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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hippie Travel: The Hottest Hippie Cities in the World

Hottest Hippie Cities in the World

Want to be a little more carefree on your next vacation, then spend your next trip in a happy hippie way, I mean Hippie Travel. Hippie doesn’t think about the world. They enjoy themselves the way they want to. They wander around the world without any attachments. Hippies have become kinds of hard to define. The hippie culture has influenced India for centuries. So if you’re done with the usual spots and want to travel to a place that brings out of the best version of your free-spirited self, our list will sort you out. Every state’s got its eclectic hippie haven, whether it’s a farm commune in Missouri or an artist colony in Mississippi, the peaceful location and great herbs will leave you in a trance. India has become the hippie haven for pot-smoking, peace-loving nomads from across the world.

The Hottest Hippie Cities in the World

Here is a chance to visit the hippie cities in the world and embrace the hippie lifestyle.

Hippie Cities in India Goa:

Goa is known for its beautiful beaches. It is known as India Vegas. Goa still has places where you can forget yourself in the hippie style. This is the first hippie getaway. The hippie started settling in Goa in the 60s and 70s. It was truly a hippie paradise. You will be lost to psychedelic music in North Goa or find yourselves in the tranquility of South Goa. You’ll find everything in this hippie town.

Kasol Lovely Hippie Cities in the World: 

Forget the beaches and head to the beautiful and pristine land of the Himalayas. Kasol is a vibrant colorful valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is another hippie cities in the world full of hideouts where solo travelers or backpackers chill by listening rhythmic music. This place has been home to many Israeli hippies. Kasol is known as the mini Israel of India with Hebrew banners all along the Parvati River. Baba’s smoking pot in chillums is a common sight here.


Lately hippies have started migrating to Gokarna to get away the unwanted commercialization that has seeped through Goa. The clean and quiet beaches here along with Rasta-styled cafes and backpackers enhance the overall hippie culture of the place.


Rishikesh has a number of Yoga Ashrams and meditation centers attracting hippies from all over the world. Rishikesh is one of the best hippie destinations in India. It is a paradise for backpackers and adventure enthusiasts. The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh is a shrine for hippies. In Rishikesh you’ll see hippies smoking with the “cool “holy men, camping on the banks of Ganga, river rafting and many more.

Hampi- Hippie Cities in the World:

Hampi hangout teepees can be spotted, all across this small town. The ruins of Hampi are a spot for endless jam sessions for the hippie community. The restaurants also serve international food than local food. You will get all sorts of drinks and smokes along with Nutella pancakes.


Pushkar is the only place in India that unofficially celebrates the hippie culture by organizing an annual fair, celebrating Hinduism with the people coming from all over the world with its colors and people flaunting their harem pants. Pushkar is not only about temples that are scattered everywhere. One can also go on hikes, have a view of the full city in a hot air balloon and go on a camel ride in and around the city. Many hippies travel from different corners of the world to explore the authentic culture of India and its beauty.


Gangtok Sikkim is blessed with the most blissful scenic landscape with the intimidating Kanchenjunga ranges booming in the vicinity. These landscape attracts a large crowd of hippies by recognizing them in their yoga pants, colored hair and not to forget the marijuana t-shirts.

Kodaikanal- Fast Growing Hippie Cities in the World:

 The place is famous for the psychedelic mushroom which gets you high. There are rave parties where people keep dancing all through the night. It is very common in Vattakanal which is very close to Kodaikanal. The picturesque scene adds to the charm and invites tourists from all over the globe.

Kathmandu Nepal: 

The hippie hermits of the mountains have long made Nepal their abode. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu gives shelter, calm and spirituality those hippies from all over the world come searching for. With peaceful music, gorgeous scenery and copious marijuana, this is the ideal place for hippies.


This small “Hippy haven” is situated along the backwaters and hilly slopes of Kerala. What never goes unseen here are hippies dancing to the thumping tune of trance music, chilling in cozy cafes, and enjoying the picturesque place.


McLeodganj the home of the Dalai Lama, the highest order of Buddhist monks has become a tourist’s center. This place provides a perfect harmony of tranquility and music to the backpackers and hippies along with the natural beauty and also dozens of quaint little corners to sit back and relax.

 Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Spain is just not for party-crazed teenagers in blurring nightclubs. It is the hippie cities in the world since the 60s even though it has become overcrowded Party Island. The natural walking trails and whimsical architecture also makes it a hippie place.

 Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica is one of the most under-rated hippie cities in the world. The laid back atmosphere, sunny weather and long stretches of beaches will surely give you the much-needed hippie vibe that you are looking for.

Hippie Cities in the World - Ecuador

Ecuador is every hippie’s dream. The beautiful biodiversity, cheap markets offering handmade jewelry, pubs, and attending a party are the attraction why hippies find solace here. Ecuador is a famous hippie travel destination because of its beautiful ecosystem and the fact that it is quite budget-friendly. Quito in Ecuador is popular amongst the hippies.

 Tulum Mexico

Tulum Mexico is becoming one of a hippie cities in the world. Tulum Mexico is grown to be the hippie’s land of peace and tranquility, apart from the best food in the world. The surf here is equally fantastic. The hippies with their long-haired blondes lounging in hammocks all day during their surf break keep enjoying the sunset.

So visit free-spirited places where you can celebrate life and vacation away without being judged for enjoying your time to the fullest. Explore some of the hippie cities in the world that are all colors, all fun, and of course free-Souled.

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