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Friday, February 4, 2011

Costa Brava Cultural Heritage

Catalonia is a historical region that once spread across northern Spain, including what is now the Costa Brava. All through the area of Catalan traditions can be seen with its food, language and idiosyncratic inheritance. The Catalan language, with Spanish is broadly spoken in this region and the structural design reflects the earliest customs and traditions of the Catalan people. There are also Catalan feast days, including the summer solstice on June 23, when fires are lit and fireworks spectacular place in all towns and villages, with live music and processions. The other holidays are the day of Saint George's Day and Catalonia.

Beautiful places on the Costa Brava

With its combination of wonderfully varied dramatic coastal landscapes, medieval hilltop villages and ancient mountains, holidays Costa Brava is greatly enhanced by taking walks in the beauty of the region, and there are many cities to visit intact. Tossa de Mar, one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava, was once a Mecca for artists including Marc Chagall. It is dominated by a castle dating from the 12th and imposes a strict rule of no tall buildings, which means that his views remain gloriously intact.

Holiday on the Costa Brava is a great way to wind up! Now you can escape into an exciting activity by exploring some art this amiable area, landscape and society.

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