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Friday, August 17, 2018

Rosario Island, Cartagena

Rosario Island, Cartagena
One of the best places to visit while in Cartagena is the Rosario Islands. It is referred to traditionally as Islas Del Rosario or Corales islas Del Rosario (The Coral islands Of Rosario). It is considered a marvel of nature .The Rosario Islands are the ideal spot to enjoy the magic of the Caribbean without the crowds. Because of the still waters and vibrant coral reeds the Islands are said to be a natural wonder. The Rosario islands are perfectly safe to travel.

Rosario Island is well known for its beaches, pure white sand, gorgeous clear ocean water compared to the neighbouring beaches like Playa Blanca or Bocagrande.Check out isla Grande’s Laguna Encantada or Enchanted Lagoon for a traditional beach experience. The lagoon is open to swimmers and filled with a rare type of bioluminescent plankton which glows in the dark actually lighting up the water from below. This unique experience is Colombian highlight you can’t miss. So slip your bathing suit on and take a dip in the glowing water.

The seafood available on the islands is fresh as any you’re likely to find in Colombia. It’s so plentiful that you even get fisherman anchoring their boats alongside to sell you some fresh out of the sea lobster or shellfish.

Experience the magic of Rosario Islands. You can always arrange to tour in your very own private Yatch or catamaran. If interested in exclusive packages then there are many tour agencies in Cartagena. If you are travelling with a group of friends then you can enjoy the azure waters off the islands on board of a very lively Yatch.

There is something for everybody: the beauty of visiting the Rosario islands is that there is something for all different tastes. Adventurous travellers can take a Kayak out onto the sea, go diving or sport fishing while the more relaxed visitors can easily idle away on the beach chilling in a hammock or sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset.

Enjoy the Rosario island wide variety of Kid friendly activities: worried about travelling to the Rosario islands with Kids? Don’t be .Colombia is perfectly safe for families and the island sport numerous family friendly activities. Explore the Isla Rosario’s Oceanariums aquarium in Colombia, one of the most Bio diverse countries on the earth. This unique aquarium is fairly small and comprised of salt water pools housing numerous species of dolphins, sharks, fish and other sea life.
If you ever fancy learning to dive, you will certainly enjoy scuba diving in the protected waters surrounding the Rosario Island.

When in Rosario Islands you can visit the Oceanary to see all kinds of sea life in their natural environment including sharks, giant sea turtles, cods and a unique dolphin show.
Where to go in Rosario islands

Lizamar, Cocoliso, Isla del pirate, Isla Del Encanto and Isla Del Sol are the most popular resorts. Day excursions from Cartagena to the Rosario islands are mainly visited by the Colombian tourists. Moreover you can find more exclusive places like Isla Coralina, Hotel Pedro Majagua and Gente de mar.

Please come and visit the islands, enjoy them, nurture them. You will live an unforgettable experience.

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