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Monday, March 26, 2018

Barbados, the Jewel of Natural Beauty

A white sanded paradise and the Caribbean home of stage and screen’s finest, BARBADOS makes a lasting impression upon visitors. It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere is this more true than right here on the island of Barbados. The island itself is a tropical paradise with a wealth of scenic shots that’s more than merit. The beauty reaches far beyond our hills and valleys

Barbados is one of the most popular and preferred tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Bridgetown is a capital city of Barbados and Garrison is UNESCO World heritage site. Barbadians are crazy for afternoon tea, cricket, golfing and scuba diving.

The National motto of the Barbadian is Pride and Industry. The National Flower of the country is called the Pride of Barbados. Something good of this flower is that the leaves of this flower is dipped in breast milk and given to crying babies to stop them from crying.

Do you have a thirst for exploring? Here are brilliant thing to do while in Barbados.

The island soul food is a must to try. Street side stalls offer the best in macaroni pie and of course fried chicken rice and peas. The Cliff and a waterfront restaurant in Payne’s are a famous restaurant offering seafood and fusion cuisine in a romantic setting.

Water sports: you can enjoy an underwater experience like no other, right from swimming with turtles to watching vibrant coral reefs. Water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and kite surfing are practised here.

A Barbados wildlife reserve is a must to see. The visitors can watch how native animals play, eat and interact with other animals in a relaxed natural environment.

Atlantis submarines adventure: This adventure is the perfect ocean expedition to rest your mind and stimulate the senses, safe in an underwater wilderness. Imagine you dive 130 feet down secure and dry with no snorkel, goggle and slippers to interfere into the aquarium. Enjoy once in a life time a romantic night time and escape to the bottom of the ocean on Atlantis submarines.

Visit Harrison’s Cave: Harrison’s cave is truly one of the natural wonders of Barbados located in the central uplands. The interior of this cave boasts breathtaking, crystallized limestone that drips water into impossibly clear pools.

Check out Fish Fry Fridays: Oistins Fish fry Friday is an absolute must when visiting Barbados. This weekly party and fish festival is held on a serene beach on Barbados southwest coast and it’s the perfect place to meet new friends, both foreign and local. The food is delicious. There is a lot of dancing and music. Everybody seems to be in a good mood.

Caribbean Crop Over: At the end of each sugarcane season, Barbados puts on its biggest festival of the year and they call it Crop over Summer Festival. It’s the islands most popular and colourful get together. The festival happens every year from May to August, with the largest celebrations happening at the end with carnival celebrations. If ever you plan your trip to Barbados at that time you may not only get to party like crazy, but you may share the streets with world famous Bajan pop and Hip Hop star Rhenna.

The option for beauty in Barbados is needless. It is said that Barbados is the ideal place to pamper yourself whatever the occasion. In case lying on a soft white sandy beach bordered by the turquoise Caribbean sea wasn’t enough to totally relax you, the island has multiple first rate spas that will take your breath away with the ambiance and top quality treatments.

If you want to enjoy night life and partying, stay at any of these hotels, resorts and vacation rental in and around St. Lawrence Gap to be near the heart of the action. Few of them are Yellow Bird Hotel, south Gap hotel, Dolphin Inn Guesthouse, Meridian Inn, and Dover Beach Hotel.

Barbados nightclub is mainly located in St Lawrence Gap. Most of the band plays local music like calypso and reggae. There are excellent R & B bands that play top international music sometimes with a Caribbean beat.

Enjoy an evening of romance along with fine dining at Barbados finest restaurants. Most of these restaurants provide live entertainment to enjoy your evening.

Come to Barbados where you can truly relax and indulge in all that is beautiful the island has to offer. If you’re here for a relaxing vacation away from a world of worry, hustle and bustle, then you can see we’ve got exactly what you need.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Colonia Tovar; The Germany of the Caribbean

Colonia Tovar
Colonia Tovar is a town of Venezuela, the capital of the municipality Tovar in Aragua state. It was founded in 1843 from the independent state of Baden then, by a group of immigrants which was later incorporated into Germany.

It is called the `Germany of the Caribbean’, and this northern Venezuelan community has great Bavarian architecture and pride. The economy is dependent on agriculture and tourism and the town is situated 42 km from Caracas. Colonia Tovar is known for its temperate corps like peaches, beets, strawberries, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, chard, broccoli, onions, potatoes and lettuce together with their derivatives.

Population growth has been rising since 1990 from 3,373 to 14,309 in 2001. The Colonia is around 2,200 m towards the central coastal mountains of the Venezuelan Coastal Range and is connected with Caracas and La Victoria by road.

The city is located in the northern area of Aragua state while the municipality is `L’ shaped and bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea, while the northeast by the state of Vargas and in the east, Caracas with the south bordering the Aragua River. The east ends with the Santiago Marino Municipality and is settled in rugged terrain with streams and creeks.

Organised as Closed Community

From earlier times, Colonia Tovar was organized as a closed community and the founders were keen in maintaining their cultural traditions for a very long time wherein on arrival; they started building houses retaining its distinctive architecture of the Kaiserstuhl.

Baden dialect,theBadische was the language which dominated at that time and food and clothing remained intact and to a certain extent, marriages outside the Colonia were discouraged to ensure the continuity of ethnic and culture.

Though the official language of Venezuela is Castilian, most of the people in that state spoke alemannisch – Alemannic, Aleman Colonjero, well. It is a variant language which has been inherited from the previous generations after 150 year though several phonetic as well as lexical turns are now not in use in Europe.

Places of Interest 

Some of the places of interest are:

The Breikanz Mall is in the centre of Colonia Tovar in CodazziStreet which has a series of shops with crafts, typical of the region of Germany. The Museum of the City which was created by Dr Nestor Rojas offers glimpses of the history, customs and traditions of the Germanic people. Codazzi Peak Natural Monument has a maximum height of around 2,429 m in Aragua state jurisdiction with a covering area of around 11,850 which is shared by the states of Vargas, Miranda as well as the Capital District.

It has been declared by presidential decree of June 5, 1991 as a national monument, in honour and national recognition to the Italian cartographer and geographer, Agustino Codazzi. The natural area has the installation of the Archaeological Museum Panarigua and Inn Panarigua.

The Historical Centre has several buildings in the city centre while around the Plaza Bolivar are the historical axis of Colonia. The Tovar Brewery was the first Venezuelan beer that was made in Colonia in 1843 on the arrival of the founders and since then, production has remained the same.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Bahamas

- Area: 13,900 sq km of land area (including 3,870 square miles of lakes and lagoons), divided into some 700 islands and islets (cays).

- Population: about 330,000 inhabitants (estimate 2010).

- Capital: Nassau on New Providence Island. This includes the three-quarters of people in the country!

- Ethnic groups: 85% of the inhabitants of the Bahamas are of African descent, 12% are white, 3% Hispanic and Asian immigration recently. Among whites, there is the presence of a Greek community.

- Plan: independence from Great Britain since 1973, member of the Commonwealth.

- Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

- Governor General Arthur Foulkes (since April 2010). It officially designates the Prime Minister (from the party that won the legislative) and the cabinet.

- Head of government: Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham Conservative (May 2007).

- Human rights: the latest report from Amnesty International refers to a use of force sometimes disproportionate to the police, and abuse against asylum seekers and migrants. The case of Haitian workers is by far the most sensitive. Some sentenced to death had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment under the effect of a specific court Commonwealth, but the main political leaders still opposed to the Bahamas worldwide moratorium against capital punishment.


It relies heavily on tourism and its effects on other sectors. Tourism accounts for nearly 60% of GDP and half of its jobs. After years of uninterrupted growth, the country is currently suffering from global crisis - especially its effects in the United States, its largest market (half of the tourists).

The other udder of the local economy is the financial services sector (20% of GDP). The Bahamas are among the major tax havens used by multinational and large fortunes to evade taxes. History of giving confidence, the Central Bank of the Bahamas also proudly announces a figure of 1 000 billion values ​​administered locally ...

In addition to tourism and offshore banking, point out the sale of flags of convenience.Industry and agriculture, low productivity, complete the panorama.

The Bahamas show the per capita income highest in the Caribbean ($ 30,700 in 2008). The year 2009 ended with a negative growth of around -3.9%.