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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Essentials of travelling in Dubai


The city of Dubai today is associated with Eastern unalloyed luxury. Here you will find many “the most” places in the world – the highest skyscraper, the most expensive buildings, the highest dancing fountains and so on. Millions of tourists visit Dubai every year and their acquaintance with the city starts with the airport.

This place will impress you with the innovations, services and again, luxury. Where else will you be able to swim in swimming pools, relax in Jacuzzi and sauna and spend time in a fully equipped gym?

Another interesting place to visit – Zen Gardens for those who want to relax from overcrowded places.

Sleepyheads will adore a possibility to take a nap in a Snoozecubes – convenient and relaxing places to rest that can be rented by the hours.

On the territory of the airport there is a five-star hotel with several luxurious restaurants.

To get to the city from the Dubai International Airport you can use several means of transportation – by bus or by Metro (by the way, the longest fully automated metro network in the world, by the way!). But to feel the atmosphere of the city it would be a wise solution to take a taxi from Besides, such number of luxurious cars on the roads you won’t find elsewhere!

As for the public transport system of the city, it is beyond all praise – you can easily get to every major sight of the city. Today the most developed systems are bus and Metro transport options, and there is also a tram system that helps tourists to get to the remote places like Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah.

The best time to visit Dubai is in winter. Then the temperatures are more mild and do not rise higher than mid-30 C. The summer heat can drive anyone crazy (sometimes temperature can reach 50 degrees!), however, even in July tourists can find a million ways to keep cool. By the way, the number of conditioners in the city of Dubai is astonishing – you can find a conditioner literally anywhere!

Things to remember: 

The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and that calls for certain behavior of tourists if you want to show respect to the culture of this country. For example, you have to wear modest clothes in public places, to be polite and hold back from hugs and kisses on public for a while.

There are many tours for non-Muslims that are very entertaining and useful as you may learn a lot about Islamic culture.

If you visit Dubai with business purposes, do not forget about praying times of Muslims, so schedule your meetings taking it into consideration.

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