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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Palau: A True Gem for Travellers

Palau is a beautiful nation of islands. It is situated in the southwest of the Philippines in the North Pacific Ocean. Tourism is Palau’s largest industry, and it is one of the wealthiest nations in the pacific.

The country is an archipelago consisting of about 340 coral and a volcanic island. Diving is a famous activity here with truly world-class dive sites. Palau is an enchanting paradise for snorkelers and divers worldwide. Palau is famous for its underwater wonders. This tiny country has lots of activities and attractions to keep travellers happy when not fully submerged.

Let’s explore Palau and find out the best things to do.

Palau Sightseeing:


whenever visiting Palau, Koror should not be missed out. This is the most popular island, especially for the tourist. From Koror, you can visit and explore many other destinations.

Kayangel Atoll Belau

Kayangel Atoll Belau is one of the most amazing Palau points of interest. Kayangel offers stunningly beautiful beaches with white sand, seashells, and driftwood. It is a perfect place to sit in the shallow water and enjoy the water with a breathtaking azure color. You can also spend the day here with fishing, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Bai House:

The city is best known for its traditional Palauan men’s meeting house, a so-called Bai. During the ancient times in the villages meetings were conducted in the Bai. The traditional Bai House is a work of beautiful drawings and a rich history. Only men were allowed to enter the Bai house.

Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake located in the Eil Malk Island of Palau. This is a unique opportunity that you should not miss when in Palau. It is a real experience when you get a chance to swim among the migrating golden jellyfish. The jellyfish were trapped in the lake because of the sudden rise in the sea levels some twelve thousand years ago. Scuba diving is not allowed in the lake, but tourists can swim alongside the golden-hued jellyfish.


Head to Ngardmau Falls to see beautiful rainbow shrouded in the mist. The fantastic Ngardmau Falls is located in Babeldaob. It is the largest island in the Republic of Palau. Ngardmau Falls is the largest waterfall in Micronesia. The best way to reach the fall is to trek along a scenic jungle path. Tourists can travel in the monorail to reach the waterfalls. As you follow the downstream you can find beautiful little pools and miniature waterfalls. While hiking you will find historical remains of Japanese colonial times along the trail, such as old locomotive and other parts of an old railway system

Palau Aquarium

Palau Aquarium is a Japanese funded research complex. The aquarium is a part of the Pacific International coral reef centre. This is an outdoor museum where visitors can view marine life through glass sides on ponds. The aquarium has local fish. Some are in the ocean but with a net around them.

Entertainment in Palau: 

Nightlife in Palau has the entertainment to suit everyone’s taste. You can dine in a fine restaurant in Ngerulmud or relax at a coffee shop and then go to a nightclub or you may prefer to go to a theater. The best place to party would be the Taj, Kramer’s Drop off/Neco and Sam’s, all situated in Malakal. For late-night partying, there are always the karaoke bars in Malakal. These places can be fun if you go in groups.

Activities in Palau: 

Flying over the islands: Palau helicopters have a range of scenic flights over the region. They also have a 45 minutes tour over the Rock Islands and the strikingly photogenic seventy islands. These islands cannot be accessed by sea. The only way to have good view is from the sky.

Kayak around Rock Islands: Explore the stunning natural beauty of the Rock Islands by kayak or canoe. Jutting out from the water, the Rock Islands are Palau’s crowning glory. Countless dive and aqua sports centers are offering guided or self-guided kayak tours.

At Palau Eco Theme Park is the longest zip line in the world. It is a great family-friendly opportunity for fun and adventure. It is easily accessible from Cove Resort Palau.

Palau offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a host of water sports and activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, interacting with dolphins and swimming.

Experiencing mud bath in Palau’s Milky Way: bathing in the white limestone mud found on the water floor will make you look ten years younger. The Milky Way lagoon is known to be a natural spa treatment. Local and tourists look forward to applying the white mud from the lagoon all over the body. One can feel relaxed while having a mud bath.

Palau Cuisine: 

Eating out is a pleasure while visiting Palau. However, you need to know the best restaurant and the best cuisine. Local cuisine is typical of the pacific islands and root vegetables such as taro, yams, and pumpkin. Coconut is widely used ingredients for flavoring everything from fish to soups. Some of the specialties are fruit bats soup, broiled fish, tinola soup, pichi-pichi a desert and Halo-halo.s

Regional drinks are Red Rooster (local beer brand) and kava Juice.

Shopping: Koror is a great place to buy storyboards and local handicrafts. There are many shops in Palau selling the usual array of souvenirs and decorative trinkets. Ulekdubs gift shop and Etpison Museum is few of them.

The Best time to visit Palau: there is no real best time to visit Palau since it is great all year-round. To be more precise the best time to visit Palau is between September and May.

The best way to visit Palau is by renting a car since it is relatively cheap.

Connectivity: many establishments offer free WiFi.

Whenever planning to explore Palau in your coming vacations, find out the popular tourist attractions situated in Palau. The natural beauty of this island attracts tourists from across the globe. You will find amazing people and for sure this will be the best holiday of your lifetime.

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