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Friday, May 29, 2015

Places to Visit in Montana (U.S.A)

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Montana is a state located in Western USA. It has many cities like Dillon, Livingston, Laurel, Miles city and Sidney. There are many mountain ranges in this state. So obviously the meaning of Montana is mountain. Helena is the capital of Montana and the nickname of this state is TREASURE STATE.

Though this country is not an over populated country; still too there are millions of tourists visiting this place every year. The following are worth mention places for sight-seeing.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK: This Park is famous for hiking, wild spotting and sparkling lakes. It is also ideal for boating and fishing. While going through the Glacier National park one can drive on the Going –to- the- sun road and can see some best sights in North West Montana. Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg lake trail and highline trail are some more sights on the way to Glacier National Park. One can enjoy white water adventure, guided fly fishing trips and rafting.

BOZEMAN: This town is surrounded by rolling green hills, pine forest and snow-capped peaks. It has a lot of entertainment for tourist. You can visit THE BOZEMAN ANGLER where you are introduced to the fishing coaching classes.

BOZEMAN HOT SPRINGS: where one can get cured from the aches and pains while you are in a pool, sauna and steam room.

BOOJUM EXPEDITION: offers horse Riding, Mountain biking, fishing and trekking trips. One of the tourist attractions is the MUSEUM OF THE ROCKIES where there is a huge collection of dinosaur remains. It gives details on physical and cultural history of the people, animals and the Rocky Mountains.

GRIZZLY AND WOLF DISCOVERY CENTRE: This centre is located in West Yellowstone. It is a wild park in Montana and provides educational facility. The visitors are allowed to experience the world of grizzly bears and grey wolves.

QUAKE LAKE: Once an earthquake took place in this lake which created a landslide that brought down the mountains and hills and tons of stone came crashing down into the lake. The visitors enjoy the water from the shoreline. Thus this lake was named as Quake Lake. Fishing is done in this lake.

BERKELY PIT: It is an open pit copper mine in Butte. Now it is getting filled with contaminated water where it is dangerous if it overflows causing killing of the fish and seepage in the ground water.

RYAN DAM: It is a hydroelectric plant on the Missouri river. There is a park in the Middle of the Missouri river which is called the Ryan Island Park suitable for picnics. The Ryan dam also has a club house equipped with all the facilities.

GIANT SPRINGS: It is a fresh water spring which attracts number of tourist to this place. This site is also known as a Roe River. It is a shortest river in the world. This river connects the giant’s springs to the Missouri river. Thisriver is listed in the Guinness book of world record as the shortest river.

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF MONTANA: Here the children have something for themselves. This museum has innovative, interactive exhibits especially on science, maths and culture and hands on activities where the children can actually feel,touch, examine the objects and explore many things. This brings a big smile across the children’s face.

OUR LADY OF THE ROCKIES: It is a huge statue of Virgin Mary built by David Adickes who was a sculptor in Butte. He planned to build this statue as a vow taken because his wife was cured from cancer. This statue is 90 feet tall. This statue could be seen from all the corners of the city. It takes half a day to reach this statue.

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