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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Colchuck Lake, Washington

THE FIRST TIME you go around the corner and come out of the trees at Colchuck Lake is something of a religious experience. Suddenly laid out beneath you feet are the icy waters of the lake deep blue in shade, bright aquamarine in sunlight while high above you at the far end of the lake the twin spires of Dragon tail and Colchuck Peaks seem to crowd out the very sky.

This is a challenging hike with beautiful scenery in the Alpine lies wilderness area of Washington State. However the views at the lake are well worth the effort. This hike is also unique, in that you will find several people who are climbing, snowboarding, skiing and camping whether up down or around Mt Colchuck, Asgard pass or Dragon tail. It’s has many great spots for swimming and snoozing.

Colchuck lake trail starts at Stuart lake trail head off of forest service road 7601, which can be accessed from Icicle Creek Rd. The hike to Lake Stuart is easier than the hike to Colchuck Lake because there is considerably less elevation gained. Once you reach Colchuck Lake you will be rewarded with beautiful views of blue/green lake with the peaks towering behind it. During the hike you may encounter mud, deer, and beautiful scenery. You hike across huge granite boulders and across bridges. At first the trail switchbacks gently, but closer to the lake, it becomes increasingly steep and rocky. Once you near the summit take the trail to the right for quickest access to lake views.
The trail offers number of activity options and is best to visit from April to October.

Enjoy a unique sense of solitude and see stunning Colchuck Lake and the imposing peaks around it under a heavy blanket of snow.

There are campsites all along the Colchuck lake shore, but be aware that camping here is managed under the same strict regime as the core enchantment zone.

After setting up camp for the night try your hand at night-time photography. This is an incredible backpacking trip that leads to amazing locations for night time photography. Overnight in enchantment Wildness for certain season require fee permit .Most people focus on Colchuck Lake, but Asgard pass and Dragon tail Peak make for great photographs as well. Early morning is a Paradise with clear alpine lakes, icebergs, glaciers, mama goat with baby goats, and only few people around. It is one of the most beautiful mountain wilderness areas.

Dogs, Horses, campfire are all prohibited at Colchuck lake which is on the enchantment permit Area. Dogs and horses are also prohibited on the trails leading to Colchuck Lake at all times of the year. All forms of motorized travel are also prohibited on these trails. This trip is definitely best during weekend.

List to pack for your trip to Colchuck lake: 

Snowshoe/ touring skis, Ice Axe or trekking poles, Gaiters, Good waterproof boots, navigation tools would be especially important after a recent snowfall, tent, warm sleeping bag and snow shovel.

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