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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Incredible Wild Swimming Tour

If you’re a swim fan and want to do more than a few lengths in the pool this summer, then you should consider a swimming tour.Its’ available to anyone, it doesn’t cost a penny. What is more appealing is a dip in to one of the Cornwall’s rivers, lakes, bay or coves. This is the world of wild swimming in natural waters.

Wild Swimming in the outdoors was a common practise but now with the indoor pools and pollution of water people prefer indoor swimming

Here are some few places where you can experience wild swimming:

PORTHERAS COVE: It is one of the last remain and truly local beaches in west corn well. It is located on one of the wildest stretches of Cornish coast between Pendeen and Morvah. The beach itself is a lovely beach by itself, a lovely sandy cove located at the end of a shallow valley with sheer cliffs at the northers end. A west corn well adventure would not be complete without a foray down to Portheras Cove, It steep sandy beach, cascading waterfall and dramatic cliffs make it well worth. Portheras cove is dog friendly with dogs allowed on the beach all year round.

GALAPAGOS ISLAND is once in a lifetime trip. The tour promises breath-taking wild swimming around a volcanic crater. This trip is a wildlife exploration both above and below the water. You will also be wild swimming along with the marineiguanas, sea turtles and fur seals. So if you like the idea of getting up close and personal with stunning wildlife then this trip is for you.

THE FJORDS OF OMAN are found on the Musandam Peninsula. It is cradled by stark, rugged peaks, and the temperature here are high. The traditional boats used for the fjords ride are very comfortable. This trip usually takes two to three hours. It also allows anyone wishing to do wild swim or to take a dip in the water. Most boats also allow snorkelling equipment and towels. If you wish to go during the early morning session you will be more likely to spot dolphins and other wild life.

A BRACING DIPS IN THE ARTIC CIRCLE: Adventure is for two reasons. Every single person should go on an adventure. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder and also it makes you feel alive. If you are a lover of taking a dip in winter, then this trip is for you. The wildlife includes puffins, otters and whales. Swimmers can float above glossy kelp and with shoals of fish. Wild Swimming in the water with icebergs in the middle of the Arctic Circle is n’t crazy or scary any one can do it. You are given a survival suit that protects you from the cold. The only thing that is opened is your face. It is warmer to swim in the water than to sleep in the snow hotel.

A SWIM IN THE MALDIVES:Gorgeous white sand beaches, an amazing reef with teeming marine life and the republic of Maldives makes for a dream vacation but there are few common dangers during your stay. Wear a t- shirt when snorkelling or wild swimming to prevent serious sunburn. There are many things in the sea that can be dangerous. Watch out for trigger fish. The giant trigger fish has a distinct coloration is very aggressive;especially if you come too close to it, keep your distance when you see them.

DURDLE DOOR is one of the most beautiful spots on the English coast. One can swim through the arch at Durdle door in Dorset, out into the open sea, and on to Lulcorth cove, one gets to walk or trek and slide in the waters as much as one could here with great experiences in photography, wild swimming and enjoying the nature. There is also a possibility of climbing an actual cliff and jump into the water from quite a distance.

Whether you choose to dive in for a big wild swim or just a casual dip with a friend, the waters are open and available to all.

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