Monday, May 1, 2017

The Best Cruises in the World

We all do love to explore new place. One kind of transport is the CRUISE. Often the best way to explore new places is traveling by a luxurious cruise ship. Most of the cruise offer experiences that are extra ordinary above all. Despite the risk we’re all still eager to get our sea legs.

Cruises are a wonderful way to escape from the everyday and to experience destination that you may never have the chance to visit again. It’s an all-inclusive vacation complete with food, entertainment and an ocean view. Like any other travel, cruising also has its high and lows you should be prepared for anything. Today’s cruises are decked out with amenities for kids of any age, baby sitting for babies and toddlers and activities for the adults.

Below are some of the cruise lines which are considered to be the best in the world. Most of these ships include snow rooms, spa service, swimming pools, and others that offer the travelers an extraordinary stay.

CRYSTAL CRUISE: This cruise is the luxurious cruise provider which has begun offering an all-inclusive package to customers. This cruise has two ships- CRYSTAL SERENITY and CRYSTAL SYMPHONY. Both these ships have packages that have all-inclusive amenities, dining in the ships restaurants, complimentary wines and spirits, non-alcoholic beverages.Crystal cruise is expanding into the river cruise and yatch sectors, the cruise attracts a crowd of retirees and older professional, crystal symphony is smaller than serenity.

DISNEY CRUISE: Like its land based theme parks, Disney cruise line caters especially for kids and kids at heart. The ships are designed for the whole family, with amenities like spilt bathrooms and extra spacious cabins. The Disney offers 3 nights sailing to the BAHAMAS to 12 nights Mediterranean, which includes Spain to France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta. Every minute Disney Cruise is crammed with parties, characters autograph sessions, broad way-esque musicals, movies, games and 1800 foot water play area for little ones .There’s a pirate themed play area and kiddie focused activities like treasure hunt or dancing lessons with snow white.

CARNIVAL is one of the least expensive cruise lines, so it is ideal for families on a budget. This line is known for providing loud, party-like atmosphere, so be prepared carnival cruise may not provide relaxing experience .The children’s area contain the usual activities the other cruise lines provide. One cool feature on the carnival magic is an on-board social networking tool. FUN HUB as it’s called is a shipboard intranet portal that offers teens info on daily activities.

ROYAL CARRIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL: It is the first to bring a major cruise ship to Asia Year round. They have 8 different cruises designed to meet your range, vacation length and destination goals, right from the 3 nights best of Malaysia cruise to 145 night exotic Asia Cruise.

This ship is also family oriented. They include H2O zone Water Park, flow rider surf simulator, full sized boxing ring, ice rink, massive rock wall, and presidential family suite. Teen scan enjoy themselves at the night club and hang out area. Younger kids have a lot of entertainment on hand from science projects to pottery making and books.

NORWEGIAN CRUISE lines has the best concept for families, FREE STYLE cruising. That means you can do what you want, when you want including eating dinner at any time, there is no need to stress that you’ll be late for your dinner seating. In addition to a youth program that features cirque du soleil style activities, arts, crafts and video games. The teen program offers 20 team sports and themed night-time events.

HOLLAND AMERICA: This cruise doesn’t offer big name but there’s a lot to be said about Holland cruise. They have activities like swim parties, Olympics style competitions,karaoke and pyjamaparties. This cruise is especially for teenagers. The Loft is an entire deck offered to teens withjuice bars, night club etc.

OCEANIA RIVERIA CRUSIES: The pricing structure is more a la carte than all inclusive. It spends its time sailing in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and greenisles. Most people travelling on these cruises are American or Canadian,but you will come across some Australian,Brits and travellersfrom European countries. This cruise is mainly known for its myriad dinning venues including speciality restaurants. Foodies might also wish to pay a visit to the well-equipped culinary centre on board. Riviera has its self-centred cooking school that offers a hand on experience with 12individual cooking stations with extra fees.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Bangkok, The Vibrant City

Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world. It is a fascinating destination for families. Bangkok is divided into two parts by The Chao Phraya River known as River of kings. Most of the tourist who comes to Bangkok stays on the east side of the river where the heart of the city is located. This capital of Thailand has somethings for everyone, right from its temples to its markets and shopping malls, museums, palaces and beautiful architecture. Luxury malls are loaded with boutiques and markets, where you can treat yourself without over spending.

There are literally hundreds of things to do in Bangkok. Few of them are as follows:

Which part of Bangkok is best suitable for your family depends on the HOTEL you pick up. You need a place that is suitable for all ages, so the kids never get bored and the parents get some time to relax and enjoy their time. There are many family friendly accommodation offering excellent services and facilities with a fully-fledged kids club, a good swimming pool and convenient access to attractions.

SEA LIFE BANGKOK was known previously as ocean world. This place is especially for children. It includes an underwater tunnel where there are countless different species of fish and other marine life here including Octopus, seahorses, turtles and penguins.

The Chao Phraya RIVER is right in the heart of Bangkok, making a trip along the river is a popular thing to do. River ferries take you back and forth between hotels and landmarks, so even if you take a quick trip from one side to the other it’s a nice experience. There are guided cruise where one can learn all about the river while cruising on it. Dinner cruises are the perfect end to a day and allow you to see the city at sunset. The temples and palaces are lit up beautifully.

CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET is one of the top attractions in Bangkok, where there are 15000 different stalls and about 200000 visitors each day. The goods are affordably priced. Go early to beat some of the crowds and to beat the heat. Enjoy some great food from the multitudes of food carts.

WAT ARUN is one of the familiar sites in Thailand and best known temple in Bangkok. It is also called as A TEMPLE OF DAWN. There’s an array of beautiful architecture to see at Wat Arun. It is situated opposite to the Grand palace, across the Chao Phraya River. Its soring golden tower is a spectacular sight at any time of the day built especially impressive when the sun is setting on the horizon.

KHAO SAN ROAD is where you find bars, shops, street food, international restaurants, vendors, locals and activity all day and night. It’s also a popular weekend for Thais.

Bangkok NIGHT LIFE experiences are one of the main reasons why so many people make their trip to the metropolis year after year. No visit to BANGKOK is complete without a glimpse of its famous nightlife, right from cabarets to exotic red light districts. The nightlife here has evolved over the years. It includes party scene at Khao San Road, the Soi Rambuttri and not forgetting Thonglor which is across the town that opens up a trendy new bar every week. A visit to Bangkok will be one of the memorable experiences and you will find a huge selection of things to see. So do come with your little ones.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

As we know traveling is fun and enjoyable, but it can also be stressful to our health when we are constantly on the move.

While traveling trying new food and exploring new places it’s obvious to treat yourself to a little more than you normally would while traveling. Instead of stressing about it all we’ve put together a few easy steps that will not only make your travel, but also it will make your return journey a whole lot easier and healthier.

Don’t try to see the entire city all in one day. If you wish to do a lot of sightseeing slow down your pace and spread your itinerary. You’ll also get to know the area more instead of saying that you’ve been there. Be active and roam the street but don’t overdo. Pace yourself.

Sleep is very important while traveling. You’re body needs rest when you’re physically traveling, cruising zones or carrying luggages from one destination to another and walking all day. Traveling is very harsh to your body. So try to get plenty of rest.

Don’t skip your breakfast just because you are going out for lunch. Make your own breakfast by buying instant oatmeal and make it with hot water in you hotel room before heading out for the day or can have some fruits or juices. Breakfast is very important meal of the day for a reason. It gives you the energy to start your day right.

It’s very easy to feel dehydrated during and immediately after traveling .Carry a water bottle with you all the time. Drink enough of water throughout the day to hydrate yourself. You can also have coconut water, herbal tea, and fresh juice to avoid dehydration. Alcohol is the worst thing to have on trips which will dehydrate you.

Skip unhealthy food options. Eat veggies when you can. Have healthier options when dining out. Choose a vegetarian dish or add a salad to balance your meal. Most important is veg food always keeps you light. Always keep some snacks handy in your bag. In case you are not able to reach nearby restaurant, the snack what you have carried comes in use.

Use wet napkins and hand sanitizer, as it comes handy when water and soap aren’t available which can happen quite frequently when traveling. You come into contact with many people, things and doors etc. and with the same hand you would grab a snack to eat which in turn can be harmful by spread of germs and bacteria.

Strengthening your immune system is very important. It is very difficult to eat a healthy balanced diet with essential vitamins while you are traveling. So to make up one must take daily multivitamins to supplement your meals.

Leave your work tension at home. If you are worried about your job not completed every now and then it would stress you.

Staying healthy while traveling is just not about eating well and workout, other things like skin care routing, vitamins regimen and mental health should also be considered. Therefore practicing total good health during your trip will make your vacation all the more enjoyable.

What to Expect if you bring a Guitar When you Travel

Whether you're into music professionally or simply love tinkering with instruments, you may find you need to travel with a guitar. You'll be much more relaxed on your adventure if you stick to some smart tips for bringing acoustic guitars along. If you travel by plane, your guitar is usually allowed on-board as a carry-on, as long as it fits into an overhead compartment. If it won't fit into the bin, you may have to check it. This is where concerns usually arise.

Guitars are notorious for needing extra care to keep them in pristine, playable condition. If your guitar is too big for carry-on status, invest in a good, durable guitar case so it can be stowed with the other luggage. You might want to invest in an extreme musical instrument case, one that has been tested by being pounded with hammers and tossed off of buildings to test its toughness.

Bringing a Guitar on a Plane as a Carry On

If you can carry your guitar on, there are a few time-tested pointers for getting your valuable instrument the extra care it needs. Try to find a gig bag that is small enough so it doesn't look too imposing. Talk nicely to the flight crew and calmly inquire about whether your guitar can travel overhead or in a coat closet.

Pack extra padding in your guitar case for the bumps it may endure. Be careful to remove anything questionable from the case like wrenches or string cutters. These things should always be packed into a checked bag so you won't be hassled. Many musicians also have humidipak packets for humidity control, and they're usually around 2 ounces, with 3.4 ounces being the limit. If you think they might become an issue, pack them in your checked bag.

Traveling by Land

If you're traveling by car or bus, be sure to pack your guitar with extra padding just to be safe. Another excellent piece of advice is when traveling through hot weather locales; never leave your guitar in vehicles in extremely hot temperatures. The rule of thumb is that if a temperature is unsafe for a pet, it's also unsafe for a guitar. You'll love being able to bring your guitar along when you travel. It'll be even better if it gets to your destination in pristine condition.

5 Must Visit Places When In Provence

As you set foot in this heart thumping and beautiful city of Provence, you will be looking for the green laden fields, the blue kiss and the beautiful nature smiling at you. Travelling gets fun when one is all excited and geared up with a burning curiosity to go explore, observe and enjoy the unseen sights and splendor of new locations.
Thus, to re-boost your energies and travel instincts, Provence is the city, which provides plenty of lucrative activities to the one who comes here and wants to return back with a bank full of unmatched travel experience. Also, Provence is one for the warm and dry Mediterranean climate, the splendid landscape, sheep and goats with  great abundance for seafood on the coast side.
The ingredients, which are famous here, are strawberries, rockfish, octopus, chickpeas, grapes, apricots and the popular melons of Cavaillon. Also, the famous fish, which one would find in the menu of Provence, is Rouget, the loup and the small red fish, which is usually eaten grilled, and the dishes are garnished with the grapevines and other such delectable ingredients.

 Provence vacation rentals are always at your mercy to be downright noble andsupportive and extend an unrivalled hospitality towards you. With this city, one would be speaking with the strings of your hearts, to be exploring its exciting set of places.

The first and the foremost, one should be visiting Haut Var, which is filled with wilderness and exuberance. The vibrant vineyards and the beautiful pine forests, which are placed around Lorgues and Brignoles, are something to take a deep fancy to!

The magnanimous hilltops, splendid villages (Châteaudouble) and the sophisticated Tourtour, offer a sense of peace and refuge and are also home to good restaurants. Your taste buds will only thank you for the gastronomic experiences you’ll witness in this quaint and touristy town.

If you travela little further, you will come across the Verdon Gorges, Europe's Grand Canyon, which is breathtakingly beautiful and something to deeply resonate with. The location is15 miles long and it is 2,000 feet straight down pace to look out for, when in Provence.

Also, the magnificent touch, which it creates with its fabulous architecture and the majestic medieval things, is recommended for any traveller, setting foot in Provence.

One should also visit Avignon, which has its entrance through a gate in the city walls, when you are stepping into the pre-hallowed ground. The beautiful city has been considered as the capital city, since the popes found their refuge in the 14-century.

The Gothic Palace is a famous place to visit and boast about! The cathedral rams, located next door which are just monumental ad and also the Petit Palais that was once home to cardinals are yet another amazing sight to look out for! Avignon is a top pick for travellers visiting Provence.

Don’t you miss out on visiting 'Arles and the Camargue’. This is the capital of the Camargue, Arles that is the most beautiful Provençal of the Provence towns. The gregarious bullfighting is the highlighted feature here, with the double millennial's blood sports tradition in the pole.

Don’t leave without visiting 'Pays Dignois' which is again a heart thumping and exciting place in Provence. It is a district in the center of Provence. It’s famous for its old town artefacts, the amazing spa facility and the black pudding. Itsbeauty is really limitless and a thing to behold and duly cherish.

Last but certainly not the least, Vieux Nice is another addition in the list of 5 places to enjoy the beautiful city of Provence. This is that fun and heart beating city, where you'll find yourself getting lost amongst the narrow, dark and winding alleyways of this old town.

The complete picturesque place, which barely changed since the 1700s, is now filled with amazing set of restaurants, bars and boutiques. There is also a huge marketplace, which is always thrumming with people. The food market is also a perfect place to relish fresh food and all kinds of foodie souvenirs to take back home for your loved ones to enjoy.

Also, there is a flower market, where one can buy a lot of colors and fragrances. There is a flea market, which is only open on a Monday. Make sure you plan your calendar accordingly. There’s ample of shopping and choices to suit your tastes and budget.

These are must visit places to visit and cherish, when you are in Provence. Explore the riding horses, the cowboy hats, exciting activities in the old town, the rich history, the ancient artifacts, and the monumental people and of course the beautiful green lands, which await your presence.