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Monday, July 18, 2016

Packing Tips and Trick for a Perfect Travel

Packing Tips
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Everyone wants to pack light during their trip. Some of them are successful, but other cannot be the same they bring everything so much even the kitchen sink. When going on our holidays most of us have certain ways of packing our things from folding to coding your pants. Packing light is a process not a goal. These are a few tips to lighten your baggage.

Some travellers zero down their luggage by carrying few things, some focus on clothing, others on Toiletries.
Never buy a suitcase that is bigger than carry on size. If you have a small suitcase then you will never think of over packing.

If travelling by air, pack a day pack inside the full-size bag. So at the airport you can take out the second bag and carry them both, this way you will not lose your bag and baggage handling fees is also saved.

Leave those bulky jackets and boots and go in for merinowool which is super lightweight, it play a role for both the hot weather and cold weather. You can wear the warm clothes for days together and still won’t smell. This way your suitcase will be light. Make place to keep for the souvenirs.

Always go in for synthetic material for undergarment instead of cotton because they are lighter in weight and don’t take a lot of space. They also dry quicker.

Only pack clothes for 7 days, even if you are travelling for a long time. It is easy to find a laundromat once a week rather than carrying extra weight with you the entire trip.

Check your packing list or lay out everything you plan to take .and finally select whether the item is required or not by this your packing will be very light.

Once you Layer your clothes.Choose a colour combination and pack only pieces that match so that you can mix and match and layer to create different looks. By this there is no need to carry separate outfits.

Don’t carry toiletries. You can buy for cheap rates anywhere. But if you are visiting a village then buy your toiletries from your destination.

Take only two pairs of shoes one you can wear during your travel and use it for everything from hiking to happy hours. And a light pair of loafers for more dressy travel occasions.

Usually wherever you go you can almost buy anything so it is better to pack half of what you think you’ll need so that your baggage turns lighter.

Forgo towels because most of the hotels provide you with it.

Many don’t want to use their mobile internet abroad .For this save all your important maps and routes to your phone or print them on the paper or Download guide book on your phone so that it will carry less weight.

To keep your clothes smelling fresh add in the baggage a scentedlavender bag.

So keep in mind these few tips and tricks for packing. So that you can go light and enjoy your holidays.

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