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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Corsica, France


Corsica – Island of Beauty

Corsica an island in the Mediterranean Sea belongs to France and is located towards the west of the Italian Peninsula, southeast of the French mainland and towards the north of the Italian island of Sardinia. Two-thirds of the island is made up of the mountains which forms a single chain. Corsica is said to be one of the 18 regions of France but by law is designated as a territorial collectivity through which Corsica tends to enjoy some superior powers than the other French regions.

However, it is referred as a region in common speech and is always listed among them. The island had formed an individual department till it was divided in 1975 in two departments – namely Haute Corse or the Upper Corsica and Corse-du-Sud, the Southern Corsica having its regional capital in Ajaccio, the prefecture city of Corse-du-Sud.

The second largest settlement in Corsica is Bastia, the prefecture city of Haute-Corse. Mountain in the sea, Corsica is also referred as the Island of beauty due to its diversity of its scenery and its preservation from the violence of development and tourism, which has made it one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea.

Largest Island in the Mediterranean

Corsica being one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean off the south coast of France is a scenic island with plenty of tourists visiting this destination during summer. The villa holiday rentals with good facility are ideal for those intending to visit this amazing destination.

Corsica has some great and famous beaches like the Palombaggia which is one of the top beaches in Europe with golden sands and crystal clear water. The beach is excellent for water sports like jet-skiing, wind surfing, kayaking together with diving. Beside the Palombaggia coastline one will find various villa holiday rentals within distance of the beach.

Moreover, Corsica is also known to be a holiday destination for golf with the Golf de Sperone overlooking the Mediterranean, which is considered as one of best courses of Europe that is regularly ranked among the top 100 golf courses. Corsica also tends to have some small nine-hole golf courses like the Gulf du Reginu together with Bastia Golf club. Corsica also has plenty of family beaches such as the Golfe di Sogno Beach and Santa-Giulia Beach in the proximity of resort towns like Porto-Vechio.

Great Sport Destination/Variety of Museums

It is also a great sport destination with a variety of museums for families to explore. Family holiday rentals and family villas in Corsica are an excellent choice for family holidays at Corsica. These villas seemto be large and flexible with adequate facility like the Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, BBQ and covered terrace. Day trip to Gulfe De Porto which is a UNESCO heritage site should not be missed.

Regular boat trips are available from the town and one can also visit the eroded rock formation of the Les Calangues from here. A trip to the unique fortress town of Banifacio with its historic buildings like the Banifacio citadel and the large marina can also be undertaken. Ajaccio is the largest city in Corsica comprising of the Casa Buonapate, various Genoese towers as well as Fesch Museums that have one of the most extensive collections of Italian art in France.

French is the official language of Corsica though it tends to have its own languages, Corsican. Owing to the French state’s verbal strategies it is assessed that around 10% of the population of the island speak Corsican as a native language with 50% having conversational knowledge. In tourist area, Italian is also spoken.

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