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Friday, May 15, 2015

Lisbon, the City of Seven Hills

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.It is built on the seven hills. This city is famous in all the fields of commerce, media, tourism, education, trading and entertainment. The main language is Portuguese. It is also a famous TOURIST destination. Some of the famous destinations are as follows:

LISBON OCEANARIUM: This is one of the largest aquariums.The aquarium looks like a high sea, with different large sea creatures. There are sting rays,sharks and many unknown unique creatures. One can experience deep sea diving. There are different tank with various ocean ecosystem like the Antarctica tank which contains Penguins, Pacific tank contain Otters. The huge tank is divided by an invisible Acrylic looks like allthe sea creatures are swimming in the same tank. You feel as if you are present around a sea.

LISBON ZOO: It is a 120 years old zoo. It is situated at Sete Rios, QUintas das Laranjeiras. It has over 200 animals, reptiles, and birds. The main attraction is the dolphin show, sea lion doing some acrobatics, pelican feeding, snakes and lizards show, birds show and many other interesting activities. They also have a farm house, an amusement t park and shops in the zoo. Anyone who wants to have a bird view can take a ride on the cable car that passes around the zoo. This zoo brings you really close to all the animals.

MONUMENTS TO THE DISCOVERIES: This monument is built on the banks of Tagus River. It is a unique monument in a shape of a Caravel. There are huge statues of important Portuguese explorer and merchants..This structure is dedicated to the people who helped to established Portugal. There is a small museum inside the monument telling about the history of Lisbon and also viewing platform at top of the structure.

MUSEU DE MARINA: it is a Maritime Museum or Navy Museum.It tells the full history of the sea.In this Museum Model ships, nautical instruments, uniform, Vasco do Gama portable wooden alter, U.K. built royal yacht AMELIA and also ornate royal barges are displayed.

VASCO DA GAMA TOWER: This tower is the tallest was named after the great explorer Vasco da Gama of Portugal who was the first to arrive in India by sail. This tower has a shape of a nautical sail. It was basically an observation deck. It provides a great view of city, the river and Vasco da GamaBridge. There is also a restaurant on top of tower.

ADVENTUROUSE ACTIVITY: Enjoyment on the beaches like surfing body boarding, sailing, windsurfing and all different water sports can be experienced. People can play golf in winter. Horse-riding is another sport where people love to experience it. Mountain biking, Scuba diving, trekking, sunset cruises are also some of the activities where one can experience it.

MARKET TOUR WITH COOKING CLASS: One can go touring the local market, buy whatever ingredient required and be trained by a chef. Portuguese cuisine is one of the main cuisines on the list. He also teaches fusion cooking of Mediterranean, African and south American dishes. So while you are on a holiday you can explore some new dishes of that particular country.

NIGHT LIFE AT LISBON: The night is still young .there are lots of bars and clubs entertaining people with dances , melancholy fado singing, dinner along the Tagus river, casino where people bet on games .

SANTUARIO NACIONAL DE CRISTO REI: it is a beautiful monument of Jesus. It is constructed in the district of Almada. Toreach to the top one has to go by the elevator. This statue can be seen from any corner of the city. The statue of Jesus is very beautiful. It has its hand spread out as if it is blessing this city. It is one of the Pilgrimage destinations. This statue was built to thank God for saving Portugal from entering World War II .The interior of the statue has a shop, two halls and a chapel. It is really amazing.

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