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Friday, May 27, 2016

Lucca, Tuscany


Lucca – Living Testimony of Past Times

Lucca is situated in a green valley, North West of Florence and is a living testimony to past times, dominions and kingdoms. The impeccably preserved jewel of medieval architecture as well as the buildings stems charm, portraying layers of history from all areas of its narrow winding streets. The Lucca monuments, palaces, churches and roads with its very shape have a story to convey, right from the Roman times down through the Middle Ages, to the Napoleonic age and eventually to the Risorgimento. Every layer merger with preceding ages tends to mark the growth as well as the changes of the city.

The high broad walls that tend to illustrate the city seem to be a feature of the past with a pleasant element of its present. The ancient city is totally surrounded with walls which we see today that dates back to the 17th century. It is now no longer utilised for defense and are crowned by 4 km of green parkland with a beautiful place to walk, cycle or to stop for a picnic outing . The rich families who tend to enhance the city are closely linked with the various enchanting legends and tales of Lucca. At the heart of the city, the central square, maintains the shape of the Romanamphitheatre, showing the outline of an ancient arena.

Its Attractions Portrays Ancient History

Lucca is one of those cities which is most loved by all Tuscany, a stop which cannot be missed in an itinerary in exploring the region. Located on a plain at the foot of the Apuan Alps it is less than half an hour from the coast of Versilia. Lucca can be reached by car as well as by train from Pisa and Florence, which makes it perfect for visitors to get around especially on public transportation.

Several of its attractions portray its ancient history from the touch of the Roman amphitheatre which can be seen in the shape of the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro to the archaeological remains of the 12th century church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata, to the different towers as well as villas from the 12th and the 16th centuries.

Surrounding Wall Lost it Military Importance

As the city progressed and got modernized, the walls that surrounded the old town were preserved which was not the case of several other cities in Tuscany, inclusive of Florence. Since the walls seemed to lose its military importance, the top of the wall turned out to be pedestrian promenade which is presently the main attraction of Lucca.

The area surrounding the wall is well cared for with green grass as well as trees seen all along the walls which have become a park that surrounds the city, blocking out the modern life. One can undertake a bike ride around the complete perimeter or stroll while enjoying a gelato or just rest from sightseeing on one of the several shaded benches which tend to line the main walkway.

Other attractions comprise of the Piazza of San Michele with its beautiful Church of San Michele in Foro, the Basilica of San Frediano and the Clock Tower and Guinigi Tower to mention a few.

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