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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Choosing a Suitable Sporty Destination

Choosing a Suitable Sporty Destination
Different people spend their vacation in a variety of ways. Most of the tourists prefer to relax and unwind while others are thrilled by an energetic getaway.

Most sports person lookout for adrenaline rushing sports activities to engage in just like any other vacation. Choosing a suitable destination for a sporty holiday takes time and seeing that the trip is a success. Depending on what sports they prefer, sports fans can choose to visit the sporting destinations that will offer them fun.

So take a look at the top sporty holidays. 

Antigua: Carlisle Bay is a family friendly hotel with a myriad of sporting possibilities. It’s particularly good for tennis lovers with 9 tennis courts and some fantastic programmes. Complimentary activities at the resort include use of the swimming pool, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking and gym. With an additional charge guests can go scuba diving, deep sea fishing, water skiing and kite surfing nearby. There are also 18 golf courses.

Rio-de Janeiro Brazil: after the success of FIFA World Cup many football enthusiast will want to visit Brazil. However there are also other sports where tourists can participate. For instance mountain biking, canoeing, scuba diving and kite surfing will be great activities for those who enjoy energetic vacations.

South Korea: anyone looking for traditional martial arts, judo and taekwondo, South Korea is a destination worth considering. At the same time visitors are likely to enjoy base, football and golf. Alternatively one can try out boating or walk and hike along the beautiful trails.

Sydney in Australia is one of the world’s greatest places to spend sports holidays with a rich sporting legacy left after the successful Olympics Games which were held here in the 2000.Sydney offers a wide variety of water sports and outdoor activities such as skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving canoeing kayaking ,surfing, water rafting, hiking and horse riding. Certain area along its coast also offers power sports such as water skiing and jet skiing. It also allows its visitors to go sailing.

Jamaica has been voted as the best sports tourism destination. Indeed it is a little surprise considering that the country offers opportunities aimed at satisfying tourist’s appetite for excitement like mountain biking, diving, fishing, dog sledding and tennis. These sporting destinations are worth visiting.

Toronto is an ice hockey town. The Maple Leafs is the pride and joy of this wonderful city. Toronto is also a basketball franchise as well.

Tokyo is a city that’s not only stunning but also a great sports town. Baseball is a staple game for the people of this city with five clubs in the area. The famous teams like Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, Saitama Seibu Lions, Chiba Lotte Marines, Tokyo Yakult Swallos and Yokohama DeNA Baystars are driving fans to visit the stadiums during each and every season.

Maui Hawaii is a home to pristine white sand beaches, aquamarine water and a rich sea life. Maui isn’t just for sun worshippers and relaxation seekers with its lush tropical landscape, mountainous terrain and volcanic peaks, this island is also perfect destination for adventurist.

Get your hands on typical outdoor activities such as canoeing, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking sailing and ocean rafting. Activities like zip lining, scuba diving, rainforest, rappelling, parasailing, helicopter rides and hiking up the Haeakal Crater a four mile hike through Maui’s Volcano can also be explored. Visitors can even bike down to the base of the Volcano.

Las Vegas Nevada is not only for famous for casinos, nightclubs and pool bars. Visitors can take part in adventure sports, go ATV riding or land sailing, free fall over the bright lights of the city. Head to outdoor shooting range, drive an exotic car at racing speeds or book a helicopter tour. For the ultimate adrenaline rush opt for one of the city’s most famed activities thru zero gravity flight.

Adventure sports destinations in the world: 

One man sports is another man’s madness. A sport is a tame and slightly misplaced suffix when it comes to adventure sports. Adventure sports have a certain amount of thrill and danger involved. Sports like skiing, mountaineering, bungee jumping have garnered a huge number of followers and are practiced all across the globe. For those on the other side of the fence here’s a snap shot of the most spine tingling, heart –in –your mouth destination for extreme sports in the world.

Mysore: Sky Diving is not a very popular sports in India due to conservative mentality of the people and the amount of risk involved. Mysore being a historical town with various monument and forts, it also offers thrill seekers a chance to experience skydiving, accelerated free falls and tandem jumps.

Auli (Skiing): is located in the state of Uttarkhand in the northern part of India. Auli is the major skiing destination in the Himalayas with its monolithic slopes which go up to a massive 3049 meters above sea level. It attracts adventure skiers from all across the world. December to March is the best season to visit Auli.

Flying fox in Kerala: apart from water sports, Kerala offers one of the extreme and fascinating sports called Flying Fox. It is a unique journey from above the hills, rivers or valleys with ultra strong steel zip lines and at the same time enjoy the breathtaking views of the earth below. Kerala also offers extreme adventure sports like Mountaineering, valley crossing and Trampoline.

Stok Jangri Ladakh: The trek up to stok Kangri is considered to be one of the most challenging trek routes in India. However once you’re up there you can reward yourself by Paragliding over the valleys and taking in some breathe taking views.

Bali a surfer’s paradise with its beautiful sandy beaches, exotic culture and friendly people is a home to some of the best surf breaks in the world. The Legian is a perfect place to stay and enjoy the best Bali has to offer. Being close to some great beaches for surfing and the local shops and restaurants of Seminyak, the hotel is ideal for both families and couples looking for a far away holiday this summer.

If you like to play as hard as you relax and you fancy an energetic getaway, take a look at our top sporty holidays.

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