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Friday, July 27, 2018

The Roof of the World Karakoram

Roof of the World Karakoram
Karakoram is a Turkic term meaning black rock, the spectacular mountain range. Karakoram lies between the borders of Pakistan, china and Afghanistan. There is high concentration of peaks over 8000 mts more than anywhere else in the world.

The lofty chain of Karakoram Mountains is enriched with tons of natural scenic beauty. The scenic beauty of these mountains is amazing which makes us admire them. The world famous Siachen Glacier lays here in the Karakoram Range along with beautiful lakes and hot water springs. Karakoram Mountain Range could be termed as overall the second highest mountain range in the world.

Climbing and trekking are the most popular activities. But there is more demand for white water rafting and kayaking, ski touring, hand gliding and mountain biking. Guided trips are an excellent way to see how the locals live and explore their daily routine without disrupting their habits.

The karakoram highway is a popular tourist attraction. Travelling over Karakoram highway is an experience of a life time.KKH has its beauty in highest peaks mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, rock art and petreglyphs. Villages on link road are also beautiful and have some small lakes, spring water, forest etc.

There are various places to stay the night at road side hotels and number of areas where you could set up camps and stay in tents or in the vehicles. Hunza is a place to stay. If you stay for a few weeks you will never regret it. Life is so smooth, so easy and so comfortable.


Looking at the sun rise from a particular spots allows you to see the first light hitting one of the high peaks, the Golden finger, first and then after short intervals it hits 8 peaks within a few minutes. It is a view to absorb and to treasure for life.

Home to world’s 2nd highest peak: world’s second tallest mountain K2 lies in the Karakoram Mountains. The range is home to 300 peaks with an elevation between 5200 to 28000 feet from the seal level.

Hunza to Khunjrab is a very unique road passing through the highest mountain ranges in the world. Khunjrab is the highest metal road in the world with very unique views

Karakoram is said to be the 8th wonder of the world. It is because of the long highway of hundreds of kilometres, winding uphill downhill slopes. The highway was built by the Pakistanis and Chinese engineers and has described as a marvel of civil engineering. It is an amazing view from Abbatobad all the way to Khunjerab Pass. Journey along the amazing karakoram highway never gives a feeling of repeated experience.

The white paradise: The karakoram is in one of the world’s most geologically active mountain ranges. It is covered with snows and looks like a white paradise throughout the year. Karakoram glaciers are covered with a layer of rubble which insulates the ice from the warmth of the sun.

The Karakoram highway is not meant for timid drivers nor for travellers seeking luxury accommodations and amenities. Driving on this highway is a gratifying experience. It provides unparallel access to one of the world’s most underappreciated and rarely trod region. In the past years the highway is the third best tourist destination in Pakistan. It is famous for adventure. It is the highest border crossing the world, this highway was built as a symbol of Pakistan, Chinese friendship and cooperation.

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