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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bermuda, a Tropical Haven

If you are looking for an island destination then perhaps you need to look no further than this nature’s jewel. Bermuda is a cluster of islands. Hamilton city is the capital of Bermuda. There are many stunning beaches on these island and some with lovely pink sandy beaches.

Bermuda is a prime place to lounge in the pink sand and swim in the blue water. The British island has beautiful bays and beaches especially the Elbow Beach and the Horseshoe Bay. Bermuda enjoys a mild subtropical climate throughout the year.

A trip to this small paradise island should be well planned out. You should get a sense of what to expect and what to prepare for. It never hurts to do additional research before your trip.

Bermuda has a lot of things to do. Scuba diving has become a popular activity. The Atlantic Ocean provides amazing views of the underwater caves, coral reefs, shipwrecks and marine life. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are a number of world class golf courses.

Here are some specific sites of interest.

The Bermuda Reef Explorer is a double decker glass bottom boat that offers 2 hours touring in the underwater world along with a 3 hours snorkelling cruise to the quiet and sheltered coves.

Touch the Pink sand of Chaplin Bay: Bermuda is famous for its pink sand and this beach is the perfect place to witness this natural phenomenon. The velvety sand is pink and the surrounding turquoise water and rugged rocks make the scenery absolutely stunning.

Swim at Elbow beach: the soft white sand and crystal clear waters makes this relatively quiet beach a serene spot for a peaceful afternoon swim.

Hike in the woods: this tiny island is bursting with natural beauty. So be sure to explore some of the many hidden forest and woodland areas. Most wooded spaces reside on the eastern side of the island and can easily be reached by foot from nearby towns and beaches.

Bermuda’s Crystal and fantasy caves are magnificent natural caves with clear underground pools of azure blue water and incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations, rare chandelier cluster and delicate crystallized soda straws. These caves draw hundred of visitors every year to marvel at their beauty, both caves offer different experience with majestic waterfalls, walls covered in calcite mineral deposits.

For a romantic escape, explore Lover’s lane located in the lush Paget Marsh.

Kiss under a Moon gate: Bermuda is sprinkled with horseshoe shaped limestone passageway known as moon gates. These structures were introduced in this island via Britain and China in the 19 th century .Traditionally newlyweds couples step through these structure for good luck. Even if your relationship status is married or it is complicated, a kiss under one of them is a great way to commemorate a romantic Bermuda rendezvous.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: you can pay a small fee to climb the steps of this historic lighthouse and enjoy a lovely aerial view of the rainbow houses and the surrounding ocean.

Dolphin quest offers visitors an opportunity to interact and swim with dolphins. Committed to the conservation and preservation of the planet, Dolphin quest provides a variety of experiences ranging from Dolphin Dips and Sea Quest to Trainer for a Day and Dolphin Quest camps.

Delicious Food: Bermuda has a reputation for good eating and it’s not rare to enjoy a meal with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset over the oceans. Along with some wine and some good fresh local seafood, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven in earth.

While daytime activities like golf, water sports, scuba diving, visiting beaches, museums and the many other things to do in Bermuda are great fun, sometimes a night life is also important. For 18 and older the island offers a variety of nightlife activities to indulge in. In the city of Hamilton the famous front street offers a variety of bars for evening perusal with booze cruises, typically setting off from Alnouys Point on front Street, available through the summer in order to allow you to enjoy yourself while touring through the beautiful waters.

Go clubbing: despite the island small size the parties are endless. The streets of downtown Hamilton are lines with numerous clubs and bars where you can drink, dance and mingle with the energetic friendly locals. A particular party spot is there where the beach transforms into a night club in the evening along with flashing lights, a Djs, a stage and a massive dance floor.

Hydro biking: Endless aquatic activities are available on the island .But Hydro biking in particular makes for an extremely easy and fun experience. Hydro bike Bermuda at Daniel’s Head beach in Somerset offers the chance to ride on a bike in the water where the bike rests on top of two, kayak like floating devices. It is very easy to do and is a unique way to have fun in the ocean.

With world renowned beaches and iconic pink sand, Bermuda is a tropical haven on the must visit list of most travellers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The History of Hamilton started in 1790

Hamilton, Bermuda
The history of Hamilton as a British city started in 1790 when 145 acres of land was set aside by the Bermuda Government for its future seat, which was officially incorporated in 1793 by an Act of Parliament and the Colony’s capital was relocated to Hamilton from St. George in 1815.

The city had also been at the political and military heart of Bermuda since then and government buildings included the parliament, Government house to the north, the former Admiralty house of the Royal Navy to the west and the British Army garrison headquarters at Prospect Camp to its east.

The town of Hamilton was founded and named after Sir Henry Hamilton who served as a Governor of Bermuda since 1788 to 1794. He was also instrumental in supporting the settlement of a town in the central parishes and though the people of St. George objected strongly to the creation of this new town, Hamilton felt it otherwise which made sense to have a town in the central area which would be close to people from all over the Island.

City of Hamilton an international and local business centre 

The new town of Hamilton developed quickly and overtook the Town of St. George and became the capital of Bermuda in 1815 during Richard Darrell’s Mayoral term which was considered to be one of Hamilton’s most outstanding Mayors.

The City of Hamilton became the hub of international as well as local business on the Island. Hamilton is packed with historic building, shops, museums, churches, galleries, parks and gardens which are all set alongside a beautiful natural harbour giving it a unique character.

The city’s layout is great for strolling together with its relaxed elegance, beautiful pink beaches and golf courses. Being the capital of the island since 1815, Hamilton Bermuda is a small, vibrant and a friendly city and is the heart and commercial hub of the island and besides being the main container port in the island it is also the centre of shipping and trade in Bermuda.

Hamilton is centrally located in Pembroke Parish

The town of Hamilton became a city in 1897 before the consecration of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in 1911, Church of England that was under construction at that point of time.

St. Theresa’s, a Catholic cathedral was constructed later on and presently the city overlooking Hamilton Harbour is the main business district with few structures besides office buildings and shops. The city has maintained a building height and view limit stating that no building should obscure the Cathedral.

During the 21st century, buildings were planned and some under construction are as high as ten stories in these area. Hamilton is centrally located in Pembroke parish which faces the Hamilton Harbour. Front Street is the main life and soul of Hamilton city as well as the centre of all activities.

It is at this location where most of the island’s shops, retail shops, restaurants, and various other commercial establishments like banks and insurance companies are placed.

 It runs alongside the water edge which is the first sight of the city seen by the cruise ship passengers as they come to shore in Hamilton.