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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Batumi, Mini Las Vegas of the Black Sea

Batumi attracts many tourists from the nearby regions. Turks, who come there for gambling in many of the city’s casinos .Unfortunately Batumi is hardly known in the rest of the world, the whole beauty is all about palm trees, the sea and the snow covered mountains of Cancasus. The original and beautiful modern architecture and the dolphinarium should not be missed out. The coast and beaches stretch for miles, so it becomes difficult to walk for a long distance. Therefore they have started a good idea to rent one of the city bikes. There are many stations available as well as a long cycle track along the coast.

Actually there are lot to do in Batumi and compared to other tourist destination. It is cheaper here. If you have some money to spend, starting from restaurants and hotels ending with numerous casinos and nightclubs, aqua park, diving club and Yatch club.

Entertainments in Batumi are as follow:

Las Vegas of the black sea

One of the first things you will notice when you travel to Batumi is that there are casinos everywhere. Therefore the city is sometimes called the las vegas of the Black sea.

The statue of love is two moving statue, a metal structure of man and women who meet and love each other. It is beautifully lit up at night. The figures move towards each other, merge into one piece and then move away from each other every 10 minutes. This statue of eternal love is an iconic landmark in Batumi. There are also dancing where in the evenings whole families come to relax watching the show.

Zoological corner and dolphinarium is a must to see attraction. The beautiful Nurigeli Lake is located in the middle of the park and offers an exciting place for relaxation. The dolphin show is one of the attractions in Georgia. There are exciting shows like dancing, singing, kissing and hugging. Excellent master of ceremony conducts the show in three languages: Georgian, Russian and English.

Piazza square features boutique hotels cafes and unique architecture. Many local visit this place for a drink or to eat something. The piazza perfectly mixes different styles and trends.

Batumi nightlife is crazy as Miami. Different nationalities and different kind of fun awaits here. After 23.00 pm Batumi Nightlife starts and continues until the first light of the sun. Batumi nightlife is more attractive and joyful than Europe nightlife. Batumi nightlife is enjoyed everyday instead on weekends only. If you want to pick a girl it’s very easy here. In Batumi most of the easy going ladies are sex workers.

Batumi being surrounded by mountains, skiing is a popular thing to do in Batumi especially at Mt Elnbrus. While landing after skiing you can see the beach, the city and the mountains in one shot. Skiing is becoming a popular reason to travel to Batumi.

Visit Sameba: The holy trinity church is the coolest landmark in Batumi on top of the hill. It is a little bit of a drive uphill but the views are amazing and so are the church itself. It is a great spot to see.

Batumi is a bustling city because of its beaches especially during summer. Kvariati is a good spot to go and considered one of the best beaches in Georgia. Gonio is a trendy spot where bars and clubs are plenty on the beach.

A Makhunseti waterfall is the biggest and a popular tourist attraction in Batumi.

Try Adjarian Cuisine: you can taste Adjarian Khachapuri and some other Adjarian dishes. The delicacies are (cheese melted in butter) known as Borano, (Breakfast with eggs and walnut) known as Chirbuli and sinori a dish with cottage curds and dough plates. Naklava and shakarlama (sugar pastry) are the local sweet pastry.

In the daytime you can enjoy sandy beaches, walking at Piazza square, theatre square, and Europe square, and Mtsvane kontskhi.

Where to stay in Batumi: 

Luxury Radisson Blue, Hilton Batumi

Mid range: sky tower hotel

Budget: Hostel

Sunset point at Liberte: at the end of the long boulevard there is a big sign saying Liberte. It is a great place to see the sun go down in the ocean. Surely this is one of the more romantic things to do in Batumi.

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