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Friday, May 4, 2012

Sports and leisure Chile


This is the most popular sport and the country's first passion. These are the English expatriates who, in 1880, planted the seed of football in Latin America. The first Chilean clubs are therefore emerged in the 1920s.

In Chile, it must be a fan club! Men, it's almost an issue of integration. The choice of a team or another is correlated with social class. Preferences are shown: T-shirts, stickers, deco in cars ... An important game scheduled for the weekend comments from the previous Monday!


With its rivers, which flow from the Andes, Chile offers magnificent sites suitable for rafting. The descent of the Rio Bio-Bio, south of Concepcion, was a marvel. But the construction of dams Pangue and Ralco has changed the game and Rio has lost its popularity.

The followers of the sport he now prefer the Rio Futaleufu, 340 km south of Puerto Montt. Surprising, since the stream flowing through spectacular scenery and presents different levels of difficulty.

Other rivers also considered: the Río Trancura (Pucon area), the river Petrohue (region of Puerto Varas) and Rio Maipo (60 km from Santiago).

Please be aware that adventure travel is still very restricted in the country. It is strongly advised to ask their guides license (which should, of course, be up to date) and check the condition of the equipment.


The word rodeo comes from rodear, which means "circle, circle." Advantage of a practice of once a year to gather the cattle scattered to count and mark it, it turned into sports - very much alive in southern Chile but little publicized.


The ski season runs from mid June to mid September (austral winter). The stations with the finest ski areas are located near Santiago. For more information, see the chapter on that city.


For surfers, Chile, with its thousands of kilometers of coastline is a paradise. Close to the best spots, distributed along the coast north to Arica, Iquique and Antofagasta, there are more and more schools and / or equipment rental. It also surfs the south, in the sixth region (Pichilemu) and eighth (Lebu), and Easter Island (one spot to discover). Prudence, however, because the Pacific has the name of peace ... And better plan combined: the water is very cold!

In winter, the fans start sliding towards the Lake District, as in Puccn, where the free ride is developing on the flanks of volcanoes. But skiing is also practiced in the desert ... Around San Pedro de Atacama, the sandboarding on sand dunes is a must! We also practice in Iquique.

Volantin (kite)

The kite is a very old game, in which adults are competitors. In Chile, September is the month of kite flying, and if you're in that period, you will see anywhere! The great game is to coat the wire glass or cutting elements, to launch the kite and try to decapitate one of his neighbors!

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