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Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter Island

Easter Island of Rapa Nui, the island's official name although little used! There were many who tried to uncover the many mysteries, and still more those whose most extravagant assumptions about the origin of its people ...

Easter Island is paradoxically one of the most famous sites in the world because its famous monoliths have become a universal cliché. But it is quite remote from any human habitation! There are just 30 years, the island received only warship a year, providing food and equipment.
Easter Island is one of those rare places whose reputation is inversely proportional to what is known of them. Its reputation is primarily based on its mysteries, its legends. Scattered few certainties which cling scientists, and many assumptions that bridge the chasms of widespread ignorance. That's why we came.

Do not discuss Easter Island as an island paradise (there are very few coconut trees and only two small beaches), but rather as a land capable of lifting the emotion in each moment. There are few places in the world where one feels on a surface also reduced the strength and wealth of a great civilization, and his struggle to survive.

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