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Friday, March 18, 2016

Unexplored Travel Destinations around India

India is an incredible country and the cultures and traditions vary a lot from one place to another. There are a lot of tourist and travel places to visit in India, and most of these places are crowded with travelers all around the year. At such times, the need for lease explored places take prominence and are considered a wonderful treat since very few visit it.

There are some places in India which are unexplored and waiting to be discovered all the more. Check out this compilation of a few places that can be visited for an elevating experience.

1. Daringbadi, Odisha

Daringbadi, a hill station in Odisha is one of the least explored places in India and is at an elevation of 910 meters. Located in the Kandhmal district, the hill station receives a decent amount of snowfall during winter.
Considering the fact that most places in Odisha have temperatures over 50ºC, this is quite a surprise indeed. The place is surrounded by thick rain forests that have a lot of wild animals in it. You can use redbus coupons from CashKaroto save money on your bus trips to the place.

2. Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

The Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim is one of the highest lakes in the world. The lake is believed to be the place where Guru Nanak Dev who was on his way to Tibet, rested for some time and quenched his thirst with the lake water.

There are sayings that it was Guru Nanak Dev who used his stick to crack open the ice and hence the Gurudongmar Lake was formed. There is also another belief that even during the harshest of winter, some part of lake remains unfrozen and water is always available.

3. Garamur, Assam

Garamur was a cultural center of the Ahom Kingdom in the past. However, the place is losing its charm with constant erosion of soil and the flooding of certain areas. You will have to make a concrete effort to visit the place before all charm and glory gets wasted.

Make use of uber coupons to visit the place and experience the dance forms, culture, mask-making and more. The North-eastern state of Assam comes to life with Garamur.

4. Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh is an amazing place to visit for a spectacular time. The place has fort, temples and even a Jama Masjid. There is the Pennar River that cuts through the region which forms the giant canyon that is in the place.

It is a quiet place to visit to have a fun time with family and friends. The huge potential for tourism has been realized by Andhra Pradesh Government recently.

5. Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

Once a vibrant coastal town, Dhanushkodi remains as a ghost town after being swept by a cyclone in 1964. The town was designed by Edgar Allan Poe and there is nothing visible except for a lonely church which stands in the middle of the devastated town.

The super creepy place is beautiful and has a lot of history behind it. The eerie setting will surely excite you.

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