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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Best Place to Travel When You’re Training for a Marathon

Going on holidays is no excuse to leave your running shoes behind with our active holidays offering a change of scenery and culture, whilst improving your health and fitness, whether an athlete or just looking to keep up with our running routine. Make most of the opportunity to explore your beautiful surroundings by foot right from scenic coastline trails in Portugal to sprinting up mountain paths in St. Lucia.

Preparing for a Marathon is something that takes months and months, especially for the beginners and training for your first, second or third race. To be successful, practise is a must every day. No matter how dedicated your marathon training schedule is, even the most committed runners need a break every now and then. Once you are dedicated to a set schedule, your friends might propose a trip and suddenly you’re torn. It becomes more difficult for those who like to travel. Travelling are bound to mess with your training schedule.

But there is no need to fall behind as we’ve collected the best destinations to travel when you’re training for a marathon.

The secret to keeping your marathon training intact can be simple as picking the right hotel. The hospitality industry is getting smarter about how they cater for travellers in training.

Buenos Aires in Argentina: It is not just hotels that are getting more Marathon friendly. Cities like Buenos Aires have started offering running tours for travellers who want to keep up their training and get in plenty of sightseeing. The urban running tours take place daily and offer a variety of experiences from park through Buenos Aires vibrant Palermo Lake to art and culture tours of the city centre.

Nevis in Saint Kitts and Nevis: Travel can disrupt even the most ironclad training routine. But a week on the small Caribbean island of Nevis will help you keep the momentum. Nevis high temperature means that all the local runners train at the same time, first thing in the morning and at sunset. This provides visitors with both a ready made running community while also making the most of the island for snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming.

Tuscany: It is one of the most beautiful place in Italy and also one of the main destinations of world tourism, the ideal place for a sporting holiday. Train in Tuscan countryside by running through the vineyards of Chianti. The climate is mild and perfect for outdoor sports.

Adventures in the Alps running retreats: one will be hill training in the Alps. Adventure in the Alps offers a variety of running retreats catering for beginners to serious speedsters looking forward to increase their race time.

Run in the sun: Most of the guests come here during January and February to gear up for the spring MARATHON session in the welcoming climate. It is located just 800 m from the seaside town of Moraira on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The company hosts small groups in a private apartment or adjacent villa. U.K. Athletics coach Paul Fletcher guides the guests on scenic runs through the spectacular surrounding mountains and the nearby beach.

St Lucia: Is a fantastic getaway for running enthusiasts, thus healthy holiday on the Caribbean island of St Lucia offering all the luxuries of an all inclusive holiday. Take in the sunrise on your morning beach run, or join the running club for a choice of more challenging routes. Combine your running routine with some quality down time as you choose from a range of recovery options, including reviving spa treatments and restorative group classes such as yoga and stretching.

Algarve spring training: this training is held in Falesia in Portugal. This region has a variety of sandy trails, forests, beaches and hilly cliff tops. So there’s a wealth of different terrain to test you. There is a welcome pizza night, a celebration BBQ night and a karaoke night, as you can be carbo load and bang out a tune with your new found running rivals and friends.

So decide your location. Pack your trainers and simultaneously enjoy you dream holiday.

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