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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Things to Do in Aqaba, the Sun Kissed City

Things to Do in Aqaba
Tucked away in the far south of Jordan is Aqaba, the only coastal city of the beautiful country of Jordan. Aqaba is Jordan’s most important harbor and access to the sea and a major city of the marvelous country of Jordan. The place is meant to live, laugh and enjoy. The town is both historic and relaxing, offering bustling market, beaches, world-class diving sites, and festive and laid-back mood. There are lot of things to do in Aqaba. Aqaba has a range of activities from thrilling water sports to relaxing spas, and bird watching. Aqaba is a fun place.

Here are some best things to do in Aqaba that will leave you waiting and running for more chances to repeat the same activities.

Best Things to Do in Aqaba, the Sun Kissed City on Red Sea 

Things to Do in Aqaba: 

  • Wadi Rum landscape resembles the “Valley of the Moon”. This valley is carved naturally from sandstone and granite rock. There are different ways to enjoy this place. Trekkers and rock climbers are the ones that can take the utmost advantage of hiking. One can also camp under the starry night. When you reach the entrance to the Wadi Rum Tourist center, you will find yourselves along with other visitors getting ready for a day of sightseeing. You will see the famous Seven Pillar rock formation which is a mountain with seven deep vertical ridges. You will pass by some Orange dunes where there are rocks with different shapes. You will never find such a landscape in any other desert except for Wadi Rum.
  • Bird watching in Aqaba relaxes your mind. Aqaba is a stopover for many migratory birds heading to the North each spring. The place is surrounded by greenery where you can only hear the birds chirping and the blowing of the wind. You can visit the zoos and national parks that house different species of birds. You can see the birds feeding and pecking their young ones.
  • For those who want to tour deep sea wonders, they can travel in a glass-bottomed boat or by submarine and see the beautiful underwater world. Boats pull up on a beach near the Movenpick Hotel or at a jetty in from of Aqaba castle where you have to fix a price for the ride.
  • Aqaba aquarium has a variety of aquatic flora and fauna. The famous attraction is an Octopus. The aquarium shows the richness of the marine lifestyle in the waters of Jordan.

Things to do in Aqaba- Historic Places Visit: 

  • Ruins of the city of Ayla. Aqaba itself lies on the top of the ruins of Ayla. It is a historic ancient town and the first Islamic tower built outside the Arabian Peninsula. It was destroyed by Crusaders and Bedouin attacks. The ruins became a popular attraction in Aqaba. You can still spot the city gates, a mosque, market places and much more.
  • Mamluk castle known as Aqaba Fort is a historic site. You will find a flag placed near the fort, which is one of the largest flags in the world.
  • Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque is one of the well-known mosques in the city. The amazing design and architecture with white marble all around attract the tourist to have a glimpse of it. The atmosphere around the mosque is very peaceful, cool, and calm.

Best things to do in Aqaba- Outdoor Adventure Sports: 

  • Quad Bike riding is one of the most fun things to do in Aqaba. You get a chance to ride a quad across the sandy deserts. The ride over the dunes makes you awestruck. You can also stop and have some small bites at a restaurant during your ride.
  • The Red Sea is Aqaba’s greatest asset. There are top diving and snorkeling sites. You can explore Aqaba’s ocean floor by snorkeling. You will feel as if you are in a tropical fish tank. The ocean floor is both colorful and lively.
  • For all the golf lovers visit the golf course in Ayla Oasis. It is home to a few beaches, clubs and Jordan’s first green golf course. At Ayla Oasis you can enjoy your holiday with a luxury touch.

Beach Life in Aqaba: 

To avoid any hassle, simply stay by the beach and resort. The beach is enjoyable but the ocean has so much to offer. Aqaba is a wonderful beach destination. Those in search of R&R can head to the Berenice Beach Club with resort-style beaches and load of activities to offer from snorkeling to jet skiing and Kite surfing. The beach is also lined with plenty of restaurants that cater to tourists.

Some of the best beach clubs are: 

  • Ayla B12 Beach club, Tala Bay Beach Club, and Berenice Beach Club
  • Al-Ghandour Beach offers activities like swimming, boating and much more. There are small food joints that serve the best local food, and the beautiful sunset creates a completely different atmosphere. 

Things to do in Shopping malls and Streets of Aqaba: 

Aqqbq shopping
The beautiful city of Aqaba provides shop alcoholics with numerous malls and stores. Aqaba is a duty-free zone. Ababa’s Friday night market and souk by the Sea is a must. You can purchase from the local artisan’s handcrafted gifts, clothing, and jewelry. The Souk Ayyadi and the Noor Al Hussein foundation showroom has souvenir made by local people. One typical souvenir is a little bottle of colored sand with various designs. One advantage of shopping centers is that they are open late night.

Some of the few shopping malls and stores are: 

Aqaba city center shopping mall, Aqaba Gateway, Shweikh mall, Dream Mall, and Al Rahma mall

Things to do in Aqaba at Night: 

The nightlife of Aqaba has gained a lot of popularity because of the opening of numerous cafes and bars throughout the city with the best themes and DJs. The tourist enjoys the night to the fullest. The city gets very lively and all over you will find the positive, young atmosphere. The bars, the restaurants, and the terraces get filled up. You’ll be able to hear music everywhere and everyone just giggling away.

Some of the favorite bars are Rover’s Return, Crazy Elephant, The Bop Bar, Suzana Restaurant and bar and the Buffalo wings and Rings.

Where to Stay In Aqaba: 

Aqaba is home to many luxury hotels and 5 stars, a resort that treats you like a king and a queen. You can opt for a downtown hotel or a hotel close to the beach more resort-style.

Budget Hotel in Aqaba

Taj Hotel, Yacht Hotel

Mid-range Hotel: 

Lacosta Hotel, Dweik Hotel, and City Tower Hotel

Luxury Hotels and Resort in Aqaba: 

Al Manara, Kempinski Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Aqaba Ayla Resort
Movenpick Resort and Spa Tala Bat Aqaba

Best Restaurants in Aqaba: 

Are you wondering where to eat and which are the best restaurants? Well, there are numerous restaurants some of them are:

  • Captain tourist Restaurants serve informal, traditional Jordanian food and seafood.
  • Ali Baba Restaurants are famous for seafood.
  • Al Shami offers traditional food and tasty mezze platters.
  • Al Tarboosh Restaurants serve the best shawarma and delicious pastry.
  • Baba Za’atar serves a type of pizza on top they have the Naan with Nutella, a killer dessert.

To make the best memories gather your friends and family and experience the enchanting and exotic city of Aqaba. There are lot of things to do in Aqaba

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