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Friday, February 23, 2018

Reasons to Visit Little Tokoyo in Makati

Did you know that you can visit Tokyo here in the Philippines? Little Tokyo is a small Japanese’s community. Little Tokyo is a small place in the bustling Makati. Here Filipinos can get at their doorstep authentic Japanese food without having to leave the country. A mini Japanese garden, a Japanese grocery and numerous restaurants shaped like the traditional Japanese home are found here. If you ask any Filipinos about the countries he wants to visit, Japan will surely be a part of the list.

Little Tokyo is tastefully designed to transport you to the streets of kagurazaka in Tokyo, a place that the Japanese refers to as Little Kyoto. This little Tokyo in Makati makes you feel you are in Japan.

Red Tori a traditional Japanese gate stands on both entrances of the compound. The cobblestoned alleyways leading to the restaurants are narrow but are in line with small but well – maintained gardens complete with bonsai. The structure within little Tokay is made of wood to follow traditional Japanese architecture. Most restaurants also feature sliding doors, while colourful lanterns adorn and illuminate the area .Yukata one form of a traditional Japanese garment is worn by the restaurants staff. Some restaurants telecast Japanese T.V. shows, while others have racks of manga available for customers to read.

Two groceries shops are filled with Japanese items in Little Tokyo having your favourite cup noodles, food mixes like instant curry in a box, ingredients like tonkatsu sauces, Kewpie mayo and dressings, mirin and various snacks.

Try authentic Mocho and ice-cream Mochi: Fugetsu-do Mochi is the longest running mocha business in Little Tokyo. A Family business operated since 1904 are famous for their variety of handmade Japanese confections right from small sweet cakes to chocolate filled mocha. If you like the ice cream filled varieties instead, stop by Mikawaya the originator of Mochi Ice cream. Made fresh, small balls of ice-cream are wrapped in the sweet sticky rice dough with traditional flavours like green tea and vanilla to non traditional flavours like mint chips and guava.

Listen to some sweet jazz at the Blue whale located in Weller court. Blue Whale located near Marukai market is one of the best jazz clubs in the city, where the music come first over everything, they have a decent food and drink menu too.

Visit the James Irvine Japanese Garden: it is open to the public and free all year round. The James Irvine Japanese Garden is located in the Japanese American Cultural and community centre. It has a tranquil garden with a waterfall and a 170 ft stream as well as blooming trees, flowers, a selection of stone lanterns and a hand washing fountain.

Koban: If you are in Little Tokyo without a plan or just lost, stop into the Koban centre on the corner of the 1st street, known for being little Tokyo’s information and community hub. The Koban is a great spot to learn about local attractions, current events, festivals, location a hotel, restaurant recommendations and more. Visitors can also sign up for a walking tour.

Enjoy some delicious sushi: Little Tokyo would not be complete without great sushi. There are top three favourite spots for fresh fish and a vegan option as well.

Explore Japanese village Plaza: The Japanese village plaza is little Tokyo’s most popular destination for dinning, shopping and exploring. Places like HAMA (Sushi), Shabu House, Mikawaya (mocha) and cafe Dulce are all located inside the village. Find the unique fashion at Hob Nob or Pop Killer and stop by Sanrio for an extra dose of cuteness if you have kids.

Get your food grilled in Yakitori style: Honda Ya Izakaya offers traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, udon, soba, tempura and more. But the main attraction is the yakitori, select from a long list of mini skewer options like chicken skin, liver, beef balls and bacon.

Nice mushrooms and beef tongue: it’s grilled over a fire and served to you piping hot and it’s delicious.

So let your dream holiday becomes a reality. Little Tokyo is only a jeep or a taxi ride away where you can experience a slice of Japan all day and every day.

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