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Friday, January 29, 2016

6 Great Mods for Your UTV

If you're still driving the side-by-side that came off the lot, you're missing out on prime opportunities for customization and accessorization. Here are just a few ways to trick out your UTV and make it your own.

1. Lifts

Lifts serve a dual purpose for UTVs. Not only will they add a little pizzazz to your vehicle, but they'll also prevent rocks and debris from hitting, denting and rusting your bottom frame. This makes your lift a multipurpose tool for safety and style.

2. Lights

LED lights are all the rage for side-by-sides, and it's easy to understand why. You can add them to everything from your bumper to your overhead mount, and in addition to looking cool, they'll also illuminate your path during even the darkest of nights. You don't want to mess around with safety while driving your UTV.

3. Audio Systems

There's nothing like blaring some good old-fashioned rock music while the wind whips through your hair. Even if you aren't into Guns N' Roses, however, a good stereo system can help you with things like GPS navigation and radio communications from one vehicle to another. This is invaluable if you use your UTV for racing or deep off-roading.

4. Enclosures

Enclosures are another way to add personality to your UTV while also reaping real-world safety benefits. Buy them in any color or with any pattern; decorate your vehicle however you'd like. They'll all protect you from the elements and keep you safe from harsh environments.

5. Cold Weather Gear

Speaking of harsh environments, if you have to take your UTV out during snowstorms, it's critically important that you prepare for the weather before you go. Make sure your heater is fully operational; double-check the seams on your enclosures and doors; invest in plows or skid plates. You don't want to get stuck in sub-zero temperatures without protection.

6. Tires

These can be costly accessories, but they can also be worth the expense if you buy and use the right kinds. Don't be satisfied with the tires that came on your factory-issued UTV. Do some research and figure out the best make and model for you.

These are just a few mods that will improve the speed, power, performance and aesthetic of your UTV. For more information, including how to find and purchase these side x side accessories, check out sites like SidebySideStuff.

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