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Friday, March 2, 2018

The City Of Parks Bucaramanga, Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia
Bucaramanga is known as the pretty city of Colombia. It is the capital city of the country’s Santander department and has pleasant weather, a city of parks, universities, clean and relaxed .Yet it remains an untouristic Colombian city with just a few hostels to its name. Bucaramanga is a good for a stopover for a few days on a Colombian trip and therefore deserves more attention from travellers. It is fast becoming a tourist hotspot due to its beauty and wide range of extreme sports available in the surrounding areas. It comes to life at night, when dozens of clubs, hundreds of bars and 10 universities do their party hats.

These are few things what to do on a visit to the pretty city.

Park life: Bucaramanga is famous for its parks. The centre of the city is full of green spaces ranging from a city block in size to lush green valleys hidden from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Parque ecological flora is a famous park set in a long valley and filled with birds. It has nearly two dozen parks.

Paragliding:  Santander is one of the best places in Colombia to experience one of man’s oldest dream flights. There are daily flights from 2pm with stunning panoramic views over the city and the Santander countryside. It’s a magnificent way to experience the city from a different angle.

Parque Nacional Chicmocha also called as Panachi. It is famous for its canyon cable car system that links to a number of adventure activities. Sangil on the Fonce River is Colombia’s unofficial adventure sports capital. You can hike to the Jean Curi waterfall or take part in any number of exciting guided tours.

Cuisine: The hormigas culonas are a gastronomically tradition in Bucaramanga and Santander. Santander is rightly famous for its gastronomy within Colombia and the departments capital is a great place to try out Carne Oreada, Cabrito con Pepitoria, Santander Style Arepas and much more. There are other dishes such as mule, goat and Corn Arepas .Mercagan is a famous steak house.

Best time to visit Bucaramanga: this country hosts an annual world’s festival usually at the end of September to the beginning of October. During the ten days event the city arranges for national and international participants to perform dances, comedy and tell stories in the various theatres and halls.

Unique experience on the outskirt of Bucaramanga: one can appreciate plantation of tobacco, coca, and pineapple .It is also possible to enjoy adventure sports. Those who arrive to this city set deep affection between mountains and has the possibility to visit places where intense emotion are plentiful derived from practising activities such as paragliding rafting and rappel.

Bucaramanga is the shoe capital of Colombia, with many family factories passing down the craft from generation to generation. Shop brim with all kinds of footwear at affordable prices, but the most eye catching are the stilettos- brightly coloured and glittering with diamante accents. And with Bucaramanga’s lively nightlife scene you’re in the right place to test out you new dancing shoes. Kick them off at the end of the night at hotel tryp or club campestre de Bucaramanga.

So do come and visit this upcoming tourist destination.

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