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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zermatt, A Place filled with Amazing Surprises

Zermatt the beautiful Swiss City lies at the foot of Matterhorn. The Europe’s car-free village, Zermatt is a place where one must tour in his lifetime. The fascinating holiday destination has preserved its natural beauty and offers infinitely enthusiastic possibilities to make your excursion an extraordinary experience. This village vastly swelled up with white cotton like snow over it hills makes it a first choice for all the mountaineers. Not only this, it also has a fashionable place to be. Sounds interesting, right?

Here’s an account of what makes Zermatt a place to be called ‘Amusing and irresistible?

  • Get in natural living… No Cars Please!
    The main magnetism for tourists comes out to be its clean and in the pink surroundings. Yes, it’s all pollution free... the ‘car-less’ town in Switzerland. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk all day. For commuting in Zermatt, you have access to long shuttle cars, which will take you from one place to another in no time.
  • Get yourself packed for skiing on the glorious range of ice covered mountains:
    One of the highly famed activities you just can’t afford to miss is SKIING. The Swiss peaks will entice you to get your skiing bolt and nuts fixed and run yourselves freely on the milky white snow. (Having a snowy affair!) Be the ruler of the iced slopes and get a fairy- taled winter in Zermatt.
  • Don’t miss on the mesmerizing view of Matterhorn Glacier Paradise:
    The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise or simply ‘MGP’ can be regarded as one of the main show stoppers point in Zermatt. A cable car or Swiss gondola takes you to the jaw dropping range of Swiss, French and Italian Alpines. Fall in love with the eye catching view on the top! Under this peak is an artificial snow park designed for snowboarders delight. Don’t forget to refine your boarding skills people.
  • Be an Eskimo in the Igloo Village:
    Want to build your own ice home? Zermatt’s Igloo village has all what you are looking for. The village located in between of Riffelberg and Gornergrat offers its visitors a wide range of attractive entertainment options like stay in an igloo, enjoying snowshoe hiking hitting snow balls on each other, and a get the needed warmth chilling out in the bar. Don’t miss out to savor a cup of fondue to add a little spice in your experience.
  • Experience Zermatt’s myth rich culture in Matterhorn Museum:
    The famous Matterhorn Museum depicts the events which played an important role in the establishment of Zermatt and Matterhorn. Yes, there is a story from turning a farmer’s village into a world famous resort. The all lighted night view of the museum is a treat to the eyes.
We have just given you a peek-a-boo to the exquisiteness of this Swiss town. Don’t forget that the car-freed zone, Zermatt change it colors after every turn! Yes, it has got a lot more to experience for its visitors one can imagine.

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