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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Eat Your Heart in Les Gets: Fantastic Foods to Try

Les Gets
When you have spent your day on the slopes you can really work up an appetite. Well Les Gets certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to eating. French cuisine is regarded as one of the best cuisines from around the world. In Les Gets, fabulous traditional alpine cuisine awaits and here’s a selection of what you should try.

About Les Gets

Les Gets is one of the resorts that makes up the Portes du Soleil ski area on the French-Swiss border. Only an hour from Geneva airport this cosy traditional French village offers the choice of over 50 restaurants and 14 bars which is great for those who want to sample some great alpine food. In most establishments, you will find the chefs own take on the local long-established Savoyard cuisine and also twists and meals for the more modern tastes.

Incredible eats you should try

With such a selection, you may not know where to start! When you think of alpine food the first thing your mind may conjure up is fondue, and yes you will find this here, along with many other delicious treats. It’s all about local ingredients, of which there are is a bounty, meats and cheeses when it comes to main meals and French pastry and cakes for dessert.


A semi firm creamy mountain cheese typically warmed melted and eaten with bread. At a restaurant, this is usually served with your very own mini grill to warm and brown yourself before serving with bread, pickles and dried meats. In some accommodation, you may even find your own Raclette grill to use, it’s that popular.

Fondue Savoyarde

A classic après-ski dish prevalent in the French Alps. A mix of great French cheeses, flour, garlic and usually white wine melted in a large deep pot. Add some delicious French bread to dip into the cheese and there you have it. Most traditional restaurants in the Alps will serve their version of this dish.

Diots- Savoyard sausages 

These sausages are usually cooked in wine and have a distinct cabbage flavour. They can be eaten hot or cold but are mostly served hot with polenta or croziflette. If eaten cold they are generally covered in Dijon mustard and eaten on their own.


Little pasta shells filled with buckwheat and cooked with cheese. This Savoyard favourite is a twist on the tartiflette which is made with potatoes. It makes a great side dish for grilled meats.


Charcuterie boards are a popular choice for sharing at meal times. Usually containing different hams, cured dried sausages, pate, terrine and boudin – blood pudding. Of course, served with a good chunk of fresh French bread.


This tasty French pastry is similar to a donut made with flour, eggs, butter and sugar, fried and covered in icing sugar. It is served both as a dessert and also often eaten as a post ski snack.


A renowned gratin dish made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions. This is a favourite to warm and refuel skiers after a cold snowy day on the slopes. A real comfort food on its own or as a side.

Gateau de Savoie

A simple but difficult to prepare sponge cake originally from the Chambery region. Served with icing sugar and apple jam, this cake goes well with a coffee at lunch or after dinner as a dessert.


If you need to refuel and boost your energy levels between ski runs then you will welcome this sugary treat. A brioche style bread-cake with pralines coloured red and plenty of sugar. Often enjoyed with a hot drink as an afternoon snack.

Where to try these interesting plates? 

There are many different restaurants to try in Les Gets with everything you could wish for in an alpine resort. There are also Chalet style hotels where you can stay and eat in the same location, AlpineElements provides a good search tool if you are looking for this type of holiday. It may be difficult to choose but here are a few of the resorts favourites you need to visit during your trip.

La Grande Ourse 

The highest restaurant in les gets boasts amazing views and a cosy atmosphere as well as some lovely dishes to try. The Cornish chef prepares local cuisine with a twist and a popular choice here is the good old sausage and mash. Located at high altitude this restaurant is great if you are staying in this area.

La Croix Blanche

A cosy chalet style restaurants with a fantastic firewood grill. Offering traditional foods, the best the menu has to offer here has to be the selection of grilled meats. Sample the rib of beef, skewered pigs cheeks or lamb chops grilled to perfection or try their speciality pates and fondue. This restaurant is part of a chalet hotel within the mountains and is popular with its guests and lunchtime visitors.

La Pela

The name itself means ‘Tartiflette’ and you will find variants of this recipe on the menu. Offering all traditional plates as well as more modern dishes, the menu although limited will not leave you wanting. The building is a traditional style chalet with a roaring fire to warm you up on a cold day, a popular location so booking ahead is advised at busier times.

Le Vaffieu

Being a mountain restaurant it’s easy to ski in and ski out. However, it can get busy during the day with skiers taking a break during their runs. Plenty of traditional snacks and drinks are available as well as some outstanding gourmet French cuisine. Diners love the views from the terrace – booking is advised here too as it can get busy at peak times.

La Case K2

If you are looking for something other than traditional French food or you just need a break from cheese this café is a good option. Located near to the centre of the village it offers simple but delicious burgers and fries, crepes and other snacks. It also sells a vegetarian burger and vegetarian options are pretty rare in Les Gets! Great for a quick snack or lunch.

La Copeux

An atmospheric restaurant located in the centre of the village. The menu offers traditional Savoyard specialities with a modern twist within its cosy comfortable classic alpine surroundings. Make sure you check out the ‘plat de jour’ for a real treat which as the name suggests changes daily.

Le Flambeaux 

Known mostly for its homemade desserts this restaurant has become more popular in recent years. Described as a unique and family friendly location the food does not disappoint and visitors who love the venue return time and time again. Try the old-fashioned cuisine including pears with wine or tiramisu with rhubarb for a truly fabulous dessert.

What else? 

Every Wednesday between 9am and 10am you can take a cheese tour at the local Perrières dairy ‘Fruitière des Perrières’. You can learn all about the cheese making process and why this regions cheeses are so special. You can also sample the delectable cheeses produced here. Tours are free of charge but must be booked in advance.

So much food to eat, so little time! Forget the skiing, Les Gets is worth a visit just to take the culinary journey through this classic French alpine cuisine at its finest. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What It’s Really Like To Travel As a Blind Person

Blind Person
Travel can be really mysterious especially if one has a visual impairment. It doesn’t mean that travel is out of the question. But there are few organisers who organise a group holiday for blind and sighed people that are liberating fun and yes eye opening too. Usually the full sighted and the blind travellers are always paired because the full sighted person can explain the sights and scenes to the visually impaired companions. The blind person is deprived of seeing the beauty in the world right from sunset over the mountains to the mist of a cloud forest to the crystal blue waters of Thailand.

There are some people who travel with a dog guide. They look after them very well. The dog will likely to know most of the places they regularly go and will lead them there without any real trouble. An advice for the blind is use common sense and trusts your instincts. If something feels wrong make it known, asks questions and don’t be afraid to change the situation. Usually people are very helpful and naturally care for us because the cane is an internationally recognized symbol of blindness.

As long as you are with someone who is willing to tell you stuff and answer questions it works really well. Some people don’t know how to describe a place but they tell them to tell something that catches their eye. It works both the ways because the sighted person also gets involved in seeing things because they actually have to think about what they’re looking at and how to describe it.

That’s a double edged sword, though we’re also easy target so trust your gut. Get out there and travel show people you can pull it off the same anyone else no matter how poor your eyes work. When blind people want to feel the place, they should be creative, they are given a miniature model of the particular place so that they can sense of what it looks like to feel what they would have seen.

Whenever travelling by plane always tick the box on the form saying blind passenger, so that the staff make it a point to take you to the right place. Now a day with the internet all around the world if the person has a vocal GPS system or compass that can be very helpful for the overall navigation.

Before travelling to a foreign land the blind person must learn the language of that country which is very important, so at least they can ask for a basic direction. And also remember to ask every few meters for direction and information of that area.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

For the Disabled Traveler, Strategies for a Successful Trip

Gone are those days when disabilities would stand as a barrier to your dreams. They say that you can do anything if you believe that you can do it. History proves that a lot of people with disabilities have been able to achieve what they wanted, just with the right techniques.

Now if we come to travelling, it gives you a kind of a rush. Studies prove that travelling is good for your mind and body. If we talk about disabled people, it is even better for them as that helps in bringing about a change in their day to day mundane life. Here we discuss some of the things that you need to keep in mind to overcome your disability and have an amazing trip the memories of which will last you a lifetime.

Choose the Right Companion: 

This goes for everyone, be that person disabled or not. When you travel, you need good company to enjoy your trip. It turns out to be a necessity in case of disabled people because there are certain things that need to be taken care of. The person with you should be physically strong and mentally calm. He should be caring and responsible at the same time because he might have to face a bit of inconvenience at times. The person should be ready to sacrifice some of his comforts to make sure that the disabled person if fine. This way, things will turn out to be just fine.

Choose the Right Destination: 

When you have a disability, your body wouldn’t permit you to roam around all kinds of places. So, you need to choose wisely as to where you want to go and accordingly make the plans. Choose a place that will be comfortable to travel and that has all the arrangements you will require. Choose a place which have friendly people as that will help you a lot. U.S.A., Canada, Germany are pretty friendly places to visit. Even Thailand can be a good option.

Know if the place is Mobility friendly: 

When you are supposed to go and visit a place, it is better to clear out all your doubts regarding the mobility of that place, in case you have any disability. For example, if you have some problem in walking, do call up the hotels and ask if they have any alternative to stairs and so on. Never assume things as that might cause a lot of trouble later on.

Never Under estimate yourself: 

You might often think that you can’t go for trips just because of your disability. If you do so, you are absolutely wrong. There have been so many physically challenged people who have almost roamed around the whole world. Always keep your spirits high. Research proves that traveling makes people with disabilities feel better and healthier.

So, these are a few tips for successful trips if you are physically challenged. Go out and conquer the world.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What to Do If You Lose Your Luggage In Another Country

It is one of a traveller’s worst nightmares. When you realise that your baggage is lost it is really irritating. There are many instances where your baggage can be lost either by airlines or left some where not remembering where it was last.

We can take some precaution relating to baggage lost in transit by the airlines. Sometime lost bags are only delayed as airlines have sophisticated systems of tracking them down and can do it within few hours, sometimes chances are there that the bags are simply got on the wrong flight.

It is an awful experience when an airline loses your luggage and it happens to hundreds of passengers experience every single day. They are left only with the clothes they have travelled in and will be spending most of the money on last minutes T- shirts and toiletries to carry with them.

Don’t panic first thing talk to the representative of your airlines you have travelled at the airline baggage counter, which can be found near the baggage carousel. Always keep the luggage receipt for every bag you checked when you first arrived at the airport .This will help the attendant to determine if your luggage is delayed, left in transit or lost.

Always know certain law about the airlines like the airlines will pay reasonable expenses until they are receipt s is important. If your luggage is deemed lost, many airlines claim allowance, which is usually printed on the back of your ticket, it is important to take these claim allowances into careful consideration especially when you are packing.

There are certain prevention that can eliminate hassles:

Avoid connecting flights when you are planning your air travel. Take off all the old tags from the flight you have already travelled, as these may confuse the person responsible for sending the luggage.

Always see that the correct destination tags are attached to the bags.

Put a label on the bag with the address and phone numbers. Use something to differentiate your suitcase such as color ribbon to help avoid someone with similar looking bag from taking it by mistake.

The best way to identify your suitcase more easily is by taking a snap shot.

The airline can take few hours to a month to locate your bag and another four weeks to three months to reimburse you. For that they will offer you travel voucher worth more than the cash they owe you. But you should make sure those aren’t expired or blackout dates.

Always keep your packing list in your carry bag along with a pair of clothes if required when baggage are lost. This way you won’t forget anything of important when the airlines representative asks you to submit the itemised list of what you packed.

Never assume that your delayed luggage will be delivered to you for free. Negotiate with the airline first.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Travel Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

air ambulance
Travelling is done for a variety of purposes; it is a major stress buster. But how many of us are insured when we travel? For infrequent travelers, travel insurance is an alien word. But a lot of seasoned travelers definitely insure themselves ahead of a trip. So naturally there are some questions that you are bound to end up asking in the first place:

What is travel insurance? 

It is a safety measure that you take while travelling to ensure that no matter what the mischance is, you and your belongings are safe from being harassed by the aftermath of such events. Mishap doesn’t arrive after a prior appointment, so in case you find yourself stuck in a tough situation in another city or country travel insurance can work wonders. Insurance agencies will definitely spring into action as soon as the petition to reimburse the damage costs is issued.

 In certain cases, the government co-operates with the agencies to help out the travelers and mitigate them. Say you are holidaying in Japan and suddenly halfway through the holiday, you find yourself stranded and stuck in an earthquake, devoid of all your luggage and travel essentials and papers. It would be very assuring to fall back on travel insurance.

Why would you need to have a travel insurance even if you visit anywhere within your country? 

I grant its feels secure to travel without a lot of issues and guidelines in mind while travelling in your own country. But it may so happen that your transportation costs needs to be mitigated in the event that your plane or rail ticket gets cancelled or maybe your rented car breaks down. The travel insurance takes into consideration all such misfortunate scenarios and provides immunity.

How the ways travel insurance is can cover me up? 

  •  Medical issues: Nobody wishes to find themselves stuck in a medical emergency, but if you do there is no going back. Instead of facing the crisis by shelling money out of your pocket, sometimes which can cost a hefty lump, it’s better to be insured and let the agencies tackle the problem. 
  •  Transportation break down: In case you find stranded with a cancelled railway or plane ticket or a flat tire at a roadside accident and the rented car is in shreds, you can rely on the insurance to cover you up. 
  •  Luggage loss: If you have lost a valuable item or two, say a camera or a laptop and given that it’s insured beforehand, you can leave it all to the agency to take care.
Is it worth spending your money on the probability that something may or may not happen? 

Out of a hundred trips only one needs to go wrong. The chances are enormously slim, yes. But it’s safe to be insured just in case as one hefty mishap is enough to cause havoc in your future financial plans.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Around The World with a Spoon and a Fork

Spoon and a Fork
I think it’s a part of a whole culture of manners. If you come across the rules of how to handle food in etiquette books there will be things like SOUP must be drunk from the edge of the soup spoon or how to eat a peach with a fork. There are also other reasons why people eat with a spoon and fork. Generally they prefer because they don’t want to pick things up and eat them with their fingers. They don’t want their fingers to get sticky and some people want to remain dignified and graceful while having their meal. There are variety of spoon and fork like the cocktail fork, soup spoon, dessert fork, dessert spoon, a nice-cream fork as well as separate knives and forks for fish, Pastry fork and a fondue fork.

Most of the countries use spoon and fork but very few don’t use they prefer eating with their bare hands.Overall I think this should not be labelled as table manners. The table manners are what the society makes it compulsory to accept it. All these create only cultural differences and preferences. With all these table manners there will always be communal standards depending on what kind of community a person came from.

In the upcoming generation there has been new method of serving meals like the starters, main courses and desserts, where before they didn’t have all these courses and so they had a very few items of cutlery. But now a spoon and a fork have to be kept on the counter.

Spoons also has become one of the important cutlery in everyday life you can say it is good way of hygiene and handling food.

Using different types of spoon for different purpose is also important you can’t use any spoon for any other purpose so spoon plays a very important role in human life. Fork and spoon can be used to eat in any hand depending upon individual whether they are left handed or right handed.

Some countries do not use fork and a spoon especially Japan and China they use chopstick. So one must respect their culture/racial differences and eat as per their country. In Thailand it is consider rude to put food in your mouth using a fork. The food is traditionally eaten with a spoon and fork.

In Cambodia and Laos it is something different. The cutlery is served at the table in a half glass of boiling water to sterilize them.

While dining in chile always make sure you use cutlery as touching food with your hands is considered rude.
So always go with the trend while dining in any country.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

6 Reasons Why Asia is Calling You!

For a lot of people, the east still remains symbolic of everything exotic, enchanting and mysterious. So if you are an ardent traveller, and you have always wanted to venture out into the east, now might be your chance. Here is why you should definitely visit Asia:

  1.  Whereas countries like southern France or Spain offer spectacular views and are serious travel destinations among avid travellers, most people on a budget crunch cringe at the expenses. Now Asia is comparatively cheaper and makes you travel in easy without breaking the bank and thus not making you worried about money and helping you to focus more on the sights in front of your eyes. You go back home with a heart filled with zen and a bag filled with Kodak memories. 
  2.  Asian food is the best. No matter where you are in Asia, from India to Thailand to Japan to Hong Kong, let’s just say you are going to be in one big ride of gastronomy which goes only up. From big gourmet restaurants to street vendors, you can get gobsmacking taste bud bursting food everywhere which would only make your visit all the more worthwhile. 
  3.  Asia is perhaps the only continent with as much a sprawling diversity that it actually offers. You get to meet people of varied nationalities, varied taste and varied culture. Even different places within the same nation can be so drastically different it can take your breath away. The northern Indian culture is completely different from the southern Indian culture. 
  4.  Asia is a continent, which holds a regard for family like no other. So if you want to get off the beaten track and opt for a home stay instead of a hotel one, you can be assured that you will be treated to the warmest hospitality. 
  5.  You can easily find your kind of adventure in every corner of Asia. If your adventure is getting drunk and partying all night, well the beaches of Thailand were made for you. but if you do like spending your time amidst nature seeing wildlife, perhaps taking a ride on the elephant or seeing a royal Bengal tiger up close and personal there are plenty of options for you there as well. And if your adventure defines your spirituality, then from the monasteries to temples to stupas to sites engraved in sumptuous past, Asia has it all. All you need is a flight ticket. 
  6.  Asia has something for everyone. And if you have not visited yet, now is a good time to reconsider. From Japan the land of the rising sun to Thailand the party capital, to Singapore the perfect caterer to all your consumerism needs to India to feel in your cultural curiosity to Vietnamese food and history to the majestic grandeur of china or the lesser known beauties of Sri Lanka, you can choose the destination based on your desire and budget but be assured regardless of what you choose, this is a vacation that would never disappoint you.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Survive When You Lose Your Passport

Whenever you are on vacation to some other country the one thing that every expat needs is a passport. This sound very simple, but what if your passport gets lost or stolen while on holiday. Have no fear; there are many possibilities where one can survive when they lose their passport.

Losing passport is like a CATASTROPHIC LOSS. If you find yourself in this situation STAY CALM, KEEP COOL, DON’T PANIC is the main thing one should keep in mind and start the procedure patiently how to get your passport. Following are some points where one can follow.

FILE A POLICE COMPLAINT for your travel insurance or you will not be able to claim anything. This is one thing that the embassy really likes to see, so that you can apply for a temporary passport at the embassy or consulate.Then call up the embassy of your home country and find out what all documents they require. Once you go to the embassy they will advise you how to get home, where you can seek legal representation, where you should go to get money, or local organisation, charities that may be able to help you. You can also purchase an emergency passport with the help of the embassy.

Always have a police report with you while travelling till you get a passport ,this will acts as a temporary identification .Carry other ID’s or copies of your passport along with you.

FIND A FREE INTERNET where you can use their computers or if you register with them and have your laptop you can use your Wi-Fi. Go to McDonald they have free Wi-Fi in most of their outlets and they usually don’t notice if you just come in and use it without buying anything. If you need to go somewhere where you have to pay for Wi-Fi all you must do is just show them your police report they will definitely help you.

Always have A BACKUP PLAN to prevent much Hassel as possible.Have 2 forms of photographic ID either passport or driving license. Have hard copies stored elsewhere in your luggage and a scanned copy of your passport saved to your email or carry with you on a pen drive.

Last but not the least HOLD on to your passport: You can get only one replacement passport. It is very simple to replace a passport but if replaced more than once they you are questioned. Suspicions arise that you might be intentionally losing it to help non-residents get into the country. If it happens the second time then it’s more complicated and they will keep a strict vigil on you.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to Plan a Stress Free Vacations

Image Credit:Pixabay
To escape the stress of the normal routine job one must go on a vacation to destress yourself and recharge. In short A VACATION SHOULD BE RELAXING for instance like going out of town. Therefore one must follow certain tips to keep your vacation not only memorable, but also importantly stress free. The reality is stress free family vacations don’t just happen. It takes a lot of planning and some work to take the stress out of vacation. Family vacation planning is more tiresome than packing a suitcase and watering the plants.

First thing before you decide and chalk down the plans with your travel agent or make reservations, talk to your family first, confirm schedules, who will be going, what type of family vacation should it be, whether it should be adventure, beach, theme park, ski and whatever,when is the right time to travel, which is the best place and also keeping in mind your budget.

You need to work 9 months in advance for a family vacation like booking your tickets, making hotel reservation, the cruise liners makes you reserve up to two years in advance. This is especially when family would like to travel during busy travel week like December holidays or Spring break.

Leave work worries at the office.don't take the tension of your job while on vacation. They think by working on vacation they will relieve their stress when they return back. But the truth is vacation time and relaxation makes workers far more productive when they return to their jobs. So leave the stress behind and enjoy your family time.

Ease your vacation stress with the purchase of travel insurance .The cost is usually 5 to 7 percent of the total cost of your vacation. It is a fair price to pay for your peace of mind.

Parent should beflexible with your children while on holiday. Give them to eat what they want. Don’tsay no you can’t eat this or that. Be negotiable and don’t stress over little things.

If something does not go exactly as planned just let it go. Don’t brood over it and let one small thing ruin the entire vacation. This creates added stress.

Always pack light don’t overload your suitcase. There are plenty of resources wherever you are travelling to pick up necessities that you may have forgotten.

Sometimes vacations are stressful just because you have to make a ton of decisions and coordinate with other people. There are lots of travels planning apps that can simplify your plans. You can plan a trip itinerary using your own Google map.

Always opt for a 10 day vacation .You have enough time to travel where you’re going, maybe multiple stops and since you are away for a long time you’re forced to off-load your duties at work.

Ultimately when it comes to keeping stress levels down with a family vacations these tips sounds quite sensible. So take a deep breath and plan a stress free family vacation. In the end you’ll be glad that you did.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to Enjoy Vacations with Kids

Any parents who wish to travel with kids should plan it in a logistic way. Now days without us telling the organiser about our plans they know what we require and provide it.

The wish list of the parents includes many things: To keep the children occupied, a plentiful and available supply of kid friendly food, sleeping arrangement and even to ensure that Mom and Dad get a break too. Children too enjoy vacations not because they get to see the world’s best place or so on, but because of a much richer treasure. Usually parents are more relaxed, morefun and more emotionally available. The parents give full attention only to the kids during vacations and these sweet pleasures are the golden experiences that shape rich childhood memories.

To enjoy the best place is the resort where these establishments often feature fantastic pools, water sports and supervised kiddie clubs for the young ones. Taking advantages of these resorts, the parents spend less time thinking about where to eat and what kids will do and more time relaxing. There are extra important thing where one can also follow.

Take lots of snacks, drinks, long plane rides everywhere you go. Let the kids eat whatever they want so no need of restricting them.

Plan no more than one event per day because too many events with stress your kids and make them cranky. So plan less you’ll all enjoy it more.

Pacing also means allowing extra time in the day for some down time. Kids need rest periods and they also need to run around and let off some steam.

Offer snacks and drinks before kids get too hungry or thirsty. Take a break before they're overtired.

Be flexible can make your holiday an enjoyable one. Be open to the kids and all the possibilities that come your way.

Plan no more than one event per day because too many events with stress your kids and make them cranky. So plan less you’ll all enjoy it more.

Snuggle with your child every morning before getting out of bed. Bring some books from home where you can read some stories out to them.

Make sure you lie down with your child at the end of the day. Ask them about their favourite and the worst thing of that day and what are they looking forward tomorrow.

There should be some soothing activities for the little ones like the sand play, waterplay, bubbles, and clay.
If going with an extended family but still the kids would like to spend time you. This is the perfect opportunity to turn off your cell phone and sees what an inspired parent you are when you have a chance to relax and revel in just being alive.

Don’t try to work on vacation this is a family time. Forgo organized evenings in favour of family boards and keep your focus on connecting fun rather than sightseeing or structured activities.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Step By Step Guide To Planning Your Ideal Holiday

holiday tour

Choosing a destination is very important while planning your holidays. This will give a definitegoal. Most of the people follow a group or family without even knowing which all destinations they are going to visit. Your holiday destination is of crucial importance to getting what you want out of your time off, be it relaxation, exploration, adventure or a mixture of all three.

Therefore deciding the destination should be your first mile stone which will help your planning much easier.

Estimate your expense once you decide on your holiday .Next step is to plan how many days you will be in that place. With this you can research the cost for your destinations, the style of travel you would like to have. Also have an estimate of the amount you want to spend on accommodation and other things. Planning everything in advance will help you to bring down the total expense of your holiday trip.

Start saving your money for the trip. Estimation will give you a rough idea of how much money you need to save or accumulate for your holiday trip. Saving money is really important during traveling as it can be quiet useful during the trip, so while travelling spend each penny wisely.

Hotel Booking: If you are on a budget holiday then something cheaper will be a deal for you. You will need to book early most especially when your holiday is scheduled for the peak seasons.

Usually planning in advances is always rewarding. Be sure you have not skipped yourself out of the last minute deals which can be quiet cost saving especially for flights and cruisebookings.

Booking flights are very important for your holiday trips. Since this expense also includes in your travel expense. If planning to go out for a holiday during long weekends and vacation time then the rates are very high so for this one must book well in advance where you can save a lot.

It is always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend because most people travel on the weekends and airlines hike their prices then. This doesn’t mean that one should avoid travelling during weekends. You can always be flexible about your budget.

Early morning or late night flights are cheaper because very few people would like to travel then. The difference of one day means hundreds of dollars in savings.

Plan your activities very carefully, don’t make it complicating .You are in a holiday with less time to waste. So planning will save sometime in your destination.

Limited luggage always gives you more comfort while travelling. It is not possible for some people to carry limited luggage especially while travelling with a family. Start packing days before or even weeks ahead of your scheduled date. This will give you to make a complete list or even purchase additional items you need for your vacation.

Last but not the least along with these guidelines make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Learn Foreign Language Quickly

Learn Foreign Language
Always remember that different languages will take different amount of time. Language is something that needs to be processed not memorized. Staring and memorizing a word in a book or with flashcards 100 times does not stick the same way that being forced to use a word in conversation a mere two or three times does.

To learn language always begin with sounds and spelling system then learn simple words by using pictures .Use those words to learn the grammatical systems of your language. Finally by watching T.V, speaking with native speakers, reading books and writing are also other means of learning.

Spend your first 1 to 3 weeks focusing exclusively on spelling and sound so that the foreign spellings and sound of targeted language are no longer foreign to you. You have to go through the process like.




There are also 625 basic words very commonly used in every language and can be learnt by using pictures rather than translations. Words like dog, ball, to eat, red, to jump.

Learning a foreign language is a fluid process. You have to put in a lot of different skills that blends in each other. The more vocabulary you learn the easier it will be to speak about a wide variety of topics. Language learning should be fun. You remember the things when you’re enjoying yourself.

Language requires a lot of repetition, a lot of reference experiences and a consistent commitment and investment. Always use a new word, try to use it a few times right away. Make it a point to use it in the next two or three sentences then again use it later in the day.

Always carry a pocket dictionary. Having on your phone is really great because it takes two seconds to look something up in the middle of conversation. And because you’re using it in conversation you’re that much more likely to recall it later.

Be aware of some words you already know. Do this for a few hours and then set up an exchange with a native speaker someone who has spoken that language their whole life. Learn a little for your first conversation but if you use it immediately you’ll see what’s missing and can add on from there.

Many languages also have words that share a common root which can be spelled slightly differently. To find common words with the language you are learning, simply search for cognates or English loan words.

Going for classes is a waste of time and money. The class does not address each student personal attention. Have fun while learning a new language, find people you enjoy talking to. Go to events where you can practice while doing somethingfun. Talk about personal topics which you care about. Unenjoyable process will likely end up in you forgetting everything you have learnt.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Travel Essentials That Make Great Holiday Gifts

I always manage to plan my holidays no matter how hectic is my schedule. Travelling helps me to restore my peace of mind, which gets almost bruised amid mundane surroundings. I manage to plan an outing almost four to five times a year. The mantra for happy travelling is to have accurate essentials to carry with which makes the best gifts for all times.

  1.  Running Shoes  – I always faced this dilemma what kind of shoes I should carry that will be both fashionable and lightweight as I always disliked carrying the same old gym shoes that always captured a lot of place in my bag. Finally, one of my friends suggested me about Nike shoes and I was really happy with the solution.
  2. Skin Renewal Sleeping Mask  – Sometimes the places I choose takes a one complete night via flight to reach there which tends to retard the glow of my skin because of improper sleep. This is the best remedy for your skin when you are out of sleep that makes you ready for all times. 
  3.  Camera Bags  – I always loved clicking pictures and travelling gives me another reason to cherish this passion of mine. This bag is the best in terms of flexibility, style and that, which is very trendy. 
  4.  Cuffed Pants – No matter wherever you are, you need to do yoga daily as that allows you to remain charged up. Cuffed pants from Lucy are the best in this regard, as the pants are absolutely cool and comfortable to go around with. 
  5.   Ultralight Down Jacket – This jacket is absolutely weightless and handy. It is at the same time very fashionable. I just loved it. 
  6.  Tees  – Tees are must for travelling as there are days when you just want to relax while staying in your room. Everlane tees are the ones which are apt for both relaxing and hanging around. They are very comfortable and the same time matches your style statement. 
  7.  Yoga Paws – Instead of stuffing your bag with padded gloves and booties for practicing yoga you can just carry Yoga Paws that is very lightweight and compact and ensures you to practice yoga without any hurdles. 
  8.  Yoga Mat – It is not very fluffy but definitely covers the ground and provides enough space practicing different yoga postures. When you are out for travelling it is difficult to locate gyms nearby. With this product you can practice yoga wherever you want. 
  9.  Smart Luggage  – It fits in your entire luggage and simultaneously provides a lot of space and easily glides without any effort on four wheels. 
  10.  Wide Angle Lens – Sometimes I don’t feel like carrying my DSLR everywhere and want to click pictures on my iPhone as I can easily share them on social media. But, iPhone too has some limitations and to overcome them you just need to attach them to your phone and click pictures without any discrepancy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Get Acquainted With Native on the Other Land

It is a real challenge when you move out of a state or a country. You are a stranger in another land, does make it difficult to make acquaintance of the natives. Getting acquainted in a new town can be a challenge. Feeling of disorientation, insecurity and anxiety one may feel unfamiliar in surroundings. Values, behaviour and social customs we routinely take for granted may no longer serve us in our new environment. There are some ways out where you can meet some of the local people. Here ae some of them.

Localnewspaper is a good source of local information .You can get all information on local politics, sports and recreation and any upcoming events you might be interested in attending.

Join a homestayorganization .They arrange for members to stay for free in the homes of people worldwide. Hosts are motivated by their enjoyment in meeting and talking with foreigners.

Discover and explore new parts of town and visit new places. Go to some local parks or visit the local museum. Visit some coffee shops and popular hangout spots. Go beyond the tourist areas. Explore residential neighbourhood, small towns and rural communities. With a slower pace than a large city people will be more likely to take time to talk with you.

One of the easiest ways to meet new people is to ask for direction or information. If the conversation stretches for long make sure he has time for you and can find out what is popular and which restaurant to go and dine.

Learn as much of the language as you can. Many around the world speak English but the better your language skill the better your chances of meeting the people. This also increases your communication skills and it helps you to integrate with the local community.

Visit a local tourist office to ask if there is any programme that the travellers can interact with the local citizens.

Interacting people with same hobbies is the best way to meet new people. If you like basketballs check out a local gym or a park. If you like baseball search for a league to join. So whatever your hobbies are find out people with similar interest.

Shop in the local stores especially smaller shops. Drop in the central market. Visit the neighbourhood grocery stores.

Use all the information the library has to offer. You can look maps of your new towns to get their lay of the land or check out some books about the town’s history. There is no entrance fee for joining the library. It is a useful resource when it comes to finding more about your new city.

Forgo with large hotels instead of smaller guest houses and pensions.

Monday, November 28, 2016

How to Pack Lightly for a Long Trip!

back bag

First of all don’t buy a backpack or a suitcase that is bigger than carry on size. The best packing tip is to pack a day pack inside your full size bag and at the airport you can take the second bag out and have two bags small enough to carry both of them.

Only pack clothes for only seven days, even if you are travelling many days. It is easier to find a laundromat anywhere than rather carry the entire extra weights around with you the entire trip.

If carrying a warmer clothes MERINO clothing made from Merino wool is super-light which keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and it can be worn for days together still it won’t stink.

When selecting your clothes for a trip, have a look at each fabric and consider the following factors like Quality, thickness, weight, wrinkles, transparency and texture. Your ideal travel clothing should be durable, takes up minimum space and weight, should be wrinkle free and opaque and matches with the rest of your clothing in style and fit.

For undergarments synthetic material is the best since it is light weight and don’t take up a lot of volume. They also dry quicker.

Place all your clothes in the bag vertically where it looks like a filing cabinet. By this you can see all the clothes you have without lifting up or remove the ones on the top. With this you will be able to match your outfits better.

The other way is to use Rubber bands to tie each piece of clothing so that you will be able to fit in more into a smaller bag. Ball up your socks and underwear and stick them inside your shoes, this will save space in the rest of your bag.

Don’t bring toiletries you can buy from any place for cheap like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sunscreen. Unless you are travelling to a remote village with out electricity or running water.

Don’t take more than two pairs of shoes. For men especially shoes can take up a lot of room so take nice pair of sneakers that can be used for everything from hiking to happy hours as well as a light pair for more dressy travel occasions.

Where ever you go things are available anywhere in the world, so it is safe to pack half of what you think you’ll need.

Try avoiding carrying bottle liquid instead carry pouches.

Technology is so advanced that there is no need to carry certain objects. You can replace them with apps on your phone. For example camera, travel guide book, maps, magazines etc.

Wearing is not carrying. Stuff your pockets, wear your jackets, wear your hiking boots and pack your sandals.

Size up your carry on: You’ll Run the risk of paying a hefty sum if your bag exceeds your carrier’s size requirement for carry-on luggage. Before you consider which particular suitcase to take, check your airlines carry-on baggage restrictions to avoid extra fees.

Packing involves deeply personal decisions. Everyone has their own ideas of comfort and style. By following certain tips you can shed size and weight. It will not only save your trip but also will save your spine and your sanity.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Plan a Delightfully Romantic Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon

Planning a memorable honeymoon starts with choosing an exciting destination that matches your dreamy expectations of an ideal getaway. But coming to a settlement of deciding on a place is not easy. So if you are still trying to figure where you should be, you must go through the Honeymoon Tour Packages. Many Online sources has displayed a handy list of the best honeymoon destinations from around the world, where your partner and you can enjoy your trip.

The honeymoon is definitely a process of bonding a newly-wed couple, where the trip should be absolutely stress free. So here are some useful tips for planning your honeymoon.


Discuss what kind of holiday you would like to go.Should it be romantic or adventurous, peaceful or exciting, road-trip or luxury cruise, culture or nature? Taking a call on these really help narrow down the destinations you can plan.

If you are planning your first romantic vacation then we have a load of honeymoon packages on offer.

Once decided on the theme, list your best five destinations. There will be some crossing off some destination, going back and forth. Ultimately you will narrow down to the most two best destinations. See which out of the two the best place is and select the place you want to go. For all this the right hotel, holiday package,
Distance and budget can help you choose your destinations.


Set a budget-Once you have a budget in mind it becomes much easier to narrow down the holiday, hotel and destination you want to go to. Budgeting gives you an idea as to how much you’d be spending on this holiday, so that you can plan and save for the trip. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Holiday package – It is cheaper to book a holiday, with flights, hotels and some sightseeing tours included in a package, rather than booking them all separately.

Honeymoon special package- If you’re booking online, check out the special honeymoon packages, which are designed especially for newlywed couples, understanding their holiday needs and expectations from this special holiday.


Do your research: before going for this special holiday go through all your accommodations option and pick one which suits you best. Read customer reviews and travel blogs about hotels in the area, speak to people who might have visited the place and go through the hotel ratings on reliable websites.

Inform the hotel about the Honeymoon – Letting the hotel know about the honeymoon will most likely result in good service along with some special treatment. Most hotels also offer a honeymoon packages, which has many complimentary services, like a complementary dinner, a room with a good view.

Book in advance – Advance planning will help you to have better trip, so get the room and rates of your choice by booking well in advance.

Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Survive On Air with an Infant

For all of us flying is a nerve-wrecking. But flying with a baby is a hundred times harder than flying alone. There are many question put up like will she sleep? Will he cry? Will your seat mates understand or give you a dirty look? So flying with kids is never easy but a little preparation before the flight can go a long way.

Always book an early flight since the baby is in a good mood during early in the day.

First thing is KEEP BOTTLES, PACIFIERS AND TOYS HANDY. So that while sucking and swallowing it will help relieve the pressure during take-off and landing. Since the babies don’t know enough to pop their ears.

Always BE PATIENT WITH YOUR BABY AND YOURSELF since they are too small to understand anything.

Do reserve the bulk head seat and a Bassinet for a long hour flight. This will give you a place to attend to your baby comfortably.

Pay for extra legroom: It makes holding a lap child much more comfortable plus there is more room on the ground for your bulky diaper bag.

Bring both toys and treats like lollipops so they get busy while take-off or landing.

Pack the carry bag wisely. Ensure that there are plenty of nappies, wipes,cloths, bottles of formula, and change of clothes.

Always request for an aisle seat so that it is easier to move out along with the baby and don’t stumble on other passenger. But sometimes it is not good to sit since you are in the way of the flight attendant and creates many other distractions where the baby will get disturbed.

Have a bottle of water handy. Flying and breast-feeding are both dehydrating the mother. The mothers can drink sit themselves in order to stay hydrated enough to nurse the child.

Do carry little extra of familiar food ,milk and diapers because sometime the plane gets delayed for hours together and your child doesn’t have anything for outsides so at least what you have carried comes handy.

Don’t ever try to give your baby any medication especially any drowsy medicines so that baby will sleep well on the plane.

There is a saying that A HUNGRY BABY IS USUALLY A GRUMPY BABY. So feeding is one way to keep baby happy on the boards.

Choosing a family friendly or baby friendly airline can make life easier. Bring in a stroller as it can also be a bed or a high chair.

Usually some passengers are not used to the baby crying and yelling .They will shout and yell at you but be calm.

Dress yourself and the infant properly for the trip. As one knows how well the airflow on the plane is you can get extremely cold or extremely hot.

Monday, November 14, 2016

First trip to Europe? What to expect


Europe is a country of miraculous sights and stupendous splendours. And your first trip to the continent is always filled with apprehension and anticipation and a definite desire to see it all. But if you wish to see it all at once, chances are you would not be able to see anything at all. Hence you would find most travel gurus advising you to take it slow and soak it all in. It is an extensive continent and probably the most instagrammable on the planet. So if this is your first time travelling to your Europe, here are some key things that you ought to expect:

  1.  No matter how hard you try, you would not be able to see everything at all. So it is definitely better to take it slow. Unless you do that, chances are you would spend more time in trains or buses than actual destinations. If you are in Paris, and you think you have to visit everywhere, chances are you would end up missing one or two key things in a significant place that you could have otherwise enjoyed. 
  2.  Language is not really a bar in the European nations as many people get away with speaking English, as most people understand this language, well enough to not create a problem for tourists. 
  3.  Europe is generally considered to be quite safe, but if your father is not Liam Neeson then you might want to steer clear of anything remotely dangerous just in case. Many hotels ask for passports as it is a European union regulation to scan and understand your complete database for their safeguard. However, make sure to keep your passport handy at all other times. 
  4.  If you are planning your first trip to Europe, check calendar dates thoroughly. If you can squeeze in festivals amidst your travels, then it would only enhance the beauty of your tour. So check for festivals like Oktoberfest or la tomatina or Glastonbury, and breathe in the flavours of Europe like a local. 
  5.  One key thing to remember before heading off to Europe is it is a place, which has everything. So you do not need to pack in your entire house when you go travelling. So it is always agreeable to pack light and pack smart. If you think you are going to be doing a fair bit of shopping then you might as well pack a lightweight duffle bag to hold everything in. 
  6.  No matter where you go to eat, Europe always demands service taxes. So tipping does become a bit of a tricky affair. Many locals leave a bit of coins on the table, but whether you are obliged to tip heavily, there is no surety. 
  7.  It is highly feasible for first time travellers to pay in local currency. If you are keen on taking money out of ATM, then be prepared to pay all kinds of fees, because most foreign ATMs charge a variety of fees. So make sure to have sufficient information from your own bank before travelling.

Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Travel Well On a Budget

When you ask someone what they wish to do more in life they say touring the world, but in a low tone they say money is important for travelling. Travelling on a budget is good in away that you are forced to spend your money on the things that you need only. It also makes you realise how one must be careful about luxuries where you really can’t live without it.

Keeping budget plan in your head you can travel more often withoutbreaking thebank. Travelling on a tight budget can be done easily .Everything really matters is your needs and wants. One can also travel on a budget with whatever money he has saved for a very long time, but one thing remember go to the right place where you will save a lot of money. If the budget is tight go to a cheaper country. In case of a stay in expensive countries cut on your cost.

Here are some tips how one can have a good holiday while keeping budget in mind. 

Planning In Advance: 

Always decide your destination early and start finding out different packages or deals. Everythinggets more expensive the longer you wait. E.g. Air ticket andHotel reservation. Try booking a connecting flight where a chunk of money can be saved.

Avoid Travelling During Peak Period: 

Going out on OFF-PEAK times can seriously cut cost. Peak times can wary depending on your destination, but try not to go during a major holiday, spring and summer breaks.

Travel Light: 

Remember not to use oversized bags whenever possible. Try to keep one bag per person, otherwise you will charged for the extra luggage.

Plan Your Meals: 

Figure out where you will be and eat before you go out. This will help you to find economical restaurants that taste great.


A big part of your budget goes to accommodation cost and your money will go a long way if yousave a lot on your lodging. When you travel you spend a lot of your time in sightseeing the full day. The only times you need to spend in your hostel is when you eat, sleep and shower. Hostels arevery popular especially for the back packers since they offer dormitory rooms for an affordable price. The other way is to rent an apartment which is cheaper than a room in a hotel.

Work Abroad: 

If you really can’t afford to travel the best way is to work aboard. Be it the cruise liners or be a nanny or a teaching job.

Skip The Souvenirs: 

If you want to bring something back for friends and family, get something simple like a coaster from a bar or a shell off a beach. If you want to remember locations snap a picture with your phone.

Save Money On Transportation: 

An overnight train ride or a bus ride saves the cost of one night’s accommodation.

Mini Tours: 

There are tours that take you for days which become very try to find out mini tours where they take you around for a short time, which in turn will be a bit cheap.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to Make Friends While Traveling Abroad

make friends
When anyone travels abroad OR any place within their surroundings they tend to come across many different types of people, be it different religion, hence here you are exposed to their culture, experience and stories. Making friends abroad is very difficult because we come from another country.


Before going to a new place find out from your friends, relative and ex-colleague whether they know anybody living at that place. If at all they know then get in touch with them, meet up for a coffee or a drink and have a chat.

Making new friends when you move is a bit like dating. You have to go out of your way try and form a connection with new people.

You have already something in common with other travellers. The fact that you’re travelling it is obvious the question asked by the opposite party iswhere have you been? Where are you from?

Introduce yourself to your neighbour see who has the similar lifestyle, kids of similar age, similar professional background. Find out about the local habits from your neighbours.

Remember one thing by sitting in your house and finding friends is not possible. You have to go out of your way by getting information about local cultural activities, websites, magazines distributed at metro stations etc. Go for different events. Check also for wider expat communities, their public networking events, fairs, parties etc. Everybody makes it a point to attend these types of events of getting to know one another and there is no need to rack your brains as how to start your conversation.

If living in a place doesn’t use the language what you are speaking then it becomes difficult so, enrol your name for some language course which is used in that place.
You can find friend on online now. MEET UP is the great site that you can join to find out about social events in your area and meet new people.

If sports areyour hobby then it is a great way to make friends who have the similar interest what you have. Many sport and hobby clubs encourage new members from all backgrounds. Voluntary work is another way of keeping yourself involved in charitable work and also making friends.

Making new friends takes efforts and sometimes without realising people aren’t so open to havesomeone new come into their lives.

Popular hangouts can be found in destination throughout the world and hitting the bars can be an ideal way to meet people. Attending organized activities such as quizzes, karaoke nights and racing can also offer you an opportunity to mix with fellow expats and make new friends with them.

It can be hard to make new friends wherever you are in the world. But actually expat community are very welcoming provided you make an effort to get out and meet people. You will find that these tips have really worked by making a lot of friends.