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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Breath Taking Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast
Kauai’s famous, beautiful and pristine coastline is Na Pali coast which nourishes the soul. It is situated in the remote location. This coastline is truly breath-taking because of the sheer cliff and wide ocean exposure. Na Pail offers some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Hawaii. Afternoon light is amazing on Na Pali. You can see rich hues of green, red and black as the sun sets that makes this coastline unique.

Exploring the Exotic Na Pali Coastline:

The best way to explore this coast is on board of the ocean rafting tours. Sailing along you will pass by the emerald green pinnacles towering along the shoreline, the velvet green cliffs and cascading waterfalls flowing into the deep narrow valleys. This coastline is accessible via a strenuous foot trail that traverses rugged miles from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau valley.

The only route to go to this coastline is by boat. Tours operate from this West side location all year. It offers the most comfortable journey. The boat ride is fast and comfortable. They have a rest room on board. The vessel is small enough to go through the sea caves during calm seas. The raft will explore all the nooks and crannies of the majestic coastline. The coastline is an absolutely marvel and you feel like you are passing through The Jurassic Park. The water is crystal clear. This is a memorable excursion.

Fun Time to Enjoy the Adventurous Activity’s:

The famous Na Pali coast hike KALALAU TRAIL is an 11 mile hike for adventurous who are not frightened of heights.Camping is a must for one or two nights in this valley where one can enjoy being under a starry night and hearing the sound of the ocean at night which is really worth it.

Na Pali Coast tour by plane or Helicopter is the best tour where you can relax and enjoy the incredible view. Flying close to the mountain tops, enjoying the view of the waterfalls and dip into the valleys below to get abird’s eye perspective of the inaccessible region.

Do not miss out on Sailing, rafting and hiking. These are the best ways to experience Na Pali’s myriad of natural wonders.One can enjoy Kayaking during the summer month. While year round trips are available on sailing catamarans and rigid hull rafts. Here you can enjoy snorkeling and waterside fun. Encounter spinner and bottle nose dolphins, Hawaiian green sea turtles and during the month of December- April one can experience the magnificent humpback whales.

Ocean-Front Dining at Its Best:

The Na Pali DinnerSunsetsail is our premier “DINNERWITHAVEIW” experience. Sunset at sea viewed from the Southern Star charter boat are spectacular. Passenger will enjoy a panoramic view of the entire coastline. During the course of time the on-board chefs get busy preparing the fresh meal.

Each day is unique as the light reacts with clouds and landscape and the Rainbow frequently add color to the distant mountains.

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