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Friday, May 22, 2020

For The Soul Who Finds Solace in Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel
Are you an adventure-seeker who loves to explore new places, and do an unusual thing? Adventure travel trip offers unique experiences and great exposure to every corner of all continents. Thrill-seekers can enjoy traveling in large groups as a family or solo. You get a chance to appreciate the differences in the scenery and landscape through the great continents.

Asia is renowned for thrilling locations that attract adventure travellers all round the year. If you want to spend your time on something challenging, then adventure vacation is the best trip. There is a topmost location for your adventure-loving heart. Travelling is always adventurous. There are many getaways like adventure travel resorts too around the world that offer thrilling experiences like biking to zip-lining without sacrificing a warm meal and soft bed at the end of the day.

The following are some adventure travel destinations for tourist excitement.

Places to Find Solaces While Adventure Travel in India: 

  • Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh,” the heart of India” offers the most thrilling wildlife safari. It is one of the most popular spottings destinations in the present time. You can also enjoy an elephant ride in the lush green park of Bandhavgarh. Climber’s point is one of the amazing places in Bandhavgarh National Park for an aerial view of the entire park. This is an ideal place for the tourist to take some rest and enjoy peace of mind. The Cheshpur Waterfall is a natural waterfall in River Johila situated 50 km away from Bandhavgarh for an ideal picnic.
  • Mawlynnong Village, Meghalaya is one of the beautiful unexplored places in India that should be visited. This village is named as God’s Own Garden. From breathtaking waterfalls to mysterious caves this village will offer you your bliss. The Living Root Bridges in Mawlynnong is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bridges are made by connecting the aerial roots of one massive rubber tree with another rubber tree. These bridges hang on the river.
  • Rishikesh River Rafting is a different experience. River rafting amid in the enchanting Himalayas is one of the best for adventure travel trips. All you need to do is to hop on a raft and paddle the turbulent waters and at the end of the activity, you will have an exhilarating experience that cannot be described in words. Camping, hiking, and other adventure activities are also practiced.
  • The best time to visit: September to mid-November and March to April.
  • Raja Ampat is a dreamland where the beauty speaks for it. The scenery of steep lush jungle-covered islands, serene white-sand beaches, treasured lagoons, and pellucid turquoise water makes up for this beauty. Diving is the main activity in a mesmerizing island of the Raja Ampat located off the northwest coast in Indonesia. Raja Ampat is a paradise for exquisite birds. There are many spots where you can watch the sunset and rise. You can go hiking up the hill, chill by your lodge, and wait to see the red and orange shades of the sun change. Don’t leave the islands before paying a visit to the villages and meeting the friendly locals seeing their lifestyle, playing traditional games. A group singing traditional songs and dancing or local artist working on their crafts will soothe your mind.
  • At Chandigarh, you will find solace while you trek to Kasol and enjoy the night sky or go on a 10-day trip to Spiti Valley. Suhana Lake is a man-made lake nestled at the foot of Shivalik Hills having pristine blue waters. It is an ideal place for morning joggers. The lake is also a great spot for sports activities such as rowing, and trampoline jumping. This place is a perfect destination for solitude seeker.

Places to Find Solace While Adventure Travel Internationally:

  • Germany is rising among adventure travel seekers across the globe for its unique blend it offers right from skiing in the Bavarian Alps to water sports in the Baltic Sea. Germany host one of the longest racing tracks in the world. Autobahn doesn’t have speed limits, so you can drive whatever speed you want at a stretch. Sleep in the sky tents when you have had a day of adventure. You can end your day with a smooth finish. Head to the Allgau Region and sleep in a tent suspended from a high tree called portaledges where you will be swaying across the beautiful Alps.
  • Scuba diving in the Andaman: If you are someone who prefers swimming, then you would prefer water sports. What could be more adventurous to you than scuba diving in the oceanic beauty of the Andaman Island? You can experience the beauty of marine life by diving underwater.
  • Ausangate Trek- Peru is a stunning hike through the wildest areas in Peru. The trek takes hikers over several high passes. You will come across snow-capped peaks, herds of llamas, glacier, and turquoise lakes. The trek offers an array of wildlife. Campsites are situated beside beautiful blue lakes.
  • Kayak with crocodiles in South Africa: Kayaking by itself is an interesting activity. But kayaking with a crocodile is an adventurous experience with some chills run on your spine. There is some protection like a fiberglass separation between your boat and crocodiles.

More Adventure Travel Destinations

  • Georgia Cloudland Canyon State Park is one of the largest and most scenic parks in the state. You will come across sandstone cliffs, caves, waterfalls, cascading creeks, dense woodland, and abundant wildlife. It has thousand-foot deep canyons. The park is famous for its outdoor recreation activities. They have glamping yurts, modern campsites, primitive backpacking sites, and fully equipped cabins.
  • Hyner View State Park in Pennsylvania is popular for hang gliding with a gorgeous overlook of Susquehanna River Valley stretching off into the horizon. The gliding is breathtaking throughout the year. It is also a great picnic spot where you can spend your night in the cabins or a campsite.
  • Alaska is decked with glacier-carved fjords and icebergs. It is one of the best adventurous places to visit. No other places in the world can compete with Alaska with its white-water rafting and thrilling experiences such as heli-skiing, zip-lining, glacier hiking, and kayaking through fjords and icebergs. You can also take an opportunity to explore wildlife sighting, and enjoy dipping in the hot springs.
Adventure travel getaways are the latest trend for holidays where you get satisfaction. Make sure you go in a group during your adventure outings.

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