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Friday, June 24, 2016

Experience The Natural Beauty Of Malang, Indonesia


Nature is awe-inspiring. It is amazing how one view can take your breath away. How it can stop you in your tracks. Make everything in life feel beautiful. Perhaps that is why so many travel lovers dream of visiting Indonesia. There are views so spectacular that they are simply indescribable. This is especially true in the city of Malang. This area is unlike any other. Love to experience nature? Take photos of stunning landscapes? Then make sure your next vacation is in the unforgettable city of Malang.

Explore Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It just wouldn’t be a trip to Malang without spending some time at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This gorgeous park is found in East Java, Indonesia, to the East of Malang. Here you can find the highest mountain in the area. Mount Semeru is a whopping 3676 metres high. In addition to Mount Semeru there is the Tengger Sand Sea, four lakes, and over fifty rivers. That means you can spend a full day touring the area – and taking some incredible travel photos while you are at it. After you finish touring the national park? You can head back to Hotel Tugu Malang. You know, the hotel you booked using simple online hotels booking. Put your feet up, recharge, and remember the amazing experience you had at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Work On Your Tan At One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Malang. Sun, surf, and an amazing vacation. That is what you can expect if you visit one of the amazing beaches in Malang. There are three to choose from. They are: Balekambang, Ngliyep, and Sendang Biru. Each one is fairly close to the other. So you can see all three if you really put your mind to it! These beaches are absolutely incredible. There is gorgeous coastal scenery as well as the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the shore. You will feel renewed and restored in no time flat. Short on time? Not sure which beach to visit? Then your best bet is to visit Balekambang beach. This is the most popular and has views that you will not soon forget.


Visit The Purwodadi Botanical Gardens. There is something to be said for flowers, gardens, and plenty of natural beauty. If that is what you are looking for…. look no further. You can find all of that over at the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens. It opened back in 1941 and is one of only four botanical gardens in all of Indonesia. There are over 85 hectares of gardens and greenery to enjoy. Not to mention a gorgeous waterfall! Add this beautiful botanical garden to your travel itinerary. Walking through the stunning scenery will inspire you, add to your vacation, and remind you just how wonderful life can be. It is a must visit spot for anyone visiting Malang.

Malang is known for its striking natural beauty. Want to see it all in person? Then start planning your own trip to this incredible Indonesian city. It will make for an incredible experience…. one that will always stay with you.

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