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Monday, July 30, 2018

Berlin, the City Full of Surprises

Berlin, the capital of Germany and the country’s largest city, is also a major centre of politics, culture, media and science. There is a wide variety of activities, day trips and excursion in Berlin that will wrap visitors up in its complex history. If you need Photo friendly sights, Berlin has them in spades. Berlin is a city that never sleeps, offering endless places to eat drink and party around the clock. The city attracts international performers, top movie producers and world renowned artist who offer their wares to cultural thirsty Berliners.

Berlin is full of surprises, with its ever-changing life it’s hard to keep up with even a fraction of what is going on in the city. There are many tourist attractions to visit in Berlin like the Brandenburg Gate or the Holocaust memorial. It is a city to live, a city to do and not just a city to see.

Following facts of Berlin will give you a clearer picture:

Street markets: Berlin is famous for its street markets as well you can find absolutely everything from vintage clothes and antiques to old books and broken toys. Don’t forget to check out the food carts and markets as well.

Berliner Weibe (Berlin White): Berlin has its open beer speciality, the Berliner Weibe. It is slightly bitter and sour taste and it is made from wheat.

Berlin considered as Germany’s greenest city. 44% of its area made of waterways, woods, rivers and green areas. Make sure to explore the city during the warmer months. You are bound to fall in love with the city all over again.

Parks, lakes and forests comprise around one third of Berlin’s total area. This makes Berlin the perfect destination. You can combine your city sightseeing along with your activities like cycling, kayaking and hiking.

Nightlife: Berlin can’t be overlooked its great clubbing culture. There is an incredible variety of clubs with music for all tastes and also some impressive locations. For instance, Watergate located in the area of the same name has a terrace with a wonderful view of the river. Weekend is located on a 15th floor next to the TV tower in Alexanderplatz and Berghain and Panorama Batr probably the most important club in Europe is located in an old factory and offers the best electronic music of the city.

Museum Island: at the eastern end of the Unter den Linden is Museum Island, a UNESCO listed World Heritage site lying in the middle of the spree. It’s a home to five of Berlin’s most important museums .Bode Museum, Altes Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and the other two not to be missed out are the Neues Museum and the spectacular Pergamon museum

Brandenburg Gate is a neoclassical monument since the 18th century. It is one of the most significant landmarks in the city because of its separation between East and West Berlin. Be sure not to miss this historical spot and the photo opportunities it brings.

The Berlin Tower also known as Fernsehturm. It is the highest building in the city. One can climb up this concrete jungle during the sunset hour for a more scenic experience. Enjoy some dinner or cocktails and get a VIP pass access if it gets jam packed.

River Cruise: enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on rivers spree and admire the attraction from a different angle.

Base Flying is a combination of bungee and base jumping. If you are a lover of action and adrenaline, Berlin will definitely be a blast for you. You can take an elevator to the rooftop terrace of the 125 meter high park inn hotel. Base flying is not for the feeble, but if it is adrenaline you are looking for in the capital, then you have come to the right place.

Strand bad Grumau is the most charming lake beach. The water here is deep enough for proper swimming and it doesn’t get quite busy on a hot summer day.

Where to stay in Berlin: Hotel Adlon Kempinski and Berlin Marriott Hotel is the best hotel to stay for those looking for Luxury. Melia Berlin and Streigenberger Hotel and kanzleramt are the best hotel for middle price budget. Those looking for a budget hotel The Circus Hostel and Hotel Berlin The Wall are the best.

Best time to Visit is during the cherry blossom season around April to early may when all the gardens wear all shades of pink.

There’s no end of things to do in Berlin, especially in attraction and Nightlife venues.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fernsehturm Berlin

Fernsehturm/Berlin TV Tower – Television Tower – Central Berlin

The Fernsehturm or the Berlin TV Tower is a television tower in central Berlin, Germany, close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The tower had been constructed by the administration of the German Democratic Republic, between 1965 and 1969 and was proposed as a symbol of Berlin which stands till date since it is visible throughout the central as well as some suburban districts of Berlin.

Fernsehturm Berlin design and the construction presented the architects, building engineers and the structural engineers with many challenges. It was inaugurated on October 3, 1969 prior to the 20th anniversary of the GDR. Walter Ulbricht, the State Council Chairman of the GDR at that time considered it as one of the most important symbols demonstrating supremacy of socialist societies and this construction of the Berlin Television Tower portrayed that a bright future was being constructed in the East.

Though the GDR has since been history for a long time, the Berlin Television Tower still prevails and is accepted as a landmark for the whole of Germany. Each year, there are over a million visitors from various countries going up 200 metres to the observational level to take a breath-taking glimpse of the constantly changing city. Fernsehturm  is the tallest structure in Germany with a height of 368 meters.

The Tower – Most Prominent Symbol of Germany

The Fernsehturm tower has become the most prominent symbols of Germany and is often seen in shots of films that are set in Berlin. Occasionally it is also known as Alex Tower, due to its location near Alexandraplatz. Its original height was 365 meters but was increased to 368 meters after the installation of a new antenna in 1990. The tower is the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe after Moscow’s Ostankino Tower, the Kiev TV Tower and the Riga Radio and TV Tower.

The middle of the sphere has a visitor platform which is also called panoramic floor that has a height of 203 meters above the ground and visibility can reach 42 kilometres on a clear day. It also has a revolving restaurant.

The restaurant Telecafe which is designed with an outer ring of revolving tables, serves coffee and snacks with reasonably priced meals, revolves once every 30 minutes and is some meters above the visitor platform at 207 meters. In the interior of the shaft are two lifts which transport visitors up the sphere of the Fernsehturm tower in a span of 40 seconds and is not accessible by wheelchair. It also has a staircase having 986 steps.

2006 FIFA World Cup

The final match had been played in the Berlin Olympic Station to mark the 2006 FIFA World Cup where the sphere had been decorated as a football with magenta coloured pentagons, which reflected the corporate colour of World Cup sponsor and owner of the Fernsehturm, Deutsche Telekom.

Around the base of the Fernsehturm tower lies an exhibition centre together with a restaurant building in a group that comprises of the Neptune fountain which was located on the palace square which had been gifted to the Emperor from the city of Berlin. The waterfalls are the depictions of the four German rivers namely the Elbe, Oder, Rhine and Weichsel.