciting chemical reactions, until it finally covered the island surface as a meter-thick layer of phosphate. For a small eternity, no one knew about it.

Germany 1888, the successor to the imperial century, Nauru had summarily annexed. In 1900, the phosphate was officially discovered, the industrial mining began.

The Nauru saw precious little of the profits: After the First World War, the island went to the English, and most recently to Australia, Nauru thus the colony was but a colony.

When they gained independence from Australia in 1968, decided the Head Chief Hammer DeRoburt that phosphate mining is flourishing now nationalized. The small nation of Nauru Phosphate from building his own, and phosphate is scarce until the nineties of last century Nauru had the second highest per capita incomes in the world. The degradation of the raw material made from approximately 80% of the gross domestic product.

The Nauru was rich at once, because they were now the masters of the phosphate fields. Finally, they wanted to benefit from the resource wealth of their homeland.

The government waived taxes or fees; the health care system was free. Although the island only a modest 29 Kilometer asphalt road permit, had every Nauru 2-3 cars and a motorboat. They were celebrating like and often, they imported fantastic stuff. Occasionally, Nauru also flew to Australia to go shopping. Nauru afforded a branch of the "University of the South Pacific" and built an office tower in Melbourne, the "Nauru Tower.

The phosphate mining was so lucrative that you do not even have to work on a regular basis - filed a few hours a day. As told earlier food is imported and they are mostly canned. The population of Nauru had soon an average BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40, more than 25 is considered overweight, about 35% of the adult population suffer from diabetes today.

But in the mid-nineties were the phosphate deposits were exhausted and in a few months Nauru drastically impoverished. The phosphate mines were abandoned on the asphalt streets were bursting, which were cars with empty tanks around on the beach. The airline, "Air Nauru", went bankrupt - between December 2005 and September 2006, the island state of more or less cut off from the outside world. It now flies with the aid of Taiwan, "Our Airline".

Now trying to reorganize the economy on tourism and fishing, especially the latter with only middling success. Although one has asked Iceland to help develop a fishing industry and fishing Nauru many years already.
Regarding tourism, it's more like it: The small island has become a real insider tip, but it offers picturesque beaches and a warm, pleasant climate all year round. Certainly one should not go swimming there because sometimes attacks by Jellyfish and the arms of these poisonous jellyfish can have up to 30 meters long.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Excellent villas in Ibiza

Summer is approaching; it is already time to plan your next summer vacation. I have already planned to spend a short week in beautiful villas in Ibiza to rent! Planned to accommodate 12 people (Yes, my friends will be able to come with me), the villa located on the breathtaking hippest islands in the Mediterranean offers exciting views over the sea and minimalist design combines comfort, this luxury villas Ibiza offers exceptional service in an idyllic setting. It remains only to save and gather your friends for this summer... This wonderful island is a real attraction and well known for its quality way of life, climate and its brace for the chartered libertines. This magnificent Island and the luxury villas to rent on Ibiza was most well-liked among artiste who came to drawing, paint and generate in the magnificent radiance in which the land mass cleanses. It swiftly becomes the European alike of San Francisco, where various artists combined to bring into being some of the supreme works of fine art of their cohort. Here in this marvelous island, there are profusions of activities to remain even the most vigorous tourist busy. For more information, please log on to or just dial +44 1451 827 526.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter holiday in Germany

First snowdrops poke their heads through the earth, the sky is blue, and the sun finally warm again - spring has returned. However, one should not forget the winter.
Yeah, sure, I know. I can understand now who gestured with his hands, looks down her nose and "Please do not!" shouts. But when spring shows in Germany its first buds and all so now have much better mood, you cannot forget the winter. Though it has removed its winter coat now and happily in the closet, but the next will follow back soon.

We all have imagined just sun, beach and palm trees in mind, looking forward to a few sunny months of travel. Nevertheless, comes the next winter holiday, and with him. Winter vacation is now preferred. That is, if you book your winter vacation now, you rejoice in the fall of thieving, because you can make a cheap, great holiday.

Therefore, my little tip today on the edge: Think now of the winter, not only when it is too late and the tour operator you the money last minute deals with desperate lure and pull the money out of pocket. It is really worthwhile, since you can save a lot!