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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Two Weeks in Beautiful Australia

Australia is one of the finest and worlds grand travel destinations, with the most modern cities and towns, and the vast wilderness, consisting of huge mixture of cultures and the different climates, and different terrain for wanderers to discover. In two weeks you can start with the East of Australia in cities Sydney and Brisbane, and the cherished trip to the Whitsunday islands, and then the great wild worlds of reef and the famous rain forests that encircle the city of Cairns. This 3000 km travel is an unforgettable experience….

Sydney, the majestic metropolis in the southern hemisphere

Sydney, an excellent location for a city, is built on the place of the first British settlement in Australia, which is on the hills encircled by one the world’s biggest natural harbours. This harbour has iconic structures like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The coastline where the city meets have famous beaches, such as Manly Beach, which is a surfing destination. Travelers adore the Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium with around 12,000 kinds marine life.

Party in the chill city, the gold coast

From Sydney up north you will reach the city of the Gold Coast, which is Australia s alive city, with fast nightlife and sky-scraping skyline, and a shore line of beaches with white sands and a vicinity of thick wild rainforest. You can explore the Springbrook National Park with a different ecosystem of plants and animal life.

Get to know Brisbane

Driving some hours north you reach the city of Brisbane. One of the most attractive cities, with a subtropical climate, and a great café culture, and the life in the city is mostly outdoor than behind closed doors. You can also visit the country’s finest zoos.

Visit the Fraser islands

Still further up north of Brisbane is the largest island of sand which has lovely natural beauty. A coastline of soft beaches of sand, turning creeks, freshwater lakes and the rainforest. The full of the island is restricted in Great Sandy National Park, and Lake McKenzie, a clear blue lake filled with water so pure and is unsuitable for many of the species. A few kilometers from the lake is the Kingfisher Bay Resort which provides accommodation to the island.

The spotless Whitsunday islands

The Whitsundays are an archipelago of 74 islands on the east coast of Australia on the Pacific Ocean. The Whitehaven Beach is the prettiest in the whole country. It borders green jungle inlands, with white shimmering sand, and the clear blue water of the sea. You can venture out to sea on your own in a boat to find out your own hidden coves and quiet spaces.

Discover the world of reef and rainforest

If you continue up north for 600 km you will reach Cairns, a small city in the north of Queensland, which is 2700 km far from Sydney from where the travel started from. Cairns is bordered by an amazing wild world, both on land and in water. From Cairns you can easily access the Great Barrier Reef which stretches for 2000 km along the north coast of Australia.

The Barrier reef is home to variety of marine life, fish, turtles, whales, sharks, dolphins, stingrays, sea snakes, and wide variety of beautiful birds. Underwater you can view different varieties of seagrass, canyons, plateau and gulfs. You can explore this entire underwater species by a boat which has flippers, a wet suit and Scuba diving suit. North of the city of Cairns on land is the Daintree Rainforest, with reptile and marsupial species, and 20% of the country’s species of birds. The Rainforest and the Reef booming with life makes Australia very unique.

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