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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Amsterdam in December

Amsterdam in December

Amsterdam becomes one of the most mind-grabbing places for the tourists due to its iced lakes, cultural festivals, and relaxing winter mornings. Whereas the buzzing pubs, the tranquillity of white fog, mind blowing architecture at night enhances the beauty of this place. The chilled weather of this city can offer many things to do that can amaze you. The magical views of this place become more vibrant in winter due to the festive mood.

In early December, the snowfall begins, whereas the month ends with festive vibes & the ringing of Christmas bells. From the thrill of skating to the experience of walking on the streets, you can experience a lot of things visiting Amsterdam. In simple words, the city can let you experience even the simple things most uniquely. If you are looking for any place to spend your winter holidays, then visiting Amsterdam in December is the best option due to the savoury foods of restaurants of Amsterdam, the wonderful lights along the streets, and the mind blowing scenic beauty.

During winter, the white snow covers the entire city. What is special here is that the streets and trees of this place remain covered with snow during winter. Make sure that you are carrying a lot of warm clothes if you are visiting Amsterdam in December.

Places to Visit in Amsterdam in December:

Visiting Amsterdam in December can allow you to have an unprecedented experience. Here, we are going to mention a few places where you should definitely visit, if you are planning for a trip to Amsterdam in December.

1. Christmas Markets:

The festive season in winter basically starts with Christmas. During that time, the entire city gets into a carnival and celebrating mood. When it comes to celebrating festivals, we need to give special gifts to our beloved ones. Therefore, if it comes to talking about the festival gifts, shopping is something which first comes into your mind. The city gives you the chance to shop for several outstanding drinks and cuisines. Here, you can get almost all modern and traditional items at affordable prices. If you want to purchase beautiful and memorable gifts for your beloved ones, then the Christmas markets won't disappoint you. If you want to get a festive feel, then don't forget to visit these authentic markets in Amsterdam.

2. Annual Light Festival:

This festival is considered as Amsterdam's best highlights of the winter season. This light festival runs for two months, and attending the event is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam in December. In this event, many artists have registered their names so that they can exhibit their illuminating light artworks. If you visit Amsterdam in the winter season, you can get to see thousands of lights along with unique artforms that will amaze you for sure. You can experience these lightings from boats. Whereas the cruise in the chilling lakes will allow you to have a memorable day.

3. Ice-Skating at Rembrandtplein:

In December, the temperature of Amsterdam drops down. During winter, the water-bodies turn into ice walkways. As a result, visitors can get a chance to do ice skating on these ice walkways. If you want to make your trip more adventurous or willing to experience a chilling day with your friends, then you should visit Amsterdam in December.

4. The Lobby:

If you want to have a palatable lunch or booze during the journey, then you will find a lot of warm places in Amsterdam. Whereas, you can enjoy the festive vibes having feasts with your friends or having a cozy dinner at the restaurants. Don't forget to try these unique dishes:- sweets, candies with cookies and loaf of almonds.

Are you planning for any dinner date in Amsterdam? Then the warm ambiance of the restaurants along with the toothsome beef dishes can make your day memorable. However, visiting Amsterdam in December, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful nightlife with your friends. To make this festive mood more interesting, you can visit Dutch Cuisine which is able to satisfy the gourmet in the visitors.

5. The Concertgebouw: Main Hall, Amsterdam

Are you a frequent concertgoer? Then, planning a trip to this wonderful location in December must be worthwhile for you. During this period, you can attend multiple concerts which are organized in classical halls and venues. Moreover, for making the Christmas vibes correlative, the city arranges a lot of carols, cantatas, and chorals. Hence, you can attend both authentic and traditional chorals.

If you want to attend one of the most famous musical concerts, then don't miss Concertgebouwplein's three day concert. You can experience mind blowing as well as royal vibes attending these concerts.

6. Ice-Rinks In Rijksmuseum:

Several places get transformed into Ice Rinks when the snowfall starts in November. You can feel chilled while walking over these ice Rinks. Whereas the eye-catching view of the streets of Amsterdam covered with snow will amaze you definitely. On Museumplein, the best ice rink can be seen running laterally to the Rijksmuseum.

7. Doubletree by Hilton:

You can make your trip in Amsterdam more enjoyable by spending New Year's Eve in Hilton at the end of December. In this special festival, the entire town starts dancing in its tunes. The festive mood allows the people to bid good bye to the current year and to welcome the new year cordially.

Whether it is street or club, almost every place remains crowded during this time. Whereas people remain ready to begin the journey of a new year with their ambitions and enthusiasm. During this festive season, the streets remain illuminated with vibrant lights. Whereas the energized music in the clubs with DJ, allows the people to make the festive season more enjoyable. Overall, we can say that the entire city remains in the playful mode during this festive season.

Things to Do in Amsterdam in December:

If you want to know what to do in Amsterdam in December, these are a lot of things. Let's check it out—

  • Strollimg around Christmas markets, Experiencing the artworks at Amsterdam Light Festival, 
  • Attending Concerts at Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw, enjoying Ice-Rinks In Rijksmuseum, 
  • Visiting Van Gogh Museum, 
  • Ice-Skating at Rembrandtplein, 
  • Enjoying the Amsterdam Canal Cruise along with Exploring the Anne Frank House, 
  • Visiting Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, and so on.

If it comes to describe Amsterdam in winter season, then we can say that it is a fiesta that allows the people to enjoy multiple events & festivals. Among these events, the annual light festival is the most famous. During annual light festival, people from every corner come here for witnessing the sparkling sky. However, during this time, the weather becomes colder. Whereas the snowfall covers the city with a white sheet. On the other hand, the markets gets decorated for celebrations. Visiting these markets, tourists can enjoy shopping along with having delicious local foods at the food stalls.

If you visit Amsterdam in December, make sure that you are visiting the canals, the parks, the Heineken Brewery, the Van Gogh museum, the Dam Square to make your trip more interesting. You can have a festive atmosphere visiting these places. If you want to have fun experience along with enjoying your trip, then you can try these activities such as "balloon pop" and "spin the wheel," boat ride, watching an opera or ballet performance, skating at the Ice Rink Rembrandtplein, and so on.

Amsterdam Weather in December:

If you want to experience the astonishing beauty of this city, then make sure that you are visiting Amsterdam in December. The weather of Amsterdam during winter season remains wet & cold. Whereas, 5.5°C is the average highest temperature in Amsterdam in December, whereas the lowest average temperature in Amsterdam in December is 0.5°C. This month experiences precipitation the highest, including both snow and rain.

Whereas the days become shorter due to which the sunset can be seen around 4:30 pm. But in day times, the skies remain cloudy or overcast in December. Direct sunlight can be seen only for a few hours. As the weather remains rainy and chilled, make sure that you are carrying heavy winter coats, long-sleeved shorts, and sweaters.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam:

Although hotels in Amsterdam are very expensive. But December is a month when tourists can get hotels at affordable prices. You need to invest more money for lodging compared to staying other cities in Europe. In case, you have mobility limitations, make sure that you have read the hotel's description carefully. Here, we are going to mention a few options that will give you an idea regarding where shoud you spend on lodging when you visit the place.


Hotel Abba: If you want a better place than a hostel dorm and obviously within your budget, then this famous Hotel Abba is the best choice. You can go to Museum Square from this hotel by walking. In addition, this hotel offers breakfast daily.


XO Hotels Van Gogh: If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable option, go for this hotel. You can find rooms of this hotel are well-decorated. The popular Van Gogh Museum is located next door to this hotel. If you are in need of a mid-range hotel, go for this one. Luxury:

Pillows Luxury Boutique Hotel: It is a hotel with 30 rooms near Vondelpark. In this hotel, you will get to see a combination of 19th-century charm and modern amenities.

Travel Tips to visit Amsterdam in December:

Plan your daylight hours well: You will get limited daylight to work with. So, ensure that you are planning properly if you are visiting Amsterdam in December. If possible, you can perform a few indoor activities after 4:30 PM.

Break up your day with many indoor and outdoor plans:

Amsterdam becomes damp in winter due to which the cold weather of Amsterdam in December becomes even more uncomfortable. So, while planning for visiting this place, make sure that you are mixing up indoor & outdoor activities. Try to balance all your requirements so that you can keep yourself warm and enjoy the city in the limited daylight hours.

Don't expect German-level Christmas markets:

Christmas markets in this town can allow you to have fun and enjoy delicious treats. But remember that these are not gigantic fantasylands that offers endless stalls which you can get to see in Germany and Austria at Christmas.

Plan ahead to visit the Anne Frank House:

You can go to the Anne Frank House to make your trip in Amsterdam interesting. You can get a better chance to score these last-minute tickets when you visit this place in December.

Amsterdam doesn't completely close on Christmas Day:

On Christmas day, all pubs, restaurants, museums remain closed in most European towns. But a few attractions in Amsterdam, such as the Rijksmuseum, remain open on December 25. Although several places remain closed, you can see some restaurants and museums remain opened in Amsterdam. So, if you are planning to make your Christmas day enjoyable, visit Amsterdam in December.

What to Pack for Winter in Amsterdam:

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam in December, there are a few essentials which you need to carry.

Travel Insurance: Never travel without taking travel insurance. So, make sure that you have a Safety Wing for trips to Amsterdam.

Travel Adaptors for the Netherlands: Are you coming Amsterdam outside of Europe? Then, make sure that you are carrying travel adaptors so that you can plug in the electronics after arriving here.

Comfortable Day Bag: You should use a top-quality sleek anti-theft backpack to carry your things.

Umbrella: You should know that the half the days of Amsterdam in winter remains rainy. So, you need to carry an umbrella with you.

Lotion: In winter, your skin may become rough. So, make sure that you are carrying a moisturizing lotion.

Lip Balm: You should carry this to prevent chapped lips.

Portable USB Charger: Ensure that you are carrying a portable USB charger to keep your mobile charged.

Hand Sanitizer: Visiting Christmas markets means eating different finger foods outside. Sometimes, you can't get a bathroom to wash your hands. So, try to carry hand sanitizer.


Amsterdam is famous not only for these mind-grabbing events but also it is popular for the outstanding experience it offers to the tourists. You will be mesmerised after seeing the mind-blowing snow coverd views of the Amsterdam roads in December. We hope that after going through this article, you have come to learn the things that you can do in Amsterdam in Winter. Still, if you have an doubts or questions, let us know via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

Although you can visit Amsterdam all year round. But generally, the best time to visit is from April to May and September to November. If you want to enjoy the festive mood, then make your trip to Amsterdam in December.

Q. Where are the Christmas markets in Amsterdam?

Here are names of Amsterdam's famous Christmas markets which you can explore:

  • WinterWelVaart
  • Christmas Market Velvet Cave 
  • Magical Maastricht

Q. Is anything open in Amsterdam on Christmas day?

Usually, it is an official holiday in Amsterdam. Therefore most restaurants, shops, cafes, museums remain closed. But you can find Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Hermitage museums are opened on this day. However, there are a few restaurants & shops that remain opened on Christmas day.

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