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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sports and Recreation Canada


The national sport of choice is ice hockey. In bars, all screens retransmit hockey games and all eyes are on it. The season runs from October through May and everyone takes part in the festivities. Each community has its little training. Unfortunately, hockey is suffering from too much professionalism and is losing her good-side. If you go to Canada in winter, but try to watch a game, if only for the ambiance.

The radius of the other sports, baseball ranks second. Next is the Canadian football, somewhat similar to American football, and basketball. As for football, called soccer here, it is gaining ground, especially in schools (because it requires little equipment). 

Otherwise, almost all outdoor sports are played in Canada. The hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, rafting topped. Also skiing, or surfing on the waves of the Pacific in Tofino. 

National and provincial parks

Currently there are about forty national parks within Canada, and numerous provincial parks depending on the provincial governments or local authorities. Almost all parks aim to protect ecosystems, while allowing visitors to discover the riches of nature.  In reception centers, naturalists will provide all necessary information to choose your walks. You will also find in the parks facilities superb campsites in corners, and picnic areas, etc..

Near cities, there are also parks, mainly recreational, who are with family or to go camping, but whose value is low, sometimes zero, as environmental heritage.

Respect nature: in parks, do not smoke, do not cut anything and pick up your trash and do not feed the animals. It is forbidden anyway.

On billboards, national parks are indicated by a white on brown beaver. They are not all open year round, and if they are, the services are being cut out of season. Entry fees are required. There is a card valid for one year and providing access to most national parks and historic sites, at $ 68 per person. This may seem expensive, but when you see the quality of service and organization, we understand better.

As for provincial parks, many close to mid-October to mid-May or have an activity and reduced services (including camping) season. Their input is also paid.

The Rockies

Crossing the Rockies is the highlight of a trip to Canada. Banff to Jasper, you are now launched on a journey of more than 400 km, on a beautiful highway that offers unforgettable panoramas, still varied. Feel free to leave the comfort of the road. Go explore on foot the natural wonders that perhaps only your eyes will have seen. You will need to spend several days if you want to take full advantage of opportunities for hiking, observation of animal life, rafting and sightseeing tours offered by the park. There's something for everyone, the ride a few hours to several days of hiking. Many campsites and youth hostels are arranged throughout the course. Feel free to leave for the Rockies in June or September.

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