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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Spend Four Days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong diaries: four days of pure bliss

The bustling packed streets, lines of noodle stands, fashion paparazzi go-to spot, and every traveler’s dream destination, and only one destination can fit into all these labels, Hong Kong. It is one such traveling destination which attracts people from all wide corners of the globe.

The food it presents, the unique multiculturalism that the place portrays, and the beauty of the fast pace makes it every traveler’s dream destination. The city is not only the home to the biggest airport hub but to eight million people. There are thousands of people from across the globe who just dreamt of trotting the streets of Hong Kong, and fell head over heels for the place.

This uniqueness of the city has made it the home to thousands of travelers who settled in the city forever. If you cannot handle too many people, then Hong Kong is definitely not your dream go-to destination.


All you need is four days

If you are an avid traveler and want to trot across the globe, and fill your soul with the beauty of the world, then try visiting Hong Kong. It is a city you will absolutely fall in love with. If you are on a tight schedule, all you need is four days to tour the entire city. Whether you’re alone or with your loved ones, touring Hong Kong will certainly be a life altering experience for every tourist.

An extremely popular tourist’s spot in the city is Kowloon’s island especially because of the massive park. The park is always packed with visitors and flaunts a well equipped fitness center, swimming pool, several small ponds with floating ducks; a well spread area to relax, and a mesmerizingly beautiful Chinese garden.

It is amongst the top traveling destinations in the city and is a beautiful place that truly represents the term ‘multiculturalism’. While visiting this park you’ll notice tourists probably from every corner of the world, yes that’s how famous it is. It is a particularly inviting place if you’re touring the city alone, here you’ll make hoards of friends.

Fascinating experience

While Hong Kong is famous around the world for its bustling streets, it is equally known for the breathtaking spots in and around the city. If you want a little calm and want to enjoy watching the beautiful landscape of the city try the cable ride at Ngong Ping. Visit the Po Ling monastery which is at the end of the ride, and while traveling enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view of the city’s landscape, harbor and port.

Amongst the top traveling destinations in Hong Kong that is a place you have to visit the Heritage Museum. Even if you are not a huge history fan, visit the museum it bares the culture and the museum itself is a unique piece of rare mastery and skill. No matter, which part of the world you’re from, you cannot leave Hong Kong without doing a one day food tour. Ditch the expensive restaurants, go around the city, visit the nooks and corners, and you’ll probably have the feeling that you reached ‘food heaven’.

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