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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Valencia, The vibrant city


Valencia: Vibrant Expat City

Valencia comes in as Spain’s third largest city. Valencia has a strong cultural tradition. It is well known amongst holidaymakers and expats.this city has a mix of old and new buildings right from medieval castles and towers to modernist generation,of course a glut of shopping centers and plenty of places to eat and drink too. It is one of the most vibrant, forward thinking and cosmopolitan cities.

Valencia is centered in the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline surrounded by the beautiful golden beach.Spain is a big place. There is so much to see and do in this vast and diverse country. Most of your time you will spending in the old town El Carmen.There are important buildings including the cathedral, the art deco food market and the ceramic museum. However, floods and war have been cruel to Valencia, forcing Valencianos to tear down buildings that today would be architectural treasures.

Unspoiled Beaches around Valencia

A holiday in the sun is incomplete without a visit to the beach, but thanks to nature the city has many beaches along it's coastline, most of which are unspoilt and undeveloped .Try the most popular beach, Malvarrosa, El, El Cabanyal (Las Arenas Beach), Pinedo Pueblo Beach, L’Arbre del Gos Beach, El Saler Beach, La Garrofera Beach, La Devesa Beach and Recati Beach.

Since Bars and Restaurants are very few around the beaches, so it is better one carry his packed lunch from home.

Main Tourist Attractions of Valencia:

Oceangraphic Aquarium:
The area surrounding the Oceangraphic aquarium is unbelievable. The aquarium is very unique. The entire zoo is dedicated to the creatures of water. They also have the dolphin show, workshop where you can learn more about various animals, exhibitions and whole range of activities.

 This place displays a range of flora and fauna. There is something very different in this park of bringing the visitor totally into the habitat of the animals. It has no cages, allowing you to feel very close to the animals.

Cathedral and the Holy Grail:
This city is called Holy Grail where Jesus drank from the actual cup at the last supper. The cathedral is lovely old place and worth visiting.

Valencia’s Central Market:
When most tourists come to the city of Valencia, one of the places they are always directed to be the historic central market, where you can purchase items from fish to the grocery items it is a very big market under one head.

Many people visit this place only for shopping .It is flooded with malls,shops,boutiques and department stores to suit all taste and budgets right from clothes,shoes and supermarkets.

Essential Valencia Sport:
Biking, Golfclubs, Jetskiing, Tennis, watersports, yatchcharters are some of the sports practiced here.

Where should I go for a night out in Valencia?

Where you go at night in Valencia depends on when you visit. Valencia is famous for its nightlife and for its bohemian bars.The most prestigious orchestras in the world, as well as directors and soloists, appear here, between September and October.

Hang out with beautiful people by dipping into Valencia’s exciting restaurant .Visit Av.Boilvar to Bambu where sea food can be enjoyed on an attractive wooden deck where later towards the night people rock to the music.Casa Valencia offer juicy steak in an old hanciends-style grill house.

Valencia is a beautiful city with plenty of accommodation at reasonable prices.

So please plan your trip and make the most of your time in this gem of a city.

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