Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Incredible Places Where the Ocean Glows

Credit: Leanne Marshall
Nature displays magical beauty in places that are already among the most beautiful in the world. We are talking about the phosphorescent waves. Tourists travel the world to get a glimpse of the phosphorescent waves that light up at night. There are two glows that illuminates and the glare that obscure. This phosphorescent is usually caused by algae present in the water like fire flies in the air. The algae emit a glow whenever they are jostled. It is caused sometimes by tides rolling in and out or by motion of a boat or a fish moving through the water.

Today the beauty of the night can all too often be obscured by the glare of business that surrounds the beaches of the world. Bioluminescent tides exist throughout the world. This glowing water seems like little twinkling stars. This colourful display attracts thousands of tourists who imagine that they are swimming among the stars.

Puerto Mosquito, Vieques, Puerto Rico: This magical bioluminescent bay has been officially declared the brightest in the world by Guinness Book of world records. Vieques Island has one of the world’s best bioluminescent bays. The dinos present in the waters are responsible for this amazing natural Phenomenon. The dinos come into contact with another organism or shaken up, they produce a bright burst of blue light. It is the best experience during a New Moon phase. Don’t skip out your trip of Isla de Vieques without taking a tour of this magnificent and magical natural wonder. It will be a magical, priceless memory to remember for a life time. The Kayak cruise is perfect to experience this close up.
The Blue Grotto Malta: it is said to be one of the spectacular natural sights in the world. It is reachable only via specially licensed boat. Blue Grotto is just one of nine caves .The caves on Filfa Island are surrounded by tall cliffs. These waves constantly pound the caves thus producing the Phosphorescent glow.

Ton Sai Karbi, Thailand: don’t miss out the extraordinary fete of nature at the  at Ton Sai. The planktons that dwell in the deep water light up and glitter. It’s super trippy. Try walking in the deep waters you will see your footsteps glowing. It’s like witnessing fairy dust.

Navarre Beach Florida: one can enjoy Kayaking during the warm summer months, especially around Indian River and Mosquito lagoon. The water glows as both boaters and fish move through the water. The fish looks like blue comets. The ocean beaches also glow from time to time.

Mission Bay, San Diego: Due to the mass amounts of bioluminescent algae the waves of the ocean are red during the day and neon blue at night. These algae sometimes emit toxins that are dangerous to our health. So make sure you check out the satellites imagery for the day to see if you can go for a swim or not. If swimming is not possible you can always kayak to take pictures of the wonderful glow.

Halong Bay Vietnam is known for its emerald water and stunning natural beauty. Halong Bay is among the most breathtaking bioluminescent bays. Also regarded as a UNESCO world Heritage site. Halong Bay has plenty to explore, ranging from the caves to the wilderness to limestone islands. It is truly a traveller’s dream come true.

Waitomo, New Zealand: Marvel at Mother Nature’s light display as you glide silently through the starry wonderland of the Glow-worm Grotto. It is purely unique. It may sound surprising but bioluminescence doesn’t just exist in the sea. Head to the caves in Waitomo and you’ll be awe struck. The walls of the cave are covered with tiny glow-worms that light up the cave.

Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego, CA is a coastal bioluminescent beach. The waves give a vivid blue glow as they crash ashore and it is visible only after nightfall.

Experience this beautiful work of nature. You don’t have to be above the clouds to dance with the stars. Just head to any of these bioluminescent beaches and bays and experience once in a lifetime.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Queen of the Hills: Ooty

Ooty a British township is couched amidst those gorgeous blue mountains of Southern India. It is also known as udhagamandalam. Ooty is called as the Queen of the hill station. It is nestled among the Nilgiris at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level. The climate is favourable all year around. Nilgiris means Blue Mountains, a land of picturesque picnic spots and lakes. It draws tourist, adventure enthusiasts, honeymooners and the film industry. Like bees to nectar, Ooty is also a heaven for sports, adventure, hiking and riding and playing tennis and snooker, and then of course there is the gorgeously scenic golf course. The eucalyptuses are quite a part of the Ooty landscape. These tall, lanky trees can be seen on the slopes around. Many travellers may feel that Ooty and Nilgiris lack the awe, mystique and drama of the Himalayas but it is not so.

Activities that draw visitors to this place:

Toy train plays an important part of Ooty tour. The Toy train that connects the hill station with Mettupalayam makes Ooty all the more enjoyable. The toy train is also called as Nilgiris Mountain Railway Toy Train. It charms its visitors with equal zest windings its way through the best of nature, weaving amidst the forest dark snaking tunnels, sharp bends and among the mist and fog. The Toy train is a spectacular trip up and down the slopes with birds and trees all dancing along.

Ooty Lake is the pride of the Blue Hills: it is the central and strategic attraction. The boat house established in the Ooty Lake is the major tourist attraction. The lake is surrounded by sky high eucalyptus trees. Boating in the azure waters with your families is sure to a create moments of magic. Rowing or pedalling a boat over the serene Ooty lake should be your top most priority, there is a mini train too for kids to hop on and take a quick tour of the lake. Boat races as well as other events are also organised here for two days in May. The lake is filled with beautiful water birds with the exotic Nilgiris Mountain ranges in the background.

Botanical Gardens lie in the lower slopes of the Doddabetta peak. Visitors are greeted with astounding colourful natural beauty from the moment they pass through the gates. Another highlight of the Botanical gardens is the Toda Hill also known as the Toda mund. It gives the visitors an insight into the lives and culture of Todas.This Botanical garden is awarded as the Garden of Excellence by World Federation of Rose Societies. The garden is a wonderland for nature lovers.

Rose Garden is situated in the heart of Ooty. It is said to be one of the largest rose gardens in India. It is a collection of roses including the miniature roses, hybrid tea roses, floribunda, black and green roses and many other unique varieties. The climate of Ooty is ideal for the plants to have a long blooming season.

Doddabetta Peak is the highest point of South India. This peak pulls the crowd. The view of the Nilgiris from here is breathtaking. The beautiful valleys, plains of Coimbatore and the flat highlands of Mysore are visible from this point. There is a Telescope house at Doddabetta peak. It enables the visitors to get a better view of the surrounding landscape. Tourist can also indulge in trekking at the Doddabetta Peak which is also the highest peak of the Nilgiris.

Tiger Hill is one of the most mesmerising destinations in Ooty. This hill lies to the east of the Hill station and towards the lower end of the Doddabetta Peak. There is also a cave close to the Tiger Hill which is believed to be associated with many religious legends. This is a beautiful picnic spot and locals and tourist flock to this place to unwind and relax.

Tea Estate view point: The Nilgiris region is renowned for its tea plantation. The tea estate or plantation is one of the tourist attractions. The tourist enjoys going for a walk in the tea estate which gives them peace. Glenmorgan is one of the old tea estate and also one of the famous picnic spots. The tourist is even allowed inside the tea factories. You can click photographs. But remember one thing you are not allowed to pluck the tea leaves from the tea estate.

Best time to visit Ooty: It is advisable to avoid going to Ooty during the rainy seasons. Visiting during the annual Tea and Tourism festival is likely to enhance entire Ooty experience.

Accommodation in Ooty ensures you enjoy your vacation in hassles free way. There are various kinds of needs and budget from Luxurious to budget ones. Tourist has enough of options to choose from. Some of them are sterling holiday’s fern hills, king’s cliff, Holiday Inn Gem Park, Club Mahindra, Danish villa, etc.

Anyone looking for a respite from humidity and the scorching Indian sun, Ooty is the place to be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Ravishing Beauty Leh India

Leh is one of the famous tourist’s destinations. It is located in the northern most parts of the country lapped in the snow covered fringes of the Himalayas. Leh has been the centre of Tibeto- Buddhist culture since ages. Leh is the epitome of scenic beauty. Once you visit this place there’s no other place on earth which could be compared to the bliss. Leh is covered with three parallel ranges of the Himalayas. The Zanskar, the Ladakh and the karakoram.

Places to visit in Leh:

Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most popular places to visit in Leh and is located 160 kilometres away from Ladakh. The word Tso means lake and Pangong Tso means high grassland lake. It is a beautiful lake with crystal blue water blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year. Pangong is also famous for camping.

Best time to visit is June to September 

Magnetic hill is known as the Gravity Hill located near Leh in Ladakh. It gives you an experience of a life time. There are several reasons as to why it is called the Magnetic Hill or the Gravity Hill. Some believe that the magnetic force in the area is so strong that if you leave your vehicle at the base of the hill with the brakes unlocked, it will start moving uphill on its own.

Zanskar River is a north flowing tributary of the Indus River. It offers you an ice trek when frozen and white water river rafting when flowing. The shining deep blue water is an added beauty to visiting this. The river is covered with mighty mountains around it. The river is absolutely gorgeous.

Trekking: Experience an adrenaline rush and unfold the mystic land by trekking in the most uneven terrains of Leh ladakh. Dive into the spirit of adventure. Be a part of the restless world and have an amazing experience with few of these treks like Markha valley Trek, Ripchar Valley Trek, Padum to Darcha Trek, Frozen river trek. If you are interested in treks then one must not miss out the snow leopard Trek. It is thrilling as your eyes are always rolling around in search of snow leopards.

Shopping: Interacting with the locals and learning about their tradition and customs can only be done by visiting the market areas. Beside a visit to the local market it allows how to purchase unique items such as semi precious stones, pearls, tribal jewellery, organic products and local handicrafts.

Best places to stay in Leh: suiting everyone’s budget, it is easy to find accommodation in Leh During the peak season between July and September. There are many run establishments in Leh offering personalized services. Budget lodging is available in three man area that is the old town, the newer areas along the fort road and changspa village. Accommodation option includes guesthouses, tourist complexes, hiker’s huts and local paying guest facilities.

There is not so much happening for nightlife in Leh. Do not expect anything like a night club, casino, a theatre, live music or disco. Most people go to a restaurant or cafe and hang out with their friends drinking tea, soft drinks or coffee. It is pleasant to look at the sky at night. The moon and the stars look so neat as if one could almost touch them. Leh is the perfect place to watch shooting stars. Telescope is a must when visiting this place.

Leh is a place where u lose track of time lost in the lap of nature and get mesmerized by its ravishing beauty. Hence it’s a trip of passion to the travel freaks and nature lovers.

Why not ease up your mind, get drunk in the wild beauty and envisage yourself in the enchanting valley.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Holi in Pushkar

Holi is India most loud and vibrant festival. Holi the festival of colours marks the end of winter and start of spring. As Mother Nature is preparing her to show of remarkable spring colours, many streets across India are re-enacting this revival of life with coloured powder, music and festive cheer. Traditionally it is a religious festival for the Hindus. Holi has become much loved celebration eagerly anticipated by Hindus and non Hindus alike, in recent years. It has travelled across oceans bursting onto the shores of Europe and North America by way of huge Holi parties and colour run called 5K.

Pushkar is one of the world’s famous destinations for the festival of colours. Not just Indian, but backpackers and tourist come together at Pushkar every year for a Holi of a life time.

Pushkar is the best place for Holi for the Tourists. The entire experience is tailored for the tourist.

A big campfire is burnt out at Holi night which is also known as Holika Dahan followed by dandiya by the locals and then some music parties all around Pushkar and the next day from early morning everyone gathers around the square garden and enjoy the Kapda Faad Holi.

This Kapda Faad Holi is only meant for the foreign tourist not for locals. Mainly priest make arrangement for foreign tourist to participate in this auspicious celebration and district police takes charge of security arrangement so that no local person can either participate.


For the past five years, Kapda Faad Holi has become a major attraction for foreign tourist, especially those from Israel and other European countries. This festival for foreign tourist was started by a group of priest in Pushkar for helping tourist in understanding the concept of festival of colours in India. The festival starts at Varah Ghats of Pushkar Lake and local people make arrangement for music and security. The foreign tourist starts playing with colours and later with water and dance to Indian music. . Later they start tearing each other’s clothes.

Foreign tourist are so crazy for this festival that they call up and ask about the dates of Holi in advance so that they can plan their trip .They also bring their friends with them and the number of tourist increases.

Best resorts are available in Pushkar for a stay. The Holi festival can also be celebrated within the resort. Everything is arranged by the resort staff like food, plates of colour, water, drinks etc. It is best to hangout in Pushkar in large groups to enjoy more.

Pushkar might not have a lot of entertainment options but while you are here you must enjoy camel safari. Tour operators around the area organize desert safaris to nearby dunes, which are followed by an evening of folk music, dance and other entertainment options. Don’t forget to carry a hat and a sunscreen lotion.

Some tourist before going back would like to do some shopping. They opt for some traditional clothing items, rugs and carpets. All this is found at Khadi gram Udyog’s.

Holi might only last for one day, but the memory takes a while to fade.

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe houses some of the world’s largest and most beautiful cities that attract tourists from across the world. There are many cultural and historical places of significance here as well as stunning landscapes that are delightful for the senses. Moreover, there are many festivals, concerts and other celebrations that keep happening here and add to the charm of the unforgettable experience that Europe is. When you plan to travel to Europe, take a flight to the first city that you start with and then use trains for travelling between the cities. Rail journeys can be fun and let you enjoy the scenic landscapes on your way as well. Take, for instance, the case of train from Vienna to Prague. Here are some of the best places you must visit in Europe:

1. Rome, Italy

Commonly referred to as the city of seven hills, Rome is an extremely popular destination especially amongst honeymooners. There is a whiff of magic and fantasy in Rome’s air, which can be attributed to its exciting mythical past. There are many things to do in Rome, from visiting the Vatican City or the Colosseum, having a delicious lunch in an afternoon caffè on Piazza Navona or indulging in some delicious pasta at a trattoria. Art enthusiasts can enjoy the historical art kept safe at the Vatican Museums whereas foodies can gorge on mouthwatering Italian fare and gelato.


 2. Paris, France

 Also known as The City of Light, it invites over a million visitors annually owing to its splendid ambience, divine cuisine, huge art collection and the historic Churches. River Seine runs across Paris, a city known for Musée d'Orsay, Champs Élysées, the boutiques in Le Marais, and the majestic Eiffel Tower. There is simple delight in visiting the districts and munching on delicious crepes as well.

 3. London

London life is truly mesmerizing, and travelers often come back from this old city feeling that they need another visit to experience everything it offers. In London, the amalgamation of the antiquated with the contemporary is reflected in the historic Tower of London as well as the avant-garde Tate Moderten. The land of Shakespeare now also enjoys jamming to artists such as Adele and Arctic Monkeys.

 4. Prague

Prague has seen an increase in the number of tourists in recent times. The city is known for its dark past with a huge number of overthrows, invasions, fires and floods. Today, the storied churches, narrow streets,beautiful hilltop castle and statue-lined bridges are a reflection of the city’s strength amidst tragedies. Prague is a haven for travelers that seek memorable experiences at prices that are not exorbitantly high. Most famous attractions include the Charles Bridge and the historic Prague Castle.

 5. Amsterdam:

There is much more to Amsterdam than the notorious red light district and marijuana coffee shops, that we often hear about. One can enjoy an excellent Indonesian meal, a twilight canal-side rambling or shop through the boutiques of Nine Little Streets and realise that Amsterdam is massively underestimated. It is also famous as a romantic getaway for two or an interesting educational excursion for art students. The most popular tourist attractions here include cycling along canals, remembering the Holocaust through the eyes of Anne Frank,exploring the swirling Expressionism of Vincent van Gogh and lounging in the expansive Vondelpark.

 Apart from the five mentioned above, there are many other cities in Europe that are wonderful to visit as well. Without further ado, plan your journey to Europe and be prepared to be swept off your feet!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Shop till You Drop with Largest Shopping Malls in India

Largest Shopping Malls in India
For urban Indians the definition of weekends seems to be different. Going for picnics, visiting the Historical monument is a thing of pat for them. It is actually the malls for which people are crazy these days. The mall is a complete family entertainment zone offering something to every age group. India is booming because of its largest shopping destinations in the world. Indian people prefer to shop for traditional items. So the malls cater to their needs. India offers a unique shopping experience in the mall, compared to other countries. Families are often seen bonding over movies or dinner dates at the malls.

Let’s take a look at the biggest shopping centres in India.

Lulu International shopping Mall, Kochi: it is located in the heart of Kochi city in Kerala state in India. It was developed by a NRI a businessman based in Dubai. It was opened on 10 the March 2013.This mall gives you the feel of an international mega, its roof shines in sunlight. It is totally made up of 5 floors; it has multiplex theatre, food restaurants, and facilities for entertainment party hall, games, foreign exchange counters, bank counters and much more.

Phoenix Market city has three branches all over India .They are in Mumbai, Pune, and Tamil Naidu(Chennai). Phoenix Market city is actually a city in itself. Total phoenix Market city in Mumbai is the largest mall in India and also in Asia. Total 600 retail stores/outlets, multiplex screen and restaurants are available.

Select City walks Delhi is the ninth largest mall in India. The best part of this mall is that it is divided into three traditional areas. The Traditional family, Celebration centre stage and High Voltage youth. It has over 125 stores comprising of several Indian and global brands.

The Grand Venice is the largest mall in Greater Noida and India’s only mall built on the lines of Italian city of Venice. If you want to do something different from the usual mall culture this is the place to be. The gondolas ride (boat ride) is the star attraction. The mesmerizing rides are entertained with a song sung by the boat man. Feel the romance of the classic Venetian experience in the Grand Venice Mall. The amazing place, good ambience and a family place. Its architecture is just beautiful. One must visit this mall.

Oberior Mall Goregoan: this mall has been awarded a GOLD certification by United state Green Building Council in the existing Building category. With this it becomes the 1st mall in India and the 3rd in the world to receive this prestigious award. It is relatively a new one and is one of the finest malls in Mumbai. You can find good variety of apparels shopping and accessories.

Z Square shopping Mall, Kanpur: Uttar Pradesh being a state of huge population there will be many shopping lovers who would love to shop. To satisfy them, Z square shopping Mall was opened in the city of Kanpur. They have a Food court, hotels, luxury brands, popular retail outlets, movie screens and much more for the benefits of the people.

World trade park Jaipur is the second largest mall in India and awarded as best architect by BCI India. It is built in the heart of the city. World Trade Park is built as an eco friendly building. They also have underwater Restaurant, club cars for pick up, a floating executive lounge and business centre.

Previously there were just two malls in India, but now the number has raised quiet a lot. It has been a drastic change in India’s retail landscape. The online stores have also taken over India’s shopping scenes.
These malls will always remain symbolic of our lifestyle.