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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Planning a Trip to France with Your Family? Southern France Offers You a Lot

This southern part of France is the delightful part of the country, with beautiful landscapes, captivating forests, very ancient caves and famous castles with a historic background set in the midst of scenic and pictorial villages and towns. There are an array of activities available in the full of the region, that appeal to the full family. The region includes

Chateau de Bonaguil

This stunning looking castle built in the 13th century is built on the high rocky spur between two rivers will definitely ignite the imagination of the young children. This castle is among the last of the grand fortified castles constructed in France. Chateau de Bonguil can be best enjoyed in the month of July, when fireworks displays during the night time, lights the night sky, the castle and its backdrop.

Pech Merle

Pech Merle is a pre history centre, located about 35 minutes drive from Cahors, which offers an absorbing insight into the prehistoric cavemen and cave women and the world famous wall paintings they produced. This centre also provides educational workshops for both the children and the adults.

Les Croisieres Fenelon

It is highly recommended to take a ride by a river boat to enjoy the scenic beauty of this region. Cruises are offered from Les Croisieres Fenelon up to the Saint Cirq Lapopie and also past the vineyards of Cahors, and the cruises are available the full day which include food and drinks which are all offered on board.

Latour Marliac

Latour Marliac is an excellent spot for budding horticulturalists and budding botanists to enjoy nature. It has 6 acres of wonderfully managed gardens, and this is a ideal place to lose yourself on a bright and sunny afternoon. Children are also kept busy and for a meager price children are given activity book to pass their time

Grotte de Lastournelle 

It is highly suggested to visit Grotte de Lastournelle which is a journey into the underworld of Lot. These ancient natural caves are formed by river flowing, which has 7 rooms formed by the flow of the river, which dates back to 25 million years. The area adjoining in front of the entrance of the caves is an ideal place to picnic and has a lot facilities for children

La Foret des Singes

Children normally love animals, and they will enjoy seeing and meeting free living monkeys, who roam free, and the children can really get close to the monkeys. This place is not a typical zoo, but the monkeys have the entire freedom to move around, sometimes without being seen by the public.

Les Bains de Casteljaloux

This is swimming and spa complex for mainly adults for their relaxation, and activity for children at the waterside. This complex also has facilities like steam rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi and a Japanese bath. There is also a heated indoor pool.

Happy Forest, Pont-du-Casse

This is a place to have a lot of fun; this happy forest has woodland surrounding, and also has aerial rides taking you above the treetops.

People on holidays looking for some adventure can visit this region south of France and get to really relax, enjoy the history of the places there, including sightseeing, sports, and the rare scenic beauty which take their breath away.


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