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Friday, June 3, 2016

Porto a Value Destination in Portugal


Porto Second Largest Metropolis of Portugal

Porto is an enjoyable and amazing city in Western Europe. The town which gave the country and port wine its very name; Porto is the second-largest metropolis of Portugal after Lisbon. At times it is called Oporto and is an age-old city which has one foot firmly in the industrial existent. The old town which was built overlooking the Douro River is centred at Ribeira and presently is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main attraction is the 14th century Sao Francisco church and the local port wine cellars that are mostly located across the river at Vila Nova de Gaia.

Porto is now quickly changing into a very much holiday destination. Porto is perfectly explored as a city break destination though is also an appropriate base to explore northern Portugal. Although Port wine tends to remain the most popular export of Porto, life here is anything but aged and the city is vibrant. Visitors can rest assured of a great nightlife, growing cultural scene and enterprising restaurants. The city tends to have an extensive history which is reflected in its World Heritage protected baroque churches, old town, characterful winding streets together with the richness of tourist attractions.

Popular Sweet Alcoholic Drink – Port Wine

Besides this, the city is proud of its popular sweet alcoholic drink and Port still seems matured and bottled in the vast cellars situated alongside the riverside. The city is placed on the northern bank of the Douro River, giving rise to the surged landscape providing remarkable panoramas. Though the city is placed inland from the Atlantic, there are wonderful beaches within a short train journey.

It is an ideal location for a long weekend wherein the city can be explored within two days with one day exploration of the Ribeira and the historic centre while the second day can be utilised in discovering Vila Nova de Gaia, the Port cellars and the southern area of Douro. Recommended day trips comprise of Guimaraes, the birth place of Portugal, Braga, deeply religious town, Aveiro – pretty canal town or even a cruise beside the Douro River towards the heart of the vineyard growing area.

Porto Great Value Destination

Tourists interested in relaxing could spend quality time on some of the amazing beaches surrounding Porto at Espinho or Matosinhos. Depending on the weather, it is best to visit this destination from April to September and the peak tourist season coincides with the school summer vacations. Winters are unpredictable though the north of Portugal experiences considerable amount of rain than the Algarve. Since Porto is considered to be a major city, restaurants, bars and hotels tend to remain open throughout the year and do not remain closed during the winter months as in the case of tourist towns.

Porto is said to be a great value destination where food and accommodation tends to cost a fraction of the cost of several other famous city break locations. It is also easy to access since the airport offers direct flights to Europe. Besides this, Porto also has several links to international destinations for those interested in visiting the city as a stop-over

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