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Monday, February 18, 2019

Endless Opportunities at Nebraska

Endless Opportunities at Nebraska
Nebraska was overlooked for a long time as a travel destination. Nebraska is a state with warm-hearted people, interesting natural attractions and inviting cities. Lincoln the state capital and Omaha are the two main population centers. Each of these is worth a visit with historic area to wander through and vibrant cultural scenes to enjoy. The Nebraska landscape has fascinating attractions to explore from Chimney Rock to the beautiful scenery of the Sand hills. Nebraska is a wonderful state with endless opportunities for entertainment and recreation even during the winter months.

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium isn’t just for the summer months. There are plenty of things to do in the winter month too. Thanks to its numerous indoor exhibits, such as world class aquarium, indoor rainforest, desert dome and butterfly house.

A scenic Driving Tour of the Sand hills: The Sand hills region of Nebraska is a paradise for nature lovers. It consists of dunes reaching 300 feet high along with grasslands and shallow lakes. A driving tour through the Sand hills is described as the most scenic in USA. By driving one can explore the area much better.

Sunken Gardens: the beautiful sunken Garden is a work of natural art that pleases all the senses. Sunken Garden consists of three main gardens: the Healing Garden where all the plants bloom white, the Perennial Garden and the Annual Garden. In the Annual Garden more than 30000 plants are used each year to create a new designs and themes. The gardens are relatively small, covering less than two acres so they can be toured by almost anyone.

Hidden gems: The whole of Nebraska is a hidden gem. Most of the people don’t realize what a special place they have here in the middle of the country. There are even a lot of Nebraskans who have no idea how many great attraction are scattered around the state.

Lake McConaughy is anything but a hidden gem. It is bright, shining, well known gem that everyone seems to love. Many people are unaware of having a camp right on the beach either in an RV or a tent. People come here for activities like Kite boarding and jet skiing, boating, fishing and water skiing, including a leisurely sunset walk along the sand.

Trivia Nights in Nebraska: who doesn’t love a good trivia night especially when it is surrounded by good friends and good drinks. For some game show style fun, visit one of Nebraska’s many exciting trivia nights from taverns in Omaha to brewing companies in Papillion.

Kids play centers in Nebraska: next time your child needs to burn off some energy bring them to one of Nebraska’s vibrant play centers. Not only are these places for imagination but they can be educational spaces as well whether your child is intuitive, creative or athletic. The awesome play centers of Nebraska have something for your little ones.

Fall Festivals in Nebraska: just because summer is over it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Fall means several things. First and foremost is harvest time is all about pumpkin picking, football, tailgating and enjoying the fall foliage and here in the Midwest. Appreciate the nice weather while hiking or camoing at any Nebraska’s beautiful state park or grab a friend and head to one of the great events. Nebraskans revels in this wonderful time of year Harvest festivals to celebrations of the region’s heritage. Fall is a prime festival.

Omaha children Museum is a hand on museum that provides an ever-changing series of interactive travelling and permanent exhibits, science shows and special event. Its Nebraska most visited museum.

Beat Escape room in Nebraska: Do you know what it takes to escape the haunted hotel? Are you able to solve the murder mystery? Nebraska’s awesome escape room puts all your problem solving and team working skills to the test.

Best retirement activities in Nebraska: Being a bit older isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re wiser and have more time to explore and enjoy all of the activities you love. For retirees in Nebraska there are plenty of fun and engaging activities to enjoy. Some best retirement activities in Nebraska are:

Sand Hills Golf Club, Mullen, NE, Engine Hose cafe, Lincoln NE, go fishing at Lake McConaughy. Visit Omaha Community playhouse and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

Ultimate Halloween in Nebraska: many people claim that Nebraska is a hotbed of paranormal activity with no shortage of haunted places to visit and urban legends being passed around. Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, there are plenty of ways to make your Halloween as fun or scary as you’d like.

Spending time outdoor is pretty much required when you live in Nebraska. These are some of the many outdoors adventures that people with varying ability levels can have in Nebraska. Go tubing or tanking on a river: for the most part you can just plop down in a tube or climb into a tank and relax while the current takes you on a river tour. It’s a great way to see the surrounding without actually putting in a lot of effort.

Watch a stunning sunset or sunrise: Rent a paddle boat: this is a great activity to do with kids. Just make them do all the paddling. You can find paddle boats at many recreation lakes throughout Nebraska including Mahoney State park in Ashland, cotton mill Lake in Kearney and Chadron State park among others.

It’s not that there is a lack of things to do in Nebraska. There are some amazing things every

Nebraskan should do in winter: Go Tobogganing: why does boring ol’sledding when you can toboggan. Mahoney State Park has plenty of winter activities, one of the all time favourites being the old toboggan hill.

Cross Country Ski: Nebraska may not be able to cope with nearby states for great Alpine and downhill skiing, but the rolling hills and flat plains of Nebraska actually make it absolutely ideal for cross country skiing. For beginners all you have to do is find some flat paths and start learning.

If you are a lover of walking and hiking then you’ll love snowshoeing. Do some research to find some great hiking locations and you’ll have the paths all to yourself since most Nebraskans don’t get out onto the snow-covered trails. You only need a good pair of snowshoes.

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